Silsila Pyaar Ka 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

raunak driving very rash, car abt to meet with an accident, raunak turns the car. panditji annonce all the dates of weddings, kajal gets sweets and says janki aunty first sweet is for u, janki says kajal i am not allowed sweets, kajal says aunty these are sugar free n gives her sweet, janki eats it n says kamini distribute these sweets n kajal i am thinming of giving shagun today itself plz come with me n takes kajal along with her.
janki takes kajal to her room n closes the door n says gve the video right now kajal, i have done what u say give me the video, kajal doesnt give it n says never i will give u this video, janki says u cheat, kajal says aunty u didnt get me i said i wont show the video to raunak sir but didnt say i will give it to u, raunaks car dashes on a footpath, munmun gets so scared n hugs raunak n says i was so scared for u, raunak says i am ok plz , munmun says why are u doing this to urself, i know u are upset, its all because of that kajal,may be kajal threatened janki aunty n blackmailed abt meetis preganacy how cheap of kajal, but u, plz dont take stress, i take u as my own so telling u calm down, kajal is gone now she wont be in ur life.
janki says u are a new player kajal, kajal says this isnt a game for me its a proof of my husbands innocense n how u played with him n now next is u have to promise u wont be a barrier for me in getting akshay n raunak closer, janki smiles n says kajal good but this is my house n with lot of efforts i built this house n u will take ruanaks life decision, kajal says i am just bringing two friends back close, janki says drama looks good on screen n not in real life n u dont want akshay n raunak but u want to get back in my sons life for his wealth, kajal says aunty plz i am just doing it for raunak sirs good i am quite because u are elder to me n if u dnt stop all this, the video soon will be with raunak sir, kamini hearing all through door n says good i am still in toruble.
raunak says munmun plz dont blame kajal for all this n be quite no word against her. kajal n janki come down, panditji takes a leave, munshi says plz allow us too we shall leave now n i am so happy to be here back n all thanks to u janki devi, janki smiles, sakshi says mama must be waiting for us lets go home, janki says sakshi is so unwell n its so late plz stay tonight here leave tomorrow morning, ashok says no plz, janki says plz i insist n when again will u get chance to live here i mean together again, vidhi plz go make arangements n kajal i hope u are ok th it, radhika says u always take so care of us, u truly are great, janki smiles.
janki n kamini together, kamini says why did u allow these beggars to stay with u here, janki gives her a cold look n says kajal is here because of that video n she is with all this plans because of it, kamini says so that u can delete the video u allowed them here so intelligent here take sweet, janki says till i throw kajal away from raunaks life no sweet for me n now u will rob kajals mobile for me after all u are my best friend n dont u remeber how i always helped u n now if u get me that phone i will forget abt ur husbands 50 lakhs loan,.
kajal walk to akshay, n says remembering old days right, akshay says yes me n raunak used code languages to do all mischiefs, kajal says u know akshay u n raunak sir will be back togther , akshay says i trust u kajal n lets see what happend,i tried talking to raunak n i have seen him he is fond of sakshi may be he will talk meme too, kajal says my moto is not to take janki aunty away from raunak sir but to tell her love isnt bad , akshay says kajal u in my life the best decision i made, kajal says good now have this tea, akshay smiles n says ok n says kajal u always stood for me n i miss my friend a lot, kajal says even raunak sir must be missing u n i will try my best to get u two friends back togther, akshay hugs her, raunak sees them together.

precap: kajal in raunks room, she sees her photo in his cupboard n looks a raunak.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. Kajal and Akshay are good but writers may kill Akshay to unite Kajal and Raunak,but bring a better lead for Raunak and let Akshay and Kajal be together.

  2. I also feel the same. Kajal and Akshay should be together whilst, Raunak should get someone else. But, please don’t separate kajal and Akshay.

  3. I wish kamini doesn’t rob kajals mob becux dats the olly evidence dat akshay is innocent

  4. Dey can save dat video in some other device too or make copies of in akshay’s mobile also na…use technology guys?

  5. Don’t separate Akshay and Kajal.They make a better pair.

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