Silsila Pyaar Ka 31st March 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 31st March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Police says so keys were with Kajal n we see no marks of robbery so Kajal,Raunak says how dare u question my wife, police says sir plz try understand everyone will be questioned,Janki say Raunak calm down let them do work,n Kajal has done nothing so let them do the necessary,police says we will check kajals room first,Raunak says I am warning u don’t point Kajal,Janki says Raunak Kajal has done nothing so let them check.

Vinay n Nisha walk to the place where money is to be kept,Nisha says this is the place lets keep money n go, both keep money n leave, Sanket comes there n picks the suitcase,Sanket gives some money to his friend n says lets Meet tonight we need to settle this money. Janki says Kajal dear are u fine,Kajal says aunty what is this happening,Janki says oh poor u were gonna trap me but u got trapped the money is u dear ur bed n once they find them u will be left with no option n now Kajal when ur poor little daughter will see u jailed n as a thief,Kajal says aunty I beg of u plz don’t involve Sakshi,Janki says u have to pay for it dear come now.

Kajals room being checked,police find nothing, Raunak says see I told u Kajal will never do such act, Kajal says aunty where did money go , oh let me tell u, it was a good plan, when the key went missing, I knew something was wrong n acted as asleep n mama came with money n hide it n later I played the same game, aunty I’m here to hunt u, sounds filmy right n mamaji u have to do one thing,mama say sure,Kajal says u have to tell sir why u robbed,mama says oh god didi,n Janki aunty u will tell sir too that u where involved, n inspector now let’s check other rooms.

Janki says Harish go search the money, mama says I will try didi,everyone leaves,Kajal says mamaji u need anything, u look so worried come lets search other rooms too. Kajal says sir we will wait here n not interrupt the police let them check, look at mamaji he is so tensed he may fall sick, police start searching each room.

Kajal says ma don’t worry the culprit will be out soon, let me get u some water,Raunak says ma shall I call doctor,Janki says no son I’m just tired,police come n says just the room down there is left n walks towards it,Kajal says mamaji some water, n now police will question u so plz,have it,mama drinks water,mama says sorry,Kajal says I don’t need ur sorry,Raunak is being called in the room by police,Raunak comes out in anger n says ma I never thought this could ever happen in our house, mamaji what was he doing in ur room,everyone turn around n see Sanket with bags .

(Sanket sees police investigating n so decides to hide with money in mamaji room)

Munshi says Ashok quick we need to reach Bhopal soon,Radhika says I was thinking how abt giving our room to Vinay n Neeti n we will stay in kajals room,Munshi says good idea,Vinay says aunty i am so sorry for being rude that day, Radhika says fine Vinay its happen,u know me n Kajal were so close bcoz of Akshay bcoz he never interfered in our fights n this got us closer,Vinay says no worries aunty this situation will never arrive,Radhika says now go u must be late for office,everyone leaves,Radhika gives wicked smile.

Vidhi says what was Sanket doing, police says he was trying to run away with money, he also took some money from bag n was abt to run,Raunak says it’s our family matter we will sort out thanku, Raunak says Sanket what is this why did u rob,Chachu says Sanket answer him why did u do this,Vidhi says Sanket u want money u could ask ur dad,bhaiya or Janki ma,why did u steal. Kajal thinks why did Sanket take money when I kept bag in mamajis room.

Precap: Kajal says Raunak sir the person whom I doubt is Janki ma.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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