Silsila Pyaar Ka 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 17th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

akshay sees kajals mobile in jankis hand, janki hides it behind her. kajal says sir before ur past takes over ur present u must move on, neeti says bhaiya i am sorry, raunak says its fine neeti are u happy now, they hear akshay shouting n all rush down stairs. everyone gather in hall, kajal says akshay what is it why are u shouting, akshay says why dont u ask kamini aunty, raunak says akshay calm down stop shouting, akshay says i wont today see the reality by urself n not what others say n today i will show u the turth, raunak says why are u creating a scene whats ur problem, akshay says my problem is i cant take all this anymore, till today i was suffering it was fine but today my daugther got invovled, kajal says what happened to sakshi n rushes to her, akshay says ask kamini aunty n follows kajal.
kajal says sakshi are u fine, sakshi says ma papa applied medicine now no pain, akshay takes sakshi along with her, kajal says akshay wait, akshay says not today kajal, raunak says sakshi are u fine, kajal says sakshi tell me what happened, sakshi says i told aunty its ur phone give me but she pushed me n took away ur phone n i got hurt, kajal realises janki asked them to wait to steal her phone, akshay says kamini aunty give me kajals phone n tell us why did u steal kajals phone from our room, kamini says stay in ur limits n its not ur room n u have it in u to steal others belongings n ur daugther is lying, sakshi says no ma i am not lying i am good girl, kamini says liar girl n after all its ur daughter n so we threw u out, akshay says aunty we all know the truth so dont let me open my mouth, raunak says what all is this, kamini says i will tell u this akshay and his family are like snakes, janki slaps kamini n says what all is this kamini after so long years all are hear together, forget the past n u are here bringing th past again, raunak says but aunty why did u steal kajals phone.
kajal says raunak sir i made a video of date announcement of wedding n i had asked kamini aunty to get my phone to show u all this video, kamini says kajal is rigth n i didnt push sakshi, sakshi says aunty u, kajal says sakshi i told aunty, janki says sakshi are u fine dear n kajal u shd have informed us before n kamini we all ahve left past where it belongs to n if u cant forget the past u can surely not take part in this wedding n if u wish to u have to ask sakshi for forgiveness, kamini says sorry sakshi, sakshi says its ok, kamini leaves in anger with munmun.
kajal takes her phone from janki, janki returns it to kajal n she leaves. kamini crying outside jankis house, janki walks to her, kamini looks at her in anger n says munmun leave go home i will be back soon, janki says kamini i am so sorry,kamini says how do i accept this, how dare u do that, janki says i am sorry i had to do that to save the situation,kamini says look at u janki how helpless are u, this kajal will surely ruin ur relation with ur son n think twice ifu have made mistake accepting neeti n vinay as u are giving full proof entry pass to kajal n the one who have to bare consequences is none other than raunak n leaves in anger.
raunak looks at kajals photo n says i have to talk to kajal, what she must be thinking seeing her photo in my cupborad. akshay asks kaal did sakshi sleep, kajal says yes she is fine n akshay we decided not to panic, akshay says i know but kamini aunty so i lost my calm, and till the truth is hidden i dont know how to tell raunak i didnt betray him its his mother n not me, kajal says akshay leave these things to fate, akshay says how long, i cant see raunak suffering unncessarily, i shd have spoken at that time or have end my life, kajal says enough akshay dont tlk abt dying n all i cant live without u, u know that, akshay says raunak is my brother n i cant see him suffering, kajal says raunak sir hasnt moved on yet, he is still there in past n so he is so stuck, raunak reachses their room n hears kajal saying, raunak sir we need to do something for his happiness, akshay says kajal i miss my friend a lot, kajal says u have to say sorry to him, raunak thinks this akshay is so fake, akshay says kajal what did i do, kajal says i know but tell me whats imp janki auntys true face or raunaks happiness.
janki thinking abt kaminis words that kajal wll surely separate her n raunak. kajal says this step will bring u close to ur friend n if raunak sir learns its janki aunty he will never trust anyone again, he loves his mother the most, kajal holds akshays hand, akshay says ok kajal if u say i will say sorry to raunak, kajal says he will understand u, even he must be missing u, akshay says ok tomorrow first thing i will do is say sorry to raunak n hugs kajal.

precap: kajal n janki together, janki says i am so worried both are short tempered n drive rash.
raunak n akshay togther, raunak says i didnt know ur fav toy was playing with my heart, a truck dashes raunak n akshays car.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Akshay and Kajal are superb.

    1. Raunak and kajal are so cute make it happen

    2. Chances are for Raunak Kajal as lead but I like to see Akshay and Kajal as lead pair,but respect the feelings of fans of Raunak-Kajal ,but being an Akshal fan,I will just stop watching.Nothing else can be done.But just like Swalak to Swasan,Tharuv to Thahaan,nothing is predictable in daily soaps.

    3. geethanjali reddy

      yeS I too like their pair.

  2. Please don’t end any of the character. .and especially not akshay. .akshay and kajal looks perfect pair…

  3. Love u akshal…perfect pair

  4. Oh noooo.. dnt kill akshay…. akshay nd kajal r really good together

  5. Pls dnt kill akshay

  6. Same guys,please don’t kill Akshay,now they might be planning to kill him,then Kajal will hate Raunak,Raunak will suffer,at last Kajal will fall for Raunak,but please Cvs don’t kill Akshay.

  7. Don’t harm Akshay.Not bothered about what will happen with Raunak.We want Akshay-Kajal pair,reminding me of that Arjun Ramphal I forgot.

  8. Please precap is sad.don’t kill Akshay.Want Akshay Kajal pair as main lead.

  9. Bilkish Abdul Hamid

    Der goes Askshay…so dat raunak n kajal can start?? In my opinion…lol

  10. Don’t kill Akshay,watching only for Akshay,Akshay and Kajal are the better pair.

  11. Pls akshay should not die
    The person dat suppose to die is raunak as a result of jankis misdeed
    Plsssssss I luv to see akshal together pls make dis film uniqe

  12. Akshay and kajal look super hot together!! They are totally meant to be. I personally like akshays character much more <3

  13. If Akshay dead then this show dead for lot of people. We love Kajal,Akshay,Sakshi family. If anyone dumb enougj to breakup that family then we wont watch it.

  14. Please don’t kill akshay. Akshal are best pair.please don’t end akshay character.

  15. geethanjali reddy

    very sad that Raunak and Akshay met with an accident.

  16. hey guys what are u talking about this story is thread is for kajal and ranuk the name of the serial is for their love how can this be changed

  17. nooooooooooooooo.. writers you cant kill akshay… u cant kill ur fan’s motivation factor of watch this drama..

  18. akshay and kajal pair is superb…and they love each other and their daughter…so dont spoil their story…plz bring a new girl for raunak who can teach a good lesson to janki and that idiot kamini..

  19. I read in a site that after the accident sequence that there is possibility of one of the leads dying,though the actors and producer is mum on the topic,all chance for Akshal separation,hatred drama,Sakshi getting attached to Raunak,and Kajal falling in love with Raunak,watched only for Akshal,so good bye to SPK.

  20. What r u guys intending to do..serial was going u r ending akshays character…shame yar…please no death scene is necessary in this show…do not want kajal raunak pair…..i will surely stop watching this show if any one dies in this serial…if anything happens to akshay then my bye for this show forever and ever………

    1. Same here.

  21. Teena is right guys… This serial was meant to be raunak n kajal so if you read my comments in previous episodes thread, hehehehe, I m the director!!!

    1. Sorry,didn’t get you.

  22. U can’t do this…we all luv akshay. we watch this show for him.and plz don’t kill him…sehban plz don’t quit the show.we all want Kajal and akshay’s pair they are awesome together luv u akshay..

    1. Agree with you totally.

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