Silsila Pyaar Ka 4th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 4th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with the lady in burka is watching kajal standing at the reception while kajal feels tat someone is behind soo turns and the lady in burkha takes advantage and goes in the room where the hotel owner is loading the videos in pendrive the lady in burkha drags the owner and in self defense he pushes the table kajal hears tat sound and comes in and sees tat the lady is trying to kill the hotel owner.
At house pandit says tat after few days we can have marriage of nidhi and vinay while kajals father says tat its good but there is no need of a grand marriage we will have a simple marriage in a temple and asks janaki while she is thinking wat is kajal doing im tensed and where is this harish y is he not contacting and she agress to nidhis marriage and raunaks chichi says tat lets celeberate with sweets I will go in and bring sweets
While kajal sees the scene and hides behind table and sees the pendrive she takes it and hides behind table while the person in burkha hits hotel owner hard and owner faints and then he comes near table and sees kajal a fight starts between kajal and the person kajal tries to defend herself and hits and run in a store room and locks it from inside and calls raunak for help while the person in burkha is trying to bang door from outside
At home janaki is a bit tensed as she is getting no reply from harish and comes aside and tries calling but he didn’t reply kajals father and father in law takes permission to leave but then raunaks chachi asks to stay until kajal comes as she could be here anytime and then they agree and says tat they would like to talk to raunak about marriage and request to call him to meet janaki asks them to sit and says tat I will call raunak and then she asks vidhi to start preparation for lunch it’s a happy moment their should be a feast and goes to call raunak she opens door and sees that sakshi is sleeping and goes to bathroom to check if raunak is in room and doesnot find him in room and thinks tat it means tat raunak is not at home wat is happening wat if kajal and raunak would have caught harish and says no this should not happen and leaves
Vinay comes home and nidhi sees him and says to her cousin that see vinay is here on phone he told me tat he wont come and now he is here and cousin says tat u should be happy and they giggle vinays father sees him and asks how come he is here and vinay says tat I thought we will leave together and his father says ok we will meet kajal and raunaka nd then leave
Sanket comes from behind he receives the courier from courier boy and is smiling looking at vinay he then welcomes kajals father and munshi and asks vinay how come he is here and vinay replies tat he came to visit everyone
While the person in burkha breaks the door and tries to get kajal she is defending herself and says tat she will make him get hold by police while the face behind burkha shown is raunak while catching kajal raunak gets hit in his left knee he then hears police sieron and runs kajal sees tat the person is injured
At home janaki sees courier in sankets hand and asks him whose is this vinay gets tensed while sanket thinks that if janaki gets to know wat is in courier my entire plan will get flop and says tat its raunaks and janaki asks to give it to her as she will see it she is about to open the courier harish comes and he calls janaki and she hands the courier to sanket and goes asks harish wat happen and harish asks her to come daside and talk and janaki then says to everyone that she will be back in some time and asks vidhi to take care of everyone
Sanket leaves and vinay says to his father that he will make an important office call and goes Sanket sees the pics and says to vinay tat how can he do this and asks him how he can be with other girls when he is now getting married to my sister and vinay explains him tat someone is blackmailing him while raunak injured goes inside and vinay tells sanket tat he has already given 15 lakjs already and the blackmailer has demanded more 15 lakhs and I m not able to give so much and tells tat so I have decided to tell the truth and I m going to do it today
The police asks kajal tat y didn’t she bring this video to them and the owner says tat I was scared so I didn’t come to police while the inspector tells the owner that he could be jailed for hiding the truth and kajal tells tat she wanted to solve all this on her own and police says tat she cant do this she has to handover the proof as this is very important

Vidhi comes scared inside and tells tat kajal is here and raunks mother says wat happen and vidhi says tat she has not come alone there is someone with her.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  2. it is raunak

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  4. i love the pair of raunak and kajal
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