Silsila Pyaar Ka 28th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 28th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kajal says this pandit is lying,Kamini says give me this app I liked it for munmun,Kajal says Janki aunty don’t worry,Raunak sir will be fine,Janki says my son will be fine but what abt u Kajal,Kamini says Raunak come come,Janki hides kundali,Raunak says ma ,mamaji had acidity he will be fine,Janki says ok good night,Kajal says good night ma,Kamini n Janki leave.

Kajal asks sir Sakshi,Raunak says she is with Sanjana she is asleep,Kajal I want us to be together forever n hugs her,I’m very happy to have u in my life,n till u are comfortable we won’t move ahead,take ur time,Kajal opens cupboard n gives Raunak extra blanket,Kajal goes to bed,Raunak sleeps on sofa.

Neeti gets Vinay tea. Kajal making Pooja arrangements,she finds there’s big oil in can n goes to get

some from storeroom,Janki wakes up n walks to raunaks room,Vidhi Kamini munmun see Kajal with oil can, Janki shouts .

Sanjana calls Neeti for help,Radhika asks Neeti who it is,Neeti says its Sanjana,sanjana says I’m coming Indore so will see u,Radhika says Neeti if u can’t handle things tell me n stop ur drama look u spoilt all the food,neeti says sorry kaki I will take care next time,Radhika says u will kill my family by hunger.

Janki slips on oil,everyone rush to her,Kajal says sorry may be my mistake I was getting oil for Pooja must have dropped by mistake,I’m so sorry ma,Kamini says God Vidhi call doctor,Kajal u trying to take revenge from my friend u did this purposely,kajal says Kamini aunty plz,ma plz believe me I didn’t do this on purpose,Vidhi says Kajal u shd be careful,Kajal says ma I will go get ointment,Janki says I don’t need, I have to go see Raunak,Kajal says ma first ur leg then Raunak,Vidhi says Kajal this is didis rule,Janki says Kajal stop interfering hairsh take me to raunaks room.

Harish takes Janki to raunaks room,Raunak sees her n says ma what’s wrong show me ur feet,Harish says she slipped off,Kajal joins them too,Raunak says ma how did this happen,Kajal says my mistake I spilled oil by mistake n ma slipped on it,Raunak says Kajal u shd be careful,Kajal says it was by mistake,Raunak says I know u won’t do it purposely it must be a mistake.

Kajal says I guess ma sprained her leg,Janki says I saw Raunak all is fine now,Raunak says Kajal it’s ur duty now be careful,munmun says Janki aunty cone I shall drop u to ur room n abt ur morning thing of watching Raunak how will u,Kamini says me n Vidhi will help her,Kajal says no necessary,from now onwards Raunak sir will walk to ma every morning,Raunak smiles n nods yes n says yes ma I will come to u from tomorrow,Janki says ok let’s go.

Neeti says Vinay Sanjana called n she is in Indore,so she is coming to see us but kaki,Vinay says relax she is here to just see us not stay here. Vinay opens door n sees Sanjana with bag , Sanjana says Hi di, Munshi says so good to see u Sanjana,Sanjana says hello uncle I’m here to stay for few days,Neeti gets surprised,Sanjana says I was gonna stay with my friend but she had to leave for emergency so thought of staying with u ,I promise u di I won’t trouble,musnhi say Sanjana it’s fine,Radhika gets upset n leaves.

Kamini says Janki look at this Kajal,she made such good plot, now she changed ur routine n slowly she will stop Raunak from seeing u,Janki says Kamini u are here for my good or just to make me against Kajal,kamini says ok don’t believe me but when Kajal will throw u out u will remember me,janki says Kamini I’m raunaks ma n not kajals mother in law n so no one can take my raunaks place.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. How Janki believe Kamini again is not understood.

  2. Why is the update not complete by even 2:00 at night?

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