Silsila Pyaar Ka 2nd June 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 2nd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Janki telling Kamini and Vidhi that you both are right Kajal is the true reason why my son is away from me. Kamini says it’s not your fault these all are dirty tricks played by Kajal. But with my plan we can bring him back. Janki asks them curiously about the plan. Kamini immediately says that i need some money for that plan and Janki immediately gives her lockers key. On the other hand Sanjana starts insulting Neeti and starts hitting her. But Neeti cleverly hit her and goes in her room and start calling Ashok and crying bitterly. In raunaks friends farmhouse Sakshi asks Raunak what was he doing. Raunak explains her that he is finding anew job and after few days he will take her to the new and big house and she can play with her toys there. There in vinays house Sanjana leaves from there taking a cake and she reaches in a hotel where Vinay was waiting for Neeti. Ashok calls Vinay and tells him to immediately come back home because Neeti is afraid of something. After sometime Vinay reaches home and sees Neeti being afraid of something and asks the reason for it. She tells him that Sanjana is the culprit and she is trying to kill our baby. Vinay gets angry and tells her that it is not possible because the whole day Sanjana was with him. And locks Neeti in a room. Seeing this Sanjana tells Radhika that she won’t came in between me and Vinay. And after locking her In the room he explains everyone that it is good for her as she is thinking that someone in this house is going to kill her baby. After that Sanjana moves out and Vinay goes after her to explain her that no one will now point at you.In jankis house Vidhi opens the locker and decides to take all the money so that she can finance for sankets new business. But Kamini explains her this is just a small amount in front of this company and house. Vidhi asks her and what about Kajal and all. Kamini says they have already left the house, now we have to concentrate to increase differences between Raunak and Janki. At farm house Kajal explains him now we will write our own destiny and gives him sweet as he leaves for interviews even at the same time Sakshi asks for the sweet. Randhir tells Raunak if you need any help I have few trustable friends who can place you any company Raunak says that there is need of it I am capable to takeCare of my family. Raunak tells Kajal that don’t wait for me today I have many interviews today so I may be late />

Pre-cap: Raunak returns in a sad mood and tells Kajal that today he met Janki that is the reasons of all my failures in today’s interviews.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. For mine, I reckon Vinay wants there to be more between him and Sanjana or else he would have not just disregard his wife and believed Sanjana. He is been played by Sanjana and he can’t put two and two together. Not the sharpest tool in the shed.

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