Silsila Pyaar Ka 3rd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 3rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Vinay brings breakfast for Neeti and tells her to have medicine. He also tells her if not for her then at least for their baby. Neeti gets out of her bed and walks near sofa to have breakfast but she gets a sprain in her leg seeing this Vinay calls a massage woman. When she arrives she advises that is necessary during pregnancy period. Hearing this Vinay tells that woman to come after every two days. She calls Vinay out and tells him the requirements and Vinay goes out. Sanjana and Radhika gives her the requirements. On the other hand Janki tells every person who is interviewing Raunak not to give a job to him. And when Raunak is walking in disappointment he confronts Janki and Janki tells him that this all is because of her and it is not a way he is leaving his life he should live in riches. In vinays house the massage woman gives too much pain to Neeti and she shouts so loudly that all family members gets in her room and immediately calls a doctor she tells the not to give any treatment to her without informing doctors and tells Vinay that he should take care of Neeti and her baby. In jankis house Kamini tells Janki that she is going in right direction and if she continues it Raunak will come back to her. Raunak reaches his home in a great disappointment seeing this Kajal gives him a glass of water and Raunak tells her that he failed in all the interviews because of Janki. Kajal tells him that.i think it is not done by Janki but Kamini and Vidhi. Raunak gets angry and tells Kajal that her belief on him has gone down. Here Sanjana and Radhika are planning to kill Neeti and her baby. At the same time Munshi hears it and slaps Radhika and decides to tell everything to Neeti and Vinay . And when he goes to tell Vinay about itradhika cut her wrist and all reach there Munshi ties her wrist with handkerchief and Vinay calls a doctor. Munshi tells her that it is now our age to handle ourselves and your trying to suicide please don’t do it again. Radhika tells him now I will stop when I completely destroy that woman. Raunak gets ready for interview and leaves home without having any breakfast seeing this Kajal gets />

Vidhi and Kamini brings courts papers on which if Janki signs that whole property will be in vidhis control hearing this Kamini says now we should have atleast sweets on it and when she turns she finds Janki hearing all this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Two more days going to end.Miss u spk team.

  2. Prithiv Chauhan

    the story is small….
    it would be nice if they increases romance in this few episodes….

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