Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 9th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer angry with Mishti’s furor

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 9th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohan’s friends controls him and stops him. One of his friend apologizes to have brought him. Rohan shouts at him to take this man away. Pari walks to Rohan, place a hand over his shoulder and cries hugging him.

Veer clarifies to Mishti that he stressed for inviting his friends, Rohan had forbidden him and he wish he had listened to Rohan. He leaves the party. Downstairs, Rohan asks Pari if she is ok, she is scaring him. He wonders why is she crying, did he do something. Pari says she only felt crying. He consoles and hugs her. Veer comes downstairs, he speaks to Pari that it’s his mistake, he wish he had listened to Rohan. Pari says its none of his mistake, it’s alright. Pari was concerned that Mishti must be disturbed upstairs, Veer must stay upstairs. Rohan is here with

her. She asks him to think about Mishti, she cares a lot for Mishti.

At home, Mishti sat in a corner holding her head. Radhika speaks to Mishti that it shouldn’t have happened. But Veer didn’t know the actions of his friends. She must not have spoken to Veer like this. His face showed the guilt and ill will. She asks Mishti to call Veer for once. Mishti says Veer is showing himself the culprit just to show Rohan. If Rohan is important than her, Rohan had welcomed the guests and even went out to see them of. Veer knows well she dislikes Rohan, and he took the blame over himself. She says whatever happened wasn’t right. Sukhmani asks Radika not to follow her into the room. What hurts Mishti is that they came over as guests, and misbehaved with Mishti’s sibling. Soon, she will understand herself.

Arnav calls Pari and asks if she is fine. Pari says she is with Veer, and fine.

Mishti comes to the balcony where Ansh and a friend were smoking. The friend tells Ansh he gets the cigarette at home, and doesn’t need to go outside. Mishti spots them smoking. Ansh turns around and was shocked to see Mishti there. It pinches his throat, he coughs but Mishti still slaps him. The friend runs away. Mishti asks if he took the cigarette from Rohan, and questions what else he does with Rohan. She thinks for a while, then walks inside Rohan’s room. Ansh doesn’t reply to Radika’s concerns. Ansh tries to explain himself to Mishti, but Mishti continue packing Rohan’s luggage. Radhika convince Mishti that it’s her turn now to step forward towards Veer. Mishti says if Veer loves her truly, he would understand her. Mishti takes the luggage outside. Ansh holds her hand. Mishti says he hasn’t grown up enough to stop her, she will slap him again if he doesn’t leave her hand. Radhika was shocked to know she slapped Ansh when she never did. She convince that Mishti is accelerating the matter. Mishti says no one knows what Ansh did, else she must have not spoken to Ansh for days. This time Veer must understand, she needs to root out the problem from their house. She throws the luggage bag outside. Rohan, Pari and Veer came there. Pari questions what this is, Veer also objects; Mishti says he would explain to him later on but right now Rohan can’t live here. Rohan asks the reason. Mishti says he brings about all the problems for her family. Pari defends Rohan that it wasn’t his problem, that man was drunk and Rohan didn’t do anything on will. Mishti claims Pari is dearer to her than her life, that man misbehaved with her. It’s because of Rohan that Ansh started to smoke. Everyone was shocked to know, Radhika negates the blame. Mishti says Rohan is the reason. Rohan questions Ansh if he gave him the cigarette. Ansh now explains Rohan scolded him when he knew he smokes, he had forbidden him to smoke. He had been stealing cigarette from his room, it’s not Rohan’s problem. Rohan has always taught him the good things and the habits. Rohan always gave her good advices, but Mishti was so angry today that she didn’t listen to anyone. Veer apologizes Rohan for all the disgrace he had to bear; but its better late than never. From now on, Rohan will stay at his place. It was his mistake to keep his here as a PG. Pari intervenes its nothing like that. Veer was annoyed, and takes the final decision that his friend won’t live here anymore.

PRECAP: Mishti comes to Pari. Pari was upset that Rohan must be hurt. Rohan has turned them all as a family, her relation to Rohan is not merely a PG.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I always read people saying the writer is rihaan shipper today i understood why .Clearly mishti feeling guilty is not mentioned .Today mishti stood for her sister and pari instead oif being with mishti reassuring her that she is fine she is there with ruhaan and asking veer to go to mishti when it is supposed to be her .Mishti’s world is her family her siblings and her everything neither veer nor ruhaan are her first priority unlike pari who like nandini have always said one thing and showed one thing ..Pari always claim mishti is imp her happiness is important but mishti never says these things but she shows these things.I am so happy and super proud of her .I wish she apologizes to ruhaan .In midst of all this while everyone I mean EVERYONE was blaming her including veer ruhaan was silently taking the insult and taking the oppurtunity to understand her ..Mostly his thoughts were mishti when he bet those guys .I loved it he never leaves one chance to understand analyse mishti pain..

    Ruhaan is perfect for mishti .He is that angel who can handle mishti someday

    Childhood mein when mishti came to know about kunal being her father she did not share this anyone but instaed kept it to herself yes she bought her pain in form of anger on pari .She did not even pay heed to mouli but ishaan made her understood and that is what mishti needs now also ,Her popsie to make her understand what is life .Sadly he is not there and i am 200% ruhaan will make her understand this coz her family is not capable of understanding her pain .


    wow…Mishti rocked
    loved Mishaan last scene, so intense look
    have always seen male lead dominating or taking care of things but here the situation is reversed.
    Mishti is such an independent woman unlike Pari, who is just finding a chance to be close to Ruhaan or should I say hug him.
    love Mishti
    love Mishaan

  3. I went through all comments since march. I saw some people takes name of Shraddha sarma, Dhara
    Naina a.k.a Yolande& mock at them which is not fair. Even I also think they utter nothing but full of shit. I also agree that the written updater is biased and RiHaan shipper & misleading. Let these 3 people talk their craps. let Mishti realise her luv 4 ruhaan. I like Bonsilas&Azu comments very much

    1. I love your comment. I have already said before that we should not sit back and expect Mishti to be the one who’ll sit and cry and be silent, No way! She’s a modern woman she has her own opinions and her voice must be heard. I can see in the recap that Mishti feels guilty about her outburst but i know for sure that she’ll humble herself and apologise to Ruhaan.

      I’m glad Ruhaan will be away for now. They say absence makes the hard grow fonder. So hopefully this incident will give Mishti and Ruhaan even Veer sometime to just sit back and analyze their current situation.

      As for Veer, in the beginning i really liked him but now i’m having mixed feeling. He’s a really nice guy but he can’t handle Mishti. I feel like he doesn’t know the real her. This is the only time i’ve seen her angry infront of him.

  4. Ansh Arora, sometimes we hav2 take names 2 oppose their views. What’s wrong in it?

  5. Azu. U r r8. But I really mean calling them idiot is too much. Not only U but another persons also did it. I’m a hard sbrk fan&this is the 1st serial ever I liked & watched fully . I value ur comments and I like too. But don’t call anyone idiot

  6. 4 rihaan shippar writter- pari 2 veer : u go 2 mishti & I’ll be with Ruhaan.
    Mini Nandu. She never care mishti so much but tells so much. Why the writer can’t be neutral

  7. Gigar Metha/Azu/Ansh Arora, you are funny. Insecure. But very funny. Last episode, when you messed up and replied to Gigar using the name Gigar, i had a good laugh. Kinda feeling bad that today you didn’t take the risk of commenting four times but only twice. But maybe next time dear. Still entertaining, seeing a person validating and supporting one own self. Hope its boosts your self confidence

  8. Oh, i was wrong. Now one version of you is the mature one, the other is affronted one. Ohkay. listen, if you really have split personality disorder than i am sorry for my flippant comments. But if not, i wish i meet you in real life one day. It would be fun.
    p.s. there is a way that gives you away, even if you use different names. Long time users of this website will know. Hope you figure out soon, the game will be a little more believable then. Saw you do the same in ‘Yeh Teri Galliyab’ yesterday. thought you could do with some tips

  9. Azu…why do you post as multiple people and have conversation with yourself? Ansh Arora now and Gigar Mehta in last one. It is easy for all those who know how telly updates works to know you are the same?

    If you have an opinion, express it as yourself. Whether you say it ones or as multiple people it is still the same

  10. I hope now mishthi go to Ruhan to say sorry and some romantic moments between them….mishaan rocks…please makers show more and more and more and MORE of Mishaan moments…2019 best couple and best chemistry all awards will be taken by mishaan

  11. Hey Bonsilas, Yesterday you asked whether i watch the show or only read written updates, well the truth is i only read written updates. And now many people are saying that the writer is biased towards Pari and Ruhaan. I remember last season too there was this problem. I would read the update and form a opinion. Then i watched the show (back when it was still not exclusive on voot) and formed a completely different opinion… So i guess its not fair to base my comments only on the written update. Because when i am dissatisfied with Mishti, its the Mishti on this website. While others have obviously watched the show. Maybe the acting or presentation is better there. But as of now, i am not interested enough to download the voot app and watch it. So i wont comment about the episode anymore. Just here and there until something interesting happens.
    p.s. i am surprised Mishti/Pari/Radhika are so much shocked at Ansh smoking. Ansh is growing up, he is maybe in his higher secondary years. In his home, house parties are filled with booze. Even they celebrate occassionally with wine. Dis they seriously think he will never get affected? That he will not take to smoking and drinking? Slapping him on the first instance was too much. You slap a teenager, he will still do what he wants, but next time he will hide it better

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Hey Dhara plz don’t stop commenting, after some people views, which I felt seeing your comment… Everyone has their point of view, so let it be… You need to comment on your judgement, not on others

    2. RSR

      Wow, I really like your sincerity. I don’t really read the updates because I always come here after watching the show but no. of comments says it doesn’t describe the emotional exchange between Mishti and Ruhaan. And when I read it, it was actually missing. There really is less to no words between Ruhaan and Mishti but they connect to us through their emotions. It really makes sense when we watch the show. All in all, your comment was at least based on the updates, so many people still doesn’t get it through even when they watch the show.

      About the episode, I don’t find it wrong in any way. If my brother would have seen me smoking like that in such situation that would be the black day in our family history. And I’m about to turn to 23. Dear, age doesn’t matter when we’re little ones at the family. However how much we’ll grow they’ll still see us as a thumbsucker. Mishti’s should not have reacted that way but practically it would be the first reaction of any guardian. In my society not a single occasion goes without liquor, but that doesn’t give freedom to me or even my elder brothers to drink. Forget about me, I’d be shocked if I see any of my brother indulging in something like this. Ansh’s future direction can’t be depend on that single slap. His step did falter a little but his upbringing made him come forward and clear the things at least. What I meant to say is he is not a bad one, he’ll definitely learn the lesson in a good way and not other way around.

  12. I miss your comments Dhara , please continue to post your analysis

  13. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Why I have a feeling that Misty just needed somthing to make Ruhaan out of her house, as she never wanted him to stay due to clash of her feelings… But today for the first time I liked her character as she took stand for Pari and Ansh for their benefit, otherwise she is just over powered in show…

    2. Radhika always says she never differentiated b/w her 3 grandchilds, but somewhere I feel she was so focused on Pari and Misty, that she ignored Ansh feelings as he is just teenager (which need extra attention)

  14. ShraddhaSharma392

    I know many people here on this show don’t like my comment: but its their personal choice: because everyone has their view points: and if I feel somthing I comment, I don’t think about right or wrong (by using good language not abusive ones): its doesn’t mean that for those who like or dislike my comment, I will stop sharing my points of view… Every person has different views of one thing for eg.- one may see half glass filled with water and other see half empty glass… So if anyone like or don’t like, My view points will be on my judgement of show, not on others basis…

    1. RSR

      Your opinion is your fundamental right, it may differ with person not a big deal. Use your right in your interest but it will be respected only if your judgement comes from the zero ground. If you leave questions in your comments you should know someone will probably come with an answer, not because they want to bag you their opinion but because they have answers. I’m one of those who felt your comments were a little off from the beginning but I came to you when you left questions in the previous episode. I really don’t have anything against you but its also my instinct when I find something out of the equation it compels me to jump in there(Thank god! my hobby highly focuses on the stories). By the way, I’ve more of an optimistic approach towards thing so I’ll see if the water is consumable enough or not. I acknowledge your use of decent vocabulary but your comments are shallow. Don’t take it in the wrong way, be firm on your ground but don’t let it cloud your judgement. Have a good day. Spread positivity…

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        Asking questions doesn’t mean that I shall bear wrong things (viwers can reply in positive way as well, some forget during reply) and yes, for me this season is not good as compared to season 1 (so I am against it and so my comments), but that doesn’t mean other who are liking this season should insult who are not liking this season… After all positivity and Negativity is part of everyone..

      2. RSR

        Whatever, you must be an underage, your flippant reply is really something.

        Anyway, Your questions were meant to be answered. And I don’t see any insult in my replies, take a break and check in my replies again if you have doubt. I never and will not ask you to change your point of view because this is not the way it works. But when you come here to counter the story with your illogical comparison be prepared for the counterback. Don’t go to the majority, I, individually don’t find your constant questions sensible enough. Though it won’t stop you from expressing your positive-negative comment, which you’ve made clear of and I was assured of. My replies were never in the least meant to bar your opinion, I was only pointing out the nullity. You must know posting your comment doesn’t leave it as your interest only, it comes under the others scrutiny. Season one was without any doubt the amazing series. I don’t oppose that. But you seem to have a little difficulty there after its abrupt ending. Season 1 rerun on the Voot may help you. I’d really like you to go check my replies again.

        (If by insult you’re pointing out my honesty, I can’t help it) Negativity or positivity is our essence no doubt there, but its in our hand to know how to balance it. So, spread your positivity…

      3. ShraddhaSharma392

        RSR i never mentioned any name, if you had read my comment carefully…

      4. ShraddhaSharma392

        And I am not going to name as well, and not saying anything and not taking as insult as well… Its just every time when (when others who don’t like my comment or point of view), it hurt at one point of time as well…
        Its not that I am under age, but I analysis on the basis of what I feel, which may not like by some or some may like…And when I ask ques, I am already ready for positive and negative answers, its not insult, becoz that is their point of view….
        And yes I have always seen your reply, you reply in good manner no doubt…
        This page is created for shows with everyone and people share their views on their analysis…

      5. RSR

        Finally, I guess we have established something ShraddhaSingh. Your replies weren’t that clear, but I guess I get it now. You pointed out those things like insult and all while replying back to me so I obviously thought it was directed towards me. Well, I would always stand against those kind of behavior. It doesn’t make sense to me at all when they degrade one thing to uphold the other thing. Its totally childish. I usually don’t go around explaining or arguing but today was one of those day. Well, any kind of hard feeling was not intended. Somehow, even though we have different opinion I still think you can be a good company. So even if my words were blunt, which is my feature, don’t take it in a bad way. Have a good night.

  15. RSR

    Though she went a bit too far with her temper but I liked Mishti as a sister. She was awesome. Hope, this incident will make her heart to melt a little bit for Ruhaan. I really feel for the poor guy. In addition to his heartache he has to bear the wrath of the person he feels for. His concern for Pari is on a completely different level from her thoughts. I just want to forget the heartbreak on her way and wish a happy ending, just not with Ruhaan. This episode was a page Turner. Now is the chance for makers to put solidity to the story. Mishti’s guiltridden face in tears while Ruhaan gas his unwavering gaze fixed on her was promising enough. I want Mishaan not because of spark or chemistry but, he is the perfect person for her. He understands Herai more than Veer even after all those arguments and thinks in her interest. Her feelings are starting to get upside down while his undying ove is at constant tremor, its the best for the two to end up together for good.

  16. Dhara, please do not stop commenting ??,
    Its ur review what makes me come here.
    Please don’t stop.

  17. S. Azu is really
    Ansh Arora. Finally Dhara did a gud job. And Shraddha’s glass example. SO TRUE. Lol Why u everytime see empty glass? I mean why U&Dhara wear black glass to see mishti that her every deed seem 2 be black to u? Mishti is a caring sibling,independent,decent(fighting with feelings) and bread bringer to the family. And yes, she is not that typical heroine who is bubbly ,sweet and sarvam saha. SHE IS SO REAL. She ALSO have Flows. Agreed. But she is [email protected] So, Shraddha&Dhara jisko ship karna ho ship kijiye. but 4 that don’t say shits about Mishti.

  18. Just my opinion no bashing pls…..
    Except for everyone in show saying it some 200 times but i didn’t really find pari to be a commitmentphobiac. Had she been one she would have restricted herself from ruhaan knowing her budding feelings but no she is much more freindly with him and is continously falling . Her reactions should have been like that of misty. I don’t know what their family wants her to say yes to every proposal and roam with countable bfs. When she genuinly felt for someone she quickly realised and ackowlegded it (probably quickest)
    I can imagine her saying yes on toes if ruhaan proposes her(just if) for marriage .
    She would keep on saying but her gestures doesnt say she is afraid of commitments or love

  19. @shraddha, mauli and zeeva, thanx for the support 🙂 i will still comment but not as often. The story right now is a little scattered. Characters are showing themselves too slowly. So many days of telecast, but still dont know why these children are staying with radhika and not ishaan’s family, or what kind of friendship exists between veer and ruhaan or what kind of person is arnav. Even the pace of the story is too slow with no goal really, but everyday simply passing one after the another. Again, i dont want to compare with season one, but atleast that had nandini’s figjt against domestic violence and maulis strong support for nandini. Anyways i will comment again when something interesting happens. Its not like i care abt people oppsoing my views, but rigjt now its like commenting the same thing again and again. See you later guys 🙂

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I appreciate your words but if you not comment, I am going to miss your comments… Show is really scatter, and heading no-where..
      Hope to see you soon and I hope you got my point, plz do not leave commenting..

    2. Dhara I suggest yo to watch the series .I wont be compelling you thoug i dont have that right but trust me these updates do not actually emote the emotions of characters .You should have seen mishti ‘s emotions and her eyes giving away the pain and ruhaan understanding her but in the updates the writer just mentioned they shared an eyelock .MIshti ruhaan do not talk much but their expressions and eyes are enough to give away their thoughts .TBH I dont wanna judge you but as you said you read updates and comment your opinion is baised as this writer .coz you understand what this writer writes and its not enough on what is happening in episode ..Give it a chance once and watch .

    3. Hey don’t think about those things because writers have to make show in anyway.
      Even i did not get answer to where did mouli’s family go after leap. Earlier they used to be part of even small celebrations and when mouli was in such a tragedy family was not shown later.
      Mouli as if was orphan introduced radhika and dida as family to sandhya , her family was absent in engagement ,haldi ,mehendi, she had no place to go when kunal threw her out of house.
      It was not kunan affair that irked me because that was the theme itself around which show was made that was actually the story known to every one from promo itself, but dropping of characters make big loopholes.

  20. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    ohh boy… so how do I connect to the ppl loving the Ruhaan Mishti union ??? just like I commented on the Kunal Nandini union ??? … with Kunal it was lust, but with Mishti (Kunals daughter) not quite knowing bout this lust thing yet I guess, (and speaking from the teachings of the Qur’an, and not myself) it informs us to… “lower your gaze… so as not to be attracted to the temptations… that is Shaitan” … I am not saying Mishti is a bad person but her “thoughts” are leading her in the wrong direction… did anyone think about Veer’s feelings ??? No, I believe not, becuz he is quiet, sweet and cute (just like Ishaan)… and not somewhat aggressive as Ruhaan is… soooo, there is no one here who can change “my” opinion… to each his own… I prefer the quiet shy Pari learning her way to love Ruhaan, than the already “seasoned” masala Mishti… my view ppl… deal with it… preferably without the bad-mouthing… ty

    btw… hope I don’t hv to discuss why I like Ruhaan for Pari, cept that their relationship is based on friendship first… and this is the first step towards a very powerful union…

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