Silsila Pyaar Ka 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 30th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neeti says Kajal did I told Vinu take money n he said he will return , Vinu has so much responsibility even our baby is on our way so plz don’t talk to him,Kajal says Neeti ok but in return u have to do something,Neeti says what , Kajal says u take part in his business n u both will return money back n tell him truth too,Neeti says ok.

Nisha says plan worked Vinay is getting money, kajals alarm rings n she wakes up at 1 am n starts again searching for evidence, mama keeping an eye on Kajal,Vidhi comes down to get water, stumbles n glass breaks, mama hides, kajal comes out of room n sees Vidhi n closes the door with lock out n hides,Kajal realises by mistake she left keys n lock outside, Kajal goes out n takes them again n goes to another room to search for evidence,Kajal tries to open the lock but no key opens the door, Kajal says one key is missing when I had keys they were seven this e,and he is someone else too, this is surely Janki aunties plot n this room has secret hidden,Kajal walks to jankis room n sees both asleep n says this means someone else is too associated with Janki aunty,mama has the key with him,he had removed it slowly when Kajal was inside the room n takes key impression too.

Nisha says Sanket why are u behind Vinay n so much amount, her friend says we need money n so forget it whoever it is, I mean Sanket look against his own sisters husband,Sanket says that family isn’t mine n Neeti is my cousin n Vinay is no one to me,u know my house is a hell where me n my parents are treated like servants of Janki ma, only one person matters their n its Raunak,only Raunak Raunak n Raunak,if Raunak says she will spend in crores n we get a big zero, n Janki ma acts like she is goddess n we have to bow in front of her for every single thing, that house is a jail, n Vinay is my Bakra to get money, n I don’t have to beg to Janki ma n Nisha baby u want a lavish too right n so we have to trap Vinay bcoz I can’t live without you.

Next morning,Sanket to Kajal says bhabhi I am venturing into a new business with my friends, Vidhi says wow this is a good thought, Raunak says Sanket very good n tell me when u need help,Sanket says thanku Bhai but I want to do it on my on,Sanket takes vidhis blessings, Vidhi says go give this news to Janki ma,Janki lost in her thoughts,Raunak says ma look Sanket is here, jankis ays oh yes, Sanket all the best n tell ur Raunak Bhai if u need help.

Vinay meets Nisha n gives her suitcase with bag n says bye, Nisha says Vinay wait plz stay till I handle that guy n take evidence,Nisha gets a call from Sanket n he says hi baby, Nisha acts as if he is blackmailer n says ur money is ready,Vinay says but phone on speaker,Sanket changes voice n says put money in bag there n leave,Vinay says first the photos, he says don’t worry keep the money n u will get them.

Kajal gives Janki Prasad,Harish comes n didi come here see what happened ,all a follow him n see that all money from locker is been robbed.

Pre cap: police says since Kajal had keys we will check her room first.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. ag really how ridiculous

  2. why cant they end this CRAP serial…… one of the worst serials STAR PLUS is airing…
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