Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Nandini on a date

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal and Nandini are on date and Mauli is also there with her friends. One of her friend asks about kunal and starts to praise their relationship which makes Mauli sad. Kunal goes to make a song request for Nandini.. “tum hasi ban gye” song plays. Kunal says that this song is my feelings towards you while Mauli is remembering her and Kunal’s memories.

Kunal and Nandini are smiling at each other. A friend says that this song and heart cake is all Kunal’s type. In reality, he planned that heart shape cake for Nandini. Both are cutting the cake. That friend sees Kunal and Nandini together and is shocked. Even Mauli and all other friends also see them. Meanwhile, they both are feeding each other that cake. Mauli becomes embarrassed and unhappy. Kunal and Nandini

are holding hands and all friends decided to go out but mauli says its okay as she filed divorce and she doesn’t care now. She excuses her herself from her friends and goes away. Kunal is giving a gift to Nandini.. it’s a locket chain..which has initials of ‘K’ and ‘N’.

Nandini refuses the gift but kunal says to take it. He then thinks about how he hurt Mauli. Nandini says that she came between him and Mauli..but Kunal says that no one can come between a hubby-wife unless there is already a space..there must be some distance between us..that’s why I went for you..everyone is telling me to compromise with Mauli but how should I explain to them that there is nothing left between us and I moved forward with you.

Meanwhile, Mauli is crying in bathroom and washing her face to hide those tears. Nandini also comes and gets happy while gazing at that chain-necklace and wears it.

Mauli is shaking terribly and crying. While Nandini says to herself that she is very happy that she found her love in Kunal. Mauli comes out and sees Nandini with anger. Nandini turns towards her.
Mauli- “there was a time when I prayed for that smile on you. I gave example of my love always and prayed that you get a love like mine. Now I’ll pray for one more thing that you can forgive yourself for your deeds.”

Both come back and Nandini turned again into a crybaby and says to go home. Kunal asks what happened. That one mutual friend, Nilesh, gets angry and says “what’s this chichorapan?” He goes to Kunal. Mauli tries to stop him, but she fails.

Nilesh tells him Mauli..your wife is sitting there and what the hell you are doing here? Kunal sees Mauli. Mauli and her other friends go to Kunal’s table. Nilesh remembers when Kunal lectured that he should not cheat and play with marriages and says that you don’t apply your theories on yourself? Because of your saint lectures I am with my wife today.. should I remind you the things you said to me?

Another friend says: what he will say? He slipped himself on this housewife type.. someone can’t digest career oriented wife even when it’s a perfect lady like Mauli. Mauli requests her friends to stop. Nilesh says he should have recorded that lecture other day.

Mauli tells her friends that she knows they are concerned but they cannot insult Kunal and Nandini publicly no matter what they have done. Mauli and her friends leave from there. Mauli turns back. Her and Kunal look at each other.

Precap- Nandini says to Kunal that it’s very difficult to arrange a surprise birthday party for Mauli and only they can do it. Kunal asks how they can do it after all this that happened. Nandini says she can help him secretly.

Update Credit to: Buckwheat

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  1. Oh so now Nandini wants to ruin Mauli’s birthday as well to remind her for a lifetime during her birthday that she snatched her hubby.

  2. This show is a disgrace to mankind

  3. I believe…”Karma is a boomerang” let these cheaters…get their punishments πŸ˜‘…n again , what!!! Nothing’s left between u n Mauli… seriously…😑…u never thought…abt Mauli at all…n u r feeling that .. Nandini is going through a lot🀬…Then wat abt MAULI…come on yaar… atleast…u should consider her has friend…n consider her feelings too😒

  4. Pata nahi mauli kaise tolerate kar rahi hai…. Main dekh rahi hu to itna gussa aata ki Mann karta nandini and kunal ko pahle jee bhar k maru fir har questions ka reply mangu.

    1. Yess, me too

    2. I was a Silent reader, this is my first comment

  5. Please. No surprise bday party for mauli. Are kunal and nandini stupid teenagers who think a party will cheer up mauli when her whole world is breaking down? Who will they invite in this party? Mauli’s mother who blames her? Or mauli’s friends in front of whom she got humiliated today? Please just leave her alone both of u. Pick up your cakes and roses and candles and get lost from her life. U hv hurt her enough. No need to pretend to care for her now!
    Mauli. Mauli. Mauli. From where do u get the strength and dignity. After everything, u wished that nandini should be able to forgive herself. That nandini is completely guilt free anyways! You didnt even allow them to get publicly humiliated. While the true love couple didnt give one thought abt how you will feel if any of your accquaintance saw both of them together feeding heart cakes. Just one request mauli. Go home and tell dida. Tell them the truth of tgeir coward cheater sin and free urself. Please. Kunal is not one percent interested. U are still asking for signs from god. But tgat cheater husband has already moved on!
    God i dont think i have ever hated any tv characters as much as i hate kunal nandini. There have been other negative characters. But nvr have i seen selfish, ungrateful, lying, coward, cheating idiots be termed as pure and innocent!
    Ps i love whoever wrote the update. Nandini comes out and becomes crybaby again. If kunal preserves all nandini’s tears, together they can solve world water crisis!

    1. Well said, there has been evil characters out there but they always have the confidence & self-honesty to accept what they are unlike those delusional cowards.

  6. OMG !!! Kunal and Nandini are indeed two most pathetic characters. Both do all sort of stupidity and then claim themselves to be saint. And what was this space kunal was speaking about? What he has for nandini is temporary feelings for which he is ignoring such a wonderful wife he had.

  7. OMG !!! Kunal and Nandini are indeed two most pathetic characters. Both do all sort of stupidity and then claim themselves to be saint. And what was this space kunal was speaking about? What he has for nandini is temporary feelings for which he is ignoring such a wonderful wife he had.

  8. How can some character be this shameless like nandini 😑 Hope this show wraps up soon ..its just encouraging extra marital affairs πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  9. What does Kunal mean by there’s nothing left between him and Mauli? Now he’s saying that there was space between them which Nandini filled, so she didn’t come in between them. Is he freaking kidding us? What kind of logic is that. Seriously never heard such nonsensical crap before.

    Nandini is smiling looking at locket without an ounce of guilt that she’s wearing locket with initials of her ex best friend’s hubby who isn’t yet divorced. She’s such a hypocrite wanting to celebrate Mauli’s birthday just to make her feel low on that day also

  10. ShraddhaSharma392

    Finally someone spoken in favour of Mouli, showed true face to kunal and nandini rather than just forcing mouli to compromise unlike dida and her mother… I knew that when Kunal and Nandini truth will come out

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      That person will definately confront Kunal, whom kunal gave advice on marriage… And that happened today.

  11. What kind of animal is this kunal?? Oh my god colors channel i beg u pls stop this show.. silsila cross all the limits they praise ema.. even they didint show ema is wrong.. use god to gloryfy their bad deeds…. husbend wife relaion freindship all are horrible in this serial…. no msg.. all deeds are right in their view… i dont know how the writer write these things??? pls ban this show

  12. Nandini didn’t come between you and mauli because there was a gap. She came because you allowed her to. She came because you are a f**ki*g tharki.
    I hate Nandini and Kunal
    They disgust me

  13. sabse wahiyad serial kash mauli maya ( from beyhadh serial ) jesi hti.. rotlu nandani ki aankhien phod deti 🀣🀣🀣

    1. Your comment made my day πŸ˜‚

    2. Anjali Sharma

      oh my god I almost died laughing!!

    3. hahaha so true…. i wish so too

  14. Watching this this I really tried d to express my anger and disappointment without loosing it but this episode nd precap are making me loose all patience. sorry to all the kuanl- nandini fans but today I want to slap kunal and nandini right and left till there are no more life in them. Before i found them shameless and inconsiderate but now i think they are psychos who enjoy others pain, wounding someone then put salt to keep the wound fresh to enjoy watching one’s suffering longer. Sociopaths is a terms that describe them better.
    I seriously wanted mauli to get away from them and live her life but now want her to make their living hell, they are desesperly asking for it.
    It is nice to see mauli has few actual friends who instead of backstabbing her takes stand for her. Her friend deserves πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ for saying the absolute truth. And nilesh also deserves aplaude for pointing out kunal’s hypocrisy and showing him mirror

  15. DannyComments

    Okay okay I have to admit..that was torture for Mauli..but I’m so sorry I just couldn’t stop smiling during Kunal and Nandini’s date!!!😍 I was like damn Danny! You are a sucker for love! Right now I don’t care if the writers decide to bring Mauli back together with Kunal but at least My Nandini had to get a taste of what love feels like..I just wish she gets at least like a year with Kunal.. just being happy and fulfilled..

  16. Nandini and Kunal have no shame and no care towards Mauli..You did what you thought was right but atlease show some concern for the person you spent 7 years of life…as a human being they both are a big failure and so selfish that they think about themselves only and their pain…good luck bcz karma is b*t*h

  17. Kunal you are right there is no room left for reconciliation.Mauli only needs some time to gather her broken pieces after all she got the worst betrayal from who she least expected.Idon’t want kunal -mauli anymore .He fell so low that I don’t think any woman (normal woman , no idea about cheap nandini) will ever forgive a husband like you.Its not about saving their marriage ,it’s now about saving mauli’s self respect.kunal you go to hell…the most disgusting character in the history of serials.

  18. Mouli is just stealing my heart again and again…….such a beautiful person she is, it is good that kunal left her, because she deserves much better partner, not this a*sh*le. loved her friends, someone please please please stop those two shameless dumb heads from arranging the party, they will by no chnace will realise what they are doing, but please, mouli won’t be able to take that too……..kunal and nandhini, i request you, stay away from mouli’s life.

  19. Kunal and blo*dy Nandini are two dirty pigs and I don’t have words to scold them. How can any human being so shameful and selfish. Cheater kunal is telling that there was a space between him and Mauli. How disgusting he was running calling jaana jaana behind her and now saying this. Infact he is worst than Ranvir according to me.and that ungrateful Nandini I feel like spitting on her face

  20. I’m glad and I commend the writers, that cast and the channel for this show. EMA is a sensitive topic that we choose not to speak. I would like to kindly remind some individuals that this show is not promoting EMA, whereas silence is what encourages it among the society.

    This show has done an excellent job of bringing up the issue and how women are treated whether it’s mauli or nandhini. I hope that we can all learn to treat the people we come across better.

  21. Did they really think about mauli happiness??? I dnt think soo….. both nandini and kunal wont bother about anyone in d whole world,how could they remember mauli b’day??? No yar its blo*dy bakwas series running in colors channel i was d big fan of drashti bt now i dnt knw how am i hating her role in diz series. She is really loosing her fanz by choosing this type of role. I didnt expected dat u vil choose this type of role drashti.

  22. They need to introduce a hot and loving guy for Mouli. Someone who will take care of her and treat her like she is the most important person….let Kunal see that there is someone who is better than him loves her.

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