Silsila Pyaar Ka 4th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 4th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vinay comes home, he sees Sanjana n Radhika together n asks aunty how’s uncle n Neeti,Radhika says both are fine, Sanjana says aunty u go rest I will do the remaining work,Radhika leaves. Janki says Harish thank god Kamini got the lady, Kamini walks in, janki says how did u come to know abt all this, Kamini says I heard u n Kajal talking, Janki says thanku Kamini u saved me,Kamini says what thanku u have done so much for me in return this is nothing, janki says u Amy leave I need to talk to Harish, Kamini says ok n hides n thinks I have to find out what is this Janki upto.

Sanjana in kitchen, Vinay comes there n says I will help u tell me, Sanjana says no worries I will manage, Vinay says it’s fine I will help, Sanjana cuts her finger, Vinay helps her wash her wound, n puts her finger in his mouth, Radhika passing by sees them, Vinay says I will get u medicine, Sanjana says jiju this burns a lot, Vinay distracts her n puts ointment,Sanjana says u cheater n hugs Vinay, Vinay says it’s ok let’s cook quickly come,i will chop the vegetables.

Kajal wakes up n goes to kitchen to get some water. Sanjana says jiju look I got u some tea, Vinay doesn’t look at her n says Sanjana I’m busy later plz,Sanjana says u can work n talk as well, Vinay says no plz n gets a call from Neeti n says I’m missing u,Sanjana gets angry n leaves.

Kajal sees Janki walking to the secrete room, n thinks it’s so late what is ma doing her, Janki slowly walks to the room n unlocks it, Kajal tries to find out what is she upto,Janki walks in to the room n closes the door, kajals ays this is the room ma allows no one in, I have to find out the secret,Janki comes out n locks the door n leaves.

Kajal walks to the secret room n thinks what is in this room that is hidden from everyone,Vidhi comes from behind n asks what are u doing here,Kajal says I’m here to get some water n came here when saw ma here, I also heard Kamini aunty say that she plotted Varma n so ma is hiding something, Vidhi says we have to find out what is Didi hiding, now u go sleep we shall talk on it tomorrow,Kajal leaves.

Kajal goes back to her room,she is thinking abt the hospital scene n the secret room,Raunak wakes up n sees Kajal awake n calls her na ays I need to talk to u come,Kajal says yes,Raunak says Kajal u have to accept ma, I mean don’t u think it was ur mistake to always point at ma,try understand what I’m saying, Kajal says I do but u don’t trust me, now u sleep we will talk later, Raunak says ok good night.

In Indore Munshi is home, Neeti gives him juice n medicine, Radhika says Neeti give Vinay breakfast he is getting late, Sanjana says no issues di, I made all the breakfast, Vinay says thanku but I’m late see u in evening Neeti n leaves, Sanjana feels bad, Neeti says Sanjana says don’t want Rory he will eat something n tell me what u cooked, Sanjana says di I will be back n leaves,Neeti says what happened, Radhika says must be upset bcoz Vinay left do one thing, call Vinay n ask him to eat breakfast, even Sanjana will like it, Neeti calls Vinay n says come home for me it’s imp, vinay says ok.

Kajal near the secret room, Vidhi says Kajal step away from it, Didi will scold u,Kajal says I know but we shd know what is in there, Vidhi says only Didi has keys to it n who will ask her,Kajal says yes,Janki comes n asks what are u two upto. Neeti says Sanjana look ur jiju is here give him breakfast, Sanjana says thanku jiju n how’s it tell me,Vinay says good,Sanjana says slowly it will be best, Radhika says Sanjana don’t forget ur studies in all this,Neeti say Sanjana sit have breakfast, Sanjana says yes n sits Beside Vinay, Vinay says I shd leave n calls Neeti n leaves with her, Sanjana against gets angry n Radhika notes it again.

Kajal sees the keys near Janki, Kajal says nothing just talking to Chachi generally,Janki says Kajal chats shd be in place they are meant to right vidhi, vidhi says yes Didi, janki says Kajal go arrange breakfast rauank May be her anytime n Vidhi help her n Kajal make sure u prepare what Raunak loves to have n leaves.

Pre cap: Kajal takes the Keys from jankis chair n while finding which one, Janki walks in.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Am I the only person seeing this serial.

    1. No I am also watching it

  2. No
    I am just sad its ending
    I think radhika is planning something against neeti and vinay , using sanjana
    I want raunak and kajal romance scenes
    I think they should just send them for a honeymoon

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