Silsila Pyaar Ka 19th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanjana says Neeti Didi,I know u are hurt but don’t worry I will talk to jiju,Neeti says Sanjana I shdnt stay here,Sanjana says di don’t worry stay here,think abt ur baby I will talk to jiju n convince him,Neeti says thanks n hugs her.

Raunak says Sakshi calm down Kajal will be fine,go pray to God,he will make ur mom all good,Sakshi says ok n leaves,Raunak sees Janki n remembers every past scene when Kajal blamed Janki,Janki walks to Raunak,Raunak abt to leave,Janki stops him n holds his hand n says Kajal will be fine son,Raunak says why ma, n plz don’t say it was for my happiness,bcoz this isn’t,u tricked Akshay n now Kajal why ma,once u shd have said Raunak don’t go behind Kajal,I wouldn’t but u betrayed me,u are the reason behind everything,u tried killing ur husband n my wife is nearing its consequences, were my god but my ma she in name of happiness cheated me n now I’m fallen in my own self,u broke me ma,u made a mess out of my wife,whole life ma I worshiped u but not anymore ma,things will change now,n so tell me ma,why did u try killing ur husband tell me ma, why are u silent,Janki says I don’t wish to answer any questions of urs,Raunak says not good ma,u are making huge mistake,Janki says Raunak when children are kids parents are their world n when they grow up they question their parents n u did the same thing.

Raunak says stop it ma, u made me dependent on u,every time u put ur thoughts over me but now what matters me most is my wife n nothing else so u can leave if u don’t wish to answer my questions, nurse says Raunak doctor is calling I,Vidhi n Kamini see Raunak n Janki argue n says this isn’t good,Kamini says this Raunak ps anger is gonna spoil everything n u also forget abt Pradeeps bail now,bcoz Raunak has left Janki far behind.

Radhika says I’m proud of u Sanjana,Sanjana says thanku aunty now my only mission is Vinay how will I do this bcoz uncles are in house too,Radhika says don’t worry I will manage them n this is all to see that Janki weep in pain,Sanjana gets a call n leave ,Radhika says Sanjana once u n Vinay unite n then I will look at what to do with u.

Sakshi n Raunak near Kajal,Sakshi says ma are u fine,Kajal says yes I am,Raunak says Sakshi go thank god for saving ur mom go,Sakshi says ok n leaves,Raunak remembers the past scenes when he tried slapping Kajal for blaming Janki,Raunak sits beside Kajal n holds her hand n says sorry Kajal,I made a huge mistake,Kajal says don’t Raunak sir,it’s not ur fault,u did what u were tricked into,Raunak says now I know how wrong my ma was but I feel bad for her bcoz she did it in name of my happiness but now Kajal I will never leave u m always be with u n will look after papa n may be that will lessen my guilt n mistakes made by ma.

Kartik says Sanjana how cheap of u,how dare u do this to ur own sister n now I’m telling Janki aunty abt all this u did,Sanjana says sure go ahead n hat u think she will spare u n I will weep n create drama n all will accept me but what abt u,Kartik says Sanjana I don’t care but I will not let u ruin Vinay n neetis life,Sanjana says no use Kartik,Vinay hates u n no one will believe u n have my back up plan ready n here’s ur ring,Kartik says u cheap n holds her neck,Sanjana starts shouting n gathers crowd,Kartik helplessly leaves.

Kamini packing clothes,Vidhi says what’s wrong with u,kamini says I have to leave some day so packing n Janki this is all her fault,Vidhi says I know Didi for years she always wins but this time what it is,Kamini says she is surely hiding something,vidhi says what secret,Kamini says we need to find out the secret Janki is hiding from Raunak.

Janki in her room,thinking abt the scene where Raunak blamed her for everything I past,Harish Walks to her n says how could Raunak talk to u this way,Janki says no sue Harish ,he is all stuck into kajals trap,so I didn’t want her in my home bcoz I knew she will separate me n my son,I still remember the day I met her,by hiding the secrete I made me n my sons life but bcoz of this Kajal the whole thing is a mess now n she will have to repay for all of this, I will make hell of her life that she will even fear breathing.

Kajal n Raunak in Their room,Raunak taking care of Kajal,Kajal smiles looking at him,Janki in her room upset abt raunaks behaviour n In tears.

Pre cap : Janki at raunaks door with closed room, Raunak says ma plz leave u have to now change ur this rule bcoz seeing ur face reminds me the way u cheated in name of my happiness.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. atlast raunak made his decision. I like that raunak take care for kajal. It is sooo sweet. good going. But this janki won’t change. What is this .But I hope they would make their pair remarkable

  2. Atlast raunak made his decision. I like that raunak take care for kajal. It is so sweet. good going. But this janki won’t change. What is this .But I hope they would make their pair remarkable. I just love their pair. Plzz more scens of raunak and kajal

  3. At last the MAMA’s boy has grown up.

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