Silsila Pyaar Ka 13th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 13th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janki walks near the window n stands by it n knock the door,Randhir wakes up n sees Janki n gets very angry,Sakshi hiding near cupboard, Randhir stats shouting n banging the door, Janki runs away, Sakshi drops the jug n falls down, Randhir sees her n walks to her, Sakshi gets sacred n shouts ma, Kajal n Raunak hear her voice, Kamini starts shouting where is sakshi find her, Kajal n Raunak rush to check Sakshi,Kamini starts shouting Sakshi why did u lock the room from inside,Janki says Raunak look Kajal left door open n Sakshi went in n is stuck in.

Raunak shouts don’t touch my daughter,Randhir throws a glass at her but Sakshi hides,Raunak says kajal go get keys, Kajal says sir keys are missing, Raunak n everyone rush to find keys, Sakshi shouts ma help, Kajal says Sakshi don’t get scared I’m here,Sakshi go hides in cupboard,Randhir bangs door , jankis says so careless of u Kajal look ur own daughter is stuck in there, no one finds the keys.

Janki shows Harish that keys are with her, Harish slowly takes them from her n puts them back n says Kajal look keys are in the set itself, Randhir opens the cupboard door, Raunak takes keys n opens the door, Randhir abt to hit Sakshi , Raunak pushes Randhir, Randhir bangs his head on bed, Raunak takes Sakshi out n Kajal looks after Randhir .

Kajal rushes to Sakshi, Raunak says Kajal keep away from her, look what have u done, that man was abt to harm Sakshi this is all bcoz of u n takes Sakshi away with him,everyone walks away, Kajal looks at Janki in anger,Janki walks away too.

Kartik says Neeti how dare Vinay doubt u on me, how dare he comment on me, neeti says relax Kartik he was angry he wasn’t pointing at u, randhirs come an says Kartik why are u shouting,Kartika says aunty this Vinay , Neeti says enough Kartik not a word against Vinay now this is my personal matter n dare u interfere in us get out of my house, Kartik looks at Sanjana n leaves.

Janki says I didn’t want to hurt Sakshi,Harish says Didi she is fine, Kamini says yes she is just scared, Janki says why the poor kid has to suffer kajals mistake,Janki sees Kajal at the door listening to their conversation n then walk away.

Sakshi scared crying, Raunak with her, Kajal rushes to Sakshi, Raunak gets upset n says I’m here for my daughter u go be with that man, Kajal says sir relax its as just a mistake I did nothing,Raunak says it’s all bcoz of u, don’t u care abt Sakshi,Kajal says sir plz mind ur words, he is ur dad,Raunak says I don’t care abt him,i care abt Sakshi,Kajal say sir Sakshi has u but ur dad is alone n as a daughte in law it’s my responsibility to look after him, Raunak says n what abt Sakshi,munmun Comes next ays Raunak Janki aunty calling u down stairs, Raunak leaves.

Kajal says Sakshi , dadu is unwell so he did this, but Sakshi is brave girl all will be fine. Kartik says Sanjana says did u see Neeti loves Vinay, Sanjana says Neeti did this bcoz Radhika aunty was there, Kartik says I’m directly talking to Neeti abt it. Kamini says Raunak how is Sakshi, Raunak says she is fine, jankis ays this is why I wasn’t ready to allow Randhir stay n he is so unsafe, Vidhi says Didi is right I mean he would have harmed our little Sakshi, Janki says yes we need to send him hospital,Kajal says one minute,Raunak says what now,Kajal says I would like to tell how Sakshi go to papas room,everyone gets nervous.

Kajal says sir ma is very correct papa shd be sent hospital , we can’t affect everyone for one person n today it was Sakshi so no risk so find a hospital no end him away it will be good for all of us,I can understand sir what u going through , I know u do care abt papa, u brought him back the other day n I’m very sorry for all that happened plz forgive me, I brought papa to help ma but it was a wrong decision n so very sorry,Raunak says Kajal how are u agree to ma, Kajal says now I understand what her point was n so I agree to her so plz Send papa to hospital,Raunak says yes I will n leaves.

Pre cap: Janki says kajal these plans of ur will never work. Kajal says u worry abt my plans n me abt papa n his health bcoz soon ur true colours will be out.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. Good. Sakshi will tell Raunak the fact. Then he will understand the honesty of Kajal. Hope so.

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