Silsila Pyaar Ka 15th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 15th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctors tell Kajal, that they would like to go with shock treatment with Randhir,Janki n Vidhi get scared, Kamini says munmun look how scared Janki is, Kajal says doctor i don’t know much abt papa n his past, mamaji will u help me,Harish says no no I’m good,Kajal says Chachi,Vidhi says no I was busy with household,Kajal says ma,janki says Kajal he always tortured me n so I have nothing to help u with,Kajal says but we have to find something it’s for papa n his health but no ways I will ask some other relatives, I will call kaki may be she may help us,Vidhi says no no she knows nothing,Janki says keep this in house itself don’t involve others,Kajal says then what to do,Raunak walks in n says don’t worry Kajal, I will help u.

Janki gets shocked by Raunaks take n says what is this Raunak,raunak says ma the faster he will recover the faster he will leave I can’t bare this man,Kajal says thanku sir,and the truth is u do love ur papa.

Neeti walks in n hears Sanjana n Radhika talk,Sanjana says kaki now Kartik has said he will never return to this house now, u shdnt have said all that abt Kartik, Radhika says Neeti good u came see what Sanjana is saying,Sanjana says di Kartik is drinking constantly n is upset abt aunty scolding him,Neeti says he will get well I have to cook food,Radhika says Neeti he is ur friend go look after ur Friend I will talk to Vinay go, Neeti says ok n leaves,Sanjana says once Neeti leaves Vinay, he will be all mine.

Kamini says janki what has Raunak planned, janki say she has asked us all here to stay so that it looks like no one is home,Harish says but what if Randhir gets his memory back,Janki says no this can’t happen i will go check down.

Vinay asks where’s Neeti,Sanjana says first promise u won’t get angry, Radhika says why are u hiding things tell Vinay,Vinay Neeti went to see Kartik, me n Sanjana tried to stop but she didn’t listen ,see Vinay this things I don’t like n isn’t safe too,Sanjana says aunty di and Kartik are just friends,Vinay says Sanjana tell me Kartik stays.

Kartik says Vinay has no right to blame u, Kartik is all drunk,Neeti says Kartik stop drinking n better not talk abt Vinay,Kartik says Neeti I really like u,Sanjana n Vinay see them,Kartik hugs Neeti,Sanjana says jiju calm down,oh god I don’t know why is Didi still here lets go home n then talk to Didi later,Vinay leaves in anger.

Doctors put light in randhirs face with help of torch n guides him out, Raunak acting as if drunk wearing randhirs clothes n Kajal as Janki,Randhir sees them , Raunak throws flower vase near him n pushes Kajal,Randhir has flashes of his past,Raunak starts troture Kajal n says I hate u,kajal n Raunak starts imitating the scene where Randhir tried killing Raunak n Janki hit him,Raunak starts pulling Kajal,kajal as Janki says plz forgive me ,Raunak abt to slap Kajal but Randhir stops him n slaps back Raunak,munmun Kamini Janki Vidhi Harish watching this from corridor.

Janki says how dare this man slap my son, I’m going down,Kamini says stop If he losses calm n attacks Raunak it will be bad stay here,Kajal calms Randhir,Randhir asks for water,Harish says Didi how did he talk,Vidhi says all bcoz of new treatment,we need to be more careful now.

Sanjana says jiju calm down n don’t get upset over di, Neeti walks in n says Vinay why didn’t u call,Sanjana says u two freshen up n I will arrange dinner,Vinay says why here go stay with Kartik itself,don’t u think Kartik likes u a little too much,Neeti says I love u, what can I do if Kartik likes me,there can’t be nothing between me n Kartik,Vinay says why can’t it be if u can be pregnant before marriage why can’t u have an affair,Neeti slaps Vinay,Vinay says this proves that u are into something n leaves.

Randhir says Kajal who is this bad boy who is troubling u, Kajal says this is ur house, n he is ur son Raunak,try remember something of past plz,Janki says I’m going down I have stop them,Harish says no stop if unstop in front of Raunak me may doubt on u. Randhir says no nothing this house my son,nothing I remember,Janki says enough I have to stop it n walks down.

Jankis walks to Randhir, n thinks now Randhir get up n hit me n only then Thai will stop,Raunak says ma what are u doing here I told u not to come,Randhir sees Janki n walks to her.

Pre cap : Kajal to Janki says ma what happened worried abt papa recovering n losing everything bcoz of ur secretes I mean u may lose even ur son.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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