Silsila Pyaar Ka 21st May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 21st May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raunak says u all can have breakfast when we are done or else can have in ur own rooms n yes I want no more cheating in this house so plz take ma away,Janki is in tears, Raunak says I don’t want my papa to ruin his health bcoz of her,Harish says this is ur ma n her house,Raunak says this house belongs to my papa n as u care abt ur sister I care abt my family n cants we them hurt,Harish says but Raunak,Janki stops him n says enough Harish lets go n walks away.

Kajal says Sakshi have ur breakfast I will be back soon. Kartik says Sanjana all good n starts laughing n says I was abt to talk to Raunak Bhai anyways how abt seeing me n if u don’t u will surely regret it bye, Radhika asks what is it, Sanjana says Kartik he has asked me to see him,Radhika says did he tell Neeti,Sanjana says no he won’t, Neeti listening to all this says God even kaki is involved in this.

Neeti tells Kajal that even Radhika is involved with Sanjanas plan ,Kajal says I’m sure she is doing to take revenge n I will call u later Raunak is here, Raunak says give me let me talk,Raunak says Neeti where are u come to see us,neeti says I will soon come to see u,Raunak says ok bye.

Munshi n Ashok discussing abt business, Neeti walks to Sanjana n says enough Sanju I think u are ignoring ur studies u shd go hostel,right papa,munshi says Neeti is right u shd concentrate on ur studies,Sanjana says I will manage, Neeti says no u go, we will meet on Sunday’s now go get ur things packed.

Kajal goes to see Janki,Janki stops her at door n says how dare u come to my room,Kajal walks in n says ma before things get more bad go talk to Raunak sir,Janki says wow Kajal u are a great player, first u separated me n my son n now acting as if u care abt me ,Kajal says ma I’m not behind all this infact it’s all bcoz what all u did in past,Janki says don’t tell me what to do n pushes Kajal,Kajal abt to fall,Raunak holds her.

Kartik says Sanjana Neeti knows abt all u did, but looks like she didn’t tell u, yesterday she saw u talking to Vinay n I showed her all that n now I advice u as a friend say sorry n get going to good,Sanjana walks away. Raunak says Kajal I knew u will be here trying to talk to ma n also knew that she will not listen to u, ma always got chance but she never agrees to all this n so Kajal I made a decision that u me n Sakshi n even papa will leave,janki says Raunak,Raunak says yes ma u stay here with all ur money n property n all ur bad thoughts, Kajal says sir don’t do this,raunak says she shd have thought it before her bad deeds.

Kajal says sir this is not done, I feel bad for ma,Raunak says she wouldn’t have done all that if she really loved me,no ways not now, the lady who tried killing my father n even blamed u ,u trying to fight for her, I just want to stay happy with my family.

Harish goes yo Janki n says Raunak is leaving,janki says this is not done I will stop him. Raunak Sakshi Randhir n Kajal abt to leave, Janki stops Raunak n say su leaving ur ma alone, Raunak says I’m not gonna stop,Janki says give me some time,ok u want to know the truth ok, I will tell u but I need 24 hrs n I will tell u everything,Kajal say sir plz give her one last chance,Raunak says only for u Kajal I’m waiting here.

Sanjana walks to Neeti n says now u know Everything then why are u silent, Neeti says bcoz I feel so cheap abt u, how could u do this, Sanjana says plz Vinay is so good n loving n so I fell in love with him n everything is fair in love n war n anyways Vinay hates u n son t was easy to separate u, Neeti says it’s just who u thinks so n I will never let that happen, Sanjana says ok we will see.

Kajal wakes up n sees Raunak already awake n walks to him n says sir, Raunak says I don’t know will ma tell us truth or a new story, I never thought I will have to face a day with issues to trust ma,Kajal says she loves u a lot n so she deserves a chance, Harish knocks door n says Didi is missing,she left early morning I’m very worried.

Janki In car goes to see someone , she goes to a house n opens the door, a couple begging a lady to give them time to return her money,she says I want it quick in 15 days, Janki walks in the house,the lady seeing Janki asks the couple to leave,Janki takes her blessing, she says Janki u still alive,Janki says how are u Didi.

Pre cap : Vidhi asks Janki, Didi where were u. The lady whom Janki called Didi, walks in with bag.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Subhashree panda

    The serial has an amazing protagonist. There is nothing more amazing than an ambitious girl. Sanjay and Dharaa look cute together. ?

  2. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys this show also gonna end.. Star plus brings diff concept.. Now.. Girl wants simple guy….. So 5th show is replaced in 8.30slot.. After. Nisha ur uske cousins,, badtameez dil,much toh Tere mere darmariyaan,silsila pyaar ka and now one more new show

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