Silsila Pyaar Ka 1st June 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 1st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

– [ ] The episode begins with Raunak hugging Randhir and Randhir saying him that you have given my life this Janki has just made me made give me just few minutes I’ll pack my bag and come. Raunak moves out and Randhir says Janki all these riches are yours for which you played with relations and my life. And now you leave alone with these riches. Seeing this Vidhi gets happy and says now there’s no worry because Raunak is not Jankis son and now my children will get their share from this property. But Kamini says it is not possible because everything is in jankis you have to try some tricks on her. And boa adds to it by saying that do it right now because it is the correct time. on the other hand Sanjana explains Radhika her plan and Radhika listens to it and tells Sanjana that she will help her. Radhika goes in and tells everyone we have to go to Ms verma’s function. Everybody leaves and Sanjana and Vinay are planning a party for Neeti but Sanjana forgets cake and asks the waiter about it. And tells Vinay to wait until she orders the cake but she tells him that her mobiles battery is down and whether she can use his phone. Vinay allows her to use his phone and also tells her if neeti calls him tell her to come fast and Sanjana leaves from there.
In jankis house Vidhi and Kamini are angry on Janki that she was going to give her property to her adopted son and plans to emotionally blackmailJanki and take the control of all the property. They try to do it and Janki gets trpped in their trap and agrees to their false words. On the other hand Neeti sees the times and gets worried that it’s so late and Vinay is not home and calls him but Sanjana comes in front of her with vinay’s phone in her hand. Seeing this neeti gets afraid and Sanjana gives a wicked smile. Here Raunak and Kajal comes in their new house which is raunaks friends farmhouse. He explains them it is small but tell we make some arrangement we have to adjust. Kajal tells Sakshi you play with dadu while I make tea. Then Kajal goes before Raunak and explains him that we should go and help Janki because she is broken from inside. Raunak says Kajal don’t take that selfish lady name in front of me. Whenever I listen her name I feel very ashamed of her. br />

Kamini tells Janki that I have a plan to bring Raunak back but for that I need some money for it. Janki looks at her in anger./strong>

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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