Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 8th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal wish to tell his family about Pari

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 8th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Outside, Kunal wipes Pari’s tears. He speaks to Nandini that their daughter is really strong, she wasn’t afraid in the camp at all. Pari says she was really fearful and missed him. She was upset and hugs Kunal. Kunal apologizes and promises he will never let her in any such situation. Pari says if her mom would be here, she would have been like Mishti’s mama. Kunal says their case is different, he is her mother, Dadi and everyone. He spends a lot of time with Pari, he narrates her stories when she sleeps, make hairstyles with her and visits park with her as well. He now demands Pari love from everyone. She shares kisses with him. Kunal hugs Pari out of love. He silently thinks that she has two grannies but they might not love her the way she deserves. He doesn’t want her to face

the same rejection he and her mother did.
At night, Kunal sang a lullaby for Pari while she fall asleep in his lap. He thinks about Mamma singing the same lullaby. He thinks Pari’s grandmother is nearby, but she doesn’t know they have a cute Pari as well. He takes his phone, then decides to call for the sake of Pari today. He dials a call. Mamma picks up the landline phone. Kunal recalls one earlier he had called to wish them, but Mamma scolded him for leaving every relation for that Nandini. She claimed she was dead for him. That day, Kunal had decided to leave the country as his family would never accept Nandini. On the phone, Mamma restlessly asks who is there. Kunal wonders why he is unable to speak to his own mother. Mamma also realized it was Kunal. Dida comes to take the receiver from Mamma and scolds the other side person not to call again.
After she placed the receiver back, Kunal looks towards Pari and silently apologizes her for not being able to tell Mamma and Dida about her.
There, Dida knew Mamma felt it was Kunal and holds the phone to plug the wire off. She convince Mamma that Kunal left them forever, never once he turned to them. Mamma says she can’t forget Kunal. Dida asks Mamma to think he is dead. Mamma was irked and interrupts her. Dida tells her to cry and shed tears for Kunal, but for the last time.
The next morning, Ishaan and Mishti sat together. Mishti showed him the photos of crackers she wanted. Ishaan says he bought so much for Mishti already, a dress as well but its alright if Mishti is only happy with crackers. Mishti was happy to get the gifts. Mauli comes ready for hospital and insists on Mishti to let her go. Mishti complains that Mama never has time for her and family. Dida and Mamma convince that her mother is a working lady. Mishti was angry that her mother only worries for work and not about her at all. She runs inside. Ishaan apologizes Mauli, he thought Mauli will have an off on Diwali. Mauli was sensitive and confirms if she is a bad mother as Mishti called her? Ishaan says Mauli is a single mother for past six years, it is really difficult. Tears floated in Mauli’s eyes. Mamma and Dida convince Mauli they will speak to Mishti about it.
Mishti was crying in the room. Mamma come to Boo her, Mishti says she is no more afraid. Mamma hugs Mishti and says alright, she will scold Mauli as she is a bad mother. Mishti says Mama is really nice and takes care for everyone. Mamma promises Mishti that tomorrow is Diwali and they will go for picnic together.
Kunal applied oil in Pari’s hair and planned an outing to Water Park. Pari asks Kunal to take permission from Mishti’s mother as well. She makes a video call to Mishti on Ishaan’s phone. Mamma leaves while Ishaan takes the phone screen to Mishti. Pari offers Mishti to go to water park with her. Ishaan asks Mamma for permission pointing the camera towards her. Mamma allows Mishti. Kunal was shocked to see Mamma.

PRECAP: While the girls play, Mishti gets an electric shock. Kunal takes Mishti to hospital. Pari calls Mauli to inform her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Boring episode…wasting time on kunal’s emotions but he is a selfish man now he wants grandmother for his daughter again without thinking about mauli. Such a emotionless perdon he is. Not a single time he is concerned about his wife of 7 years.

  2. Well this is a surprise. Now dida doesnt want kunal back but mamma does. I guess it is understandable for a mother to still care for her son, but i thought dida will be the one still wishing kunal to come back… Anyways, am sure kunal still hasnt seen mamma and the truth reveal will still drag. As expected, kunal also thinks of himself as some victim. His family didnt accept nandini so he left the country itself. Did he expect mouli to always stay with his mother and grandmother? If mouli leaves then who will care for them? Dida and mamma are not working women and dida is even wheelchair bound. In six years he never thought whether his family needs him. But now he is calling them for his daughter’s sake.
    I feel it is realistic for children to feel bad if parent is always busy in job. Specially mothers in india. If father is busy no one gets that upset because ‘papa ka to kaam hai’ but expectations from mother is different. And women also easily question themselves if they are ‘bad mothers’ for choosing work over family time. I know it is difficult to strike balance… But in mouli’s case it is even more necessary. There is dida’s medication cost, mishti’s educational cost, mouli has to feed four mouths and also take care of the house, give salary to pramila… Where will the money come from? Gifts are fine but mouli wont accept money from ishaan and neither is it ishaan’s responsibility. I am glad that mishti stood for mouli’s caring and loving nature when mama was fake scolding her
    If kunal expected mouli to stay with his family, he could have at least discussed alimony. Mouli most probably would have refused but kunal could have tried sending money through someway. But his only concern was nandini. Huh.
    P.s. what happened to jyoti? Mouli’s entire family used to be shown at earlier episodes and her brother even got married on screen.
    P p.s. ishaan said hotel business is easy but i dont think it is even thaaat easy that he spends all time in mouli’s house but still has money always for lavish gifts. Lol

  3. Why kunal act like a victim “poor him and nandini were rejected by his family”, “ how sad, his family never accepted his affair” . He never visited his dadi and mother, would not even know if one of them had died. He left the coutry without ever contacting bcz his mom scolded being heartbroken by his decision? He never give up when it was nandini who rejected him and asked to never see her again.After 6 years and after raising a daughter he didn’t change at all. The same self-centered, selfish, bastard. The day mishti and pari are old enough to listen and understand the past story they will hate him

    1. exactly. when Nandini asked him to leave he made videos and went to her house repeatedly to get oxygen. But his mother scolded him once and he left because he didn’t want Nandini to face anymore troubles. He cared only about Nandini. Not once thinking who will care for his mother and granny and about their pain. Then why does he expect anybody else to care for him? He chose that life of loneliness for himself and he should suffer. but it is so sad to see an innocent child having to live in loneliness because of her parent’s selfishness.

  4. Kavya Chinnari

    I guess as how kunal left mauli saying she is always busy with work rather then him…may be when her daughter comes to know abt her father she will also go to him as he is more free then her mom

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    Emotional episode tha, both daughters were in pain (though no proper emotions are shown, still)…
    I hope Mouli is not going to repeat her mistake, though she is single mother and love misty alot but she is still shown tooo busy, and this will make misty alone and unite with Kunal, on the other hand Pari is sad for mother love and Kunal is shown perfect father, but mother space can’t be filled by anyone….
    This was surprise that dida don’t want kunal to return but mumma wants….

  6. I wish if they show pari as nandini n rajdeep daughter than it will be more interesting how kunal will feel etc

  7. Writers still want to give more imp to nandini than mauli that’s very bad. Pari is getting more attention than misty Bec she is kundini daughter. Viewers just dislike nandini but makers want to prove they had divine love And don’t want to give imp to mauli thats pathetic.

  8. I think Kunal one of the most devils in the shows who had many faces and always acting like the innocent victim .All he was caring when he left two old women need him badly , his nandini pain.What about those two helpless ladies he didn’t think for Once .How could be sure that the woman who hadn’t trust her any more and left her will be able to stay and care about them so so selfish man . All I care now the writer make the viewrs hate this little girl because she is nandini daughter who will and his father disturb mouli life again. And this selfish kunal only care about her so hurting mouli and her daughter and bring his girl to the house only to satisfy her and him self without thinking of others as always did.

  9. We have had only 1-2 episodes showing Kunal. I dont believe he is more free or has more time for pari than mouli has for mishti. I mean mouli has 2-3 other people to share her household responsibilities but Kunal is all alone. And Kunal also has to work. In the very first scene it was shown that Mouli was able to reach mishti in the camp but Kunal was stuck in his work where he did not have network. Pari was even upset why are father didn’t call yet or why he didn’t reach her in the camp when everybody else’s parent had come…. the bottom line is single parenting is hard. Neither Mouli nor Kunal will be able to take care of each of their child’s needs on their own. And they have to work, they cannot sit at home all time. Overall, Mishti still has a better home, as we can see from how sad Pari was at not having other family members to love her and care for her.
    and watching the episode, i even felt Mishti’s words as tantrums. Maybe the child actor is not able to act the scenes properly, but its not like Mouli always stays in the hospital. Mouli was one of the first parents to reach the camp, and bringing her and Pari home, mouli spent many happy moments with them, playing games. there was no need for mishti to say ‘i hate you’ or ‘you are a bad mother’ because Mouli couldn’t go to movies with them. In camp scene, mishti was shown as caring and responsible. This sudden outburst seemed out of the line. But maybe the writers wanted to show both Mishti and Pari unhappy at times. I just hope the writers dont justify it to bring Kunal and Mouli back together. Ishaan will be a far better father than selfish Kunal

  10. Mauli don’t lose mishti also

  11. I just want Silsila timing to get changed

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