Silsila Pyaar Ka 5th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 5th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with harish telling janaki wat all happen and janaki doubts tat during all this raunak was not at home is he the one who is doing all this while harish says tat no I don’t think so raunak will do so I trust him and says tat I was standing and watching raunak and the hotel owner and suddenly someone hit me and janaki thinks suspiciously
Raunak goes to his room sees sakshi sleeping he then takes out the first aid box nd kajals photograph drops down he didn’t sees it and aids his injury with cotton
Janaki talks to harish tat I m not understanding wats happening and then suddenly a thought strikes and she asks to harish tat where was kajal and he says near the dhaba where the accident happened and akshay was killed and jankai gets it that there is nothing related to wat she did in past rather kajal is finding out how akshay was killed and she has no intention to find out wat we did in past and says tat I m so relieved and says to harish tat I will go and see where raunak is
Raunak is sleeping in his room janaki sees tat enters room and raunak wakes up and janaki asks where were u I was finding u all over the house and raunak says tat he was here only was seeing if sakshi is asleep and janaki says tat I visited twice u were not here I searched u all over the house and asks everything is ok na and raunak says ya everything is fine and says tat I m nt feeling good I will sleep for sometime and then janaki says tat we have just fixed nitis marriage I think u should come down and have a word with vinays parents.
Sanket and vainay are talking over the photographs vinay says tat I m going and telling niti all about wat happen and sanket stops him and says tat have u thought wat will ur sister kajal face wat will raunak think and sakshi she is so small and says tat I don’t think wat u were going to do is a good idea u should drop it as I can help u with it and vinay says tat u r right and thanks him for helping him and then there comes niti and asks wats happening between u two and vinay says nothing serious and sanket diverts saying tat this is a boys talk would u like to join and niti says tat she is not interested and asks them to come in as snacks and tea is ready and she leaves while sanket tells him tat before someone doubts us wat we are doing here we will go in and then he tears all the photographs and vinay thanks him for saving nd understanding him.
Kajal comes in and seeing her akshays father asks kajal where was she as they were waiting for her since long time and kajal says tat she had gone out for a important work and then comes in a group of police everyone gets shocked seeing them and nidhi goes upstairs to raunaks room and informs janaki that kajal has come but not alone along with police everyone comes down and police inspector then tells everyone that they are here because kajal and raunak hide a truth from them akshays detah was not an accident but an murder and kajal has the proof of video and so we have started investigating this case accordingly and then police leaves
Janaki goes near kajal and says tat she should not worry everything will be fine and asks her to go and meet her family members she will feel good and kajal then sees raunak is not walking properly and goes behind him and raunak goes to his room and removes shoes and wears slippers kajal comes in and asks raunak that y didn’t he come as she told sakshi to inform u raunak is angry and takes a file out from cupboard and kajal keeps telling tat she took the pendrive she didn’t call the police but the hotel owner called and she didn’t involved police in it and raunakk says tat I don’t belive you first you doubted my mom and now u informed police as well kajal tries explaining and says tat he has to trust her while raunak denies and says tat u said tat there is some amount of money in the safe lets go and check kajal immediately takes the keys and both go to the room where the safe is kept he opens the safe and counts how much money us there in safe and says tat there is total 30 lakh ruppess here and asks kajal how much u said there was and kajal gets tensed and says the there were 45 lakhs and raunak gets angry and says tat wat will u say now there is only 30 lakh here because sanket came stole the keys from my room and took the money from the safe while sanket heres this conversation hiding behind doors and then leaves kajal explains tat she is not lying but raunak doesnot listens to him and leaves he gets hurt in his injured knee kajal sees blood coming and asks raunak are u okay and he says that he need not worry about him as he will take care of it and says tat he feels like it has been the biggest mistake that I brought u home as my wife and leaves.

Janaki says to harish tat she will now show kajal her power she will make kajal be originaly raunaks wife and the daughter in law of this house and then she will go through the actual pain.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. why doesnt anyine commment?????????????????????? Very nice seriall

  2. Bakwas hai yaar

  3. Nice episode – good serial. Janaki should back off her son is married now.

  4. Sneha
    Nice serial janki should accept her daughter in law

  5. I Wanna see Kajal Raunak love scenes.

  6. This series started off interesting … now im losing interest.

  7. Silsila Hate ka

  8. Next time try to include punctuation marks please:p otherwise the meaning changes and you have to read it at least thrice to actually see sense. As far as the serial is going, I don’t see anything remotely potentially good.

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