Silsila Pyaar Ka 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 13th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

panditji gets a call and he leaves, kajal gets akshay in the house, everyone gets surprised, ashok says akshay shdnt be here kajal, janki devi will not accept it, i know akshay is very important part of our family but the situation is very critical u see, may be this will ruin vinay and neetis life, kajal says papa dont u worry i spoke to janki aunty and she is talking to raunak sir abt it, papa relax.
raunak says ma tell me what is it all are waiting for us down, janki says son i know u love me a lot but tell me how much, raunak says ma u know it why but, janki says if i ever make a mistake will u keep loving me or start hating me, raunak says ma u are my life, i love u more than my life i cant live without u, but why are u asking, janki says if u really love me u wouldnt say no to me, raunak says ma anything for u, janki says raunak i want akshay to be present in neeti and vinays wedding, raunak says ma, janki says son plz make this favor for me, raunak says ma i can give my life to u but akshay i cant do this, because of him i lost evrything in life, no ma and leaves, janki ruses behind him but raunak gets angry and leaves,janki thinks of the video and kajals threat,janki goes behind raunak, kamini n munmun see raunak walking in anger and janki rushing behind him, kamini says oh no not in jail guess raunak has learned the secrete, munmun says ma stop over reacting lets go n see whats the scene.
raunak n akshay share a cold look wth eachother, janki says raunak why are u not listening to me son, raunak says ma i can never forget what akshay has done, kajal says raunak sir plz, kamini says janki still looks confident this means she is upto a new drama, munmun says lets just watch and have fun, janki says raunak neeti is ur sister, how can u keep hatred before her,vinay will not agree without akshay for wedding, raunak says ma plz and akshay i can never forgive me he is shameless how dare he come here after all what he did to me, sakshi comes there and says raunak friend u are my friend right than why are u scolding my papa, u found my ma but angry with my papa why, munshi say sakshi come lets play with dadu and takes her away.
raunak says akshay forget abt this and the door is right there get out, janki says ok raunak then this wedding wont take place, neeti will be called a single mom and keep questioning her but u raunak u will have to face nothing but neeti how will she live with it,raunak says ma why now all this u agreed to it before, janki walks to kajal and says sorry kajal i tried finding everyones happiness and bringing it togther with this new beginning but raunak looks like he wont listen to his ma, i am sorry kajal, raunak says no ma wait u will never beg to anyone when i am here and that to in front of akshay, i can never let u down ma, and if its for neetis good future i will be ok with it, akshay will be allowed but as a guest and nothing personal and leaves.
radhika says akshay look what happened because of u, kamini says munmun look janki is so talented, munmun says ma now i will go n play my game n will go talk to raunak, munmun rushes to raunak n says u need to talk u will feel better, raunak says plz leave me alone, i am going for a ride, munmun sits beside him n says i am so worried for u i cant le u go alone, raunak gets angry n says ok fine, sakshi sees this and says why is my friend so angry,munshi says he must be busy come lets go in.
radhika scolds akshay, kajal says ma akshay isnt at fault, munshi says no kajal i trust janki devi more than u and bcuse of u she fought with raunak baba go say sorry to her, janki gives a wicked smile, raunak walks to janki, munshi says cmon say sorry to her she always stood for u akshay n today as well she fought for u, raunak joins hand n says sorry, janki says look akshay u can never win over me, here i am the boss and all take me next to god here, akshay bends to touch her feet, kajal stops him n says dont embarass aunty ,akshay she takes u as her son dont hurt her by doing this, she has such big heart n its all for love and not all this pain.
munshi says but kajal,kajal says papa why will janki aunty feel bad she takes this wedding very imp, look pandditji is here,vidhi says to chachu we shd call raunak n ask him to be part of dates announcement, chachu says i dont think he ll be here.
raunak driving very rash and is thinking that because of akshay janki is so upset n forced him, munmun besides keeps irritating him n asks him to slow down, the car abt to meet with an accident.

precap: janki says u used my money to learn all rubbish planning n plotting, kajal says aunty i said i will not show video n not hand over it to u.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

  1. One thing is for sure the girl which will be opposite will not be munmun for sure 😛 I think the girl maybe a negative character and then teach Janki Devi a lesson 😛

  2. Don’t separate Akshay and Kajal.

  3. Will raunak and kajal ever unite?

  4. Please do not seperate kajal and akshay…. directors do some romance in the play….now bring jankis hus,a man who is a believer in good relations..who will bring akshay to the house……bring some romance it is a request…even my 12th board r going on i watch this serial bcoz of the leads only……please consider my request…

  5. Akshay et kajjal sont magnifiques il ne faut pas les séparer raunak doit se marier avec une fille qui donnera une bonne leçon à janki

  6. Y the updates r so slow??

  7. Akshay -Kajal pair is good…

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