Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 8th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti to create a misunderstanding between herself and Rohan

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 8th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari was waiting for Rohan in the café.
Rohan stood in the parking lot, he thinks he can’t speak to Mishti at home, in front of Dadi. He has no option but to wait here. Mishti arrives in her car. Rohan follows her and inquires how Veer threatened her. He shows her the FIR paper and asks why she hid this from her, why she had withdrawn her FIR then. Mishti replies she would have got hurt otherwise, and she was also responsible to some extent in bringing them down to such a level. Rohan asserts that Mishti isn’t responsible for everyone’s happiness. Her decisions would affect any one person in her life, Veer’s family is happy but he is hurt and so would Dadi and Pari be. Mishti asks so what, she wanted to end this chapter of her life on a healthy note. Rohan was irritated that he feels helpless, he couldn’t protect her for what happened. He feels furious whenever he even thinks how those goons tried to touch her. He clarifies he can go to any extent for her sake, he will even fight the whole world for her; what’s the meaning of his life if he can’t even protect her. Mishti silently thinks that she needs to distance herself from him, and it’s necessary to create this misunderstanding. She tells Rohan she understands how it feels when your parents are hurt, and Rohan might not understand this as he is an orphan. She only wants to explain her decision was thoughtful one, and she doesn’t regret it.

Rohan gets a call from Pari, he apologizes for getting late and promises to reach within 15 minutes.

Mishti comes home. She feels sorry for Rohan, then reads her passport. Her phone bell now rings. It was Veer. He tells Mishti that Rohan was extremely hurt, he isn’t angry with Rohan. Today he was in pain, and he hasn’t seen Rohan like this. He has been there himself and understands how Rohan feels. Mishti gets upset. Veer apologizes as his intention wasn’t wrong. Mishti says she is living the same as Rohan’s trouble. She feels afraid how Rohan would come close to Pari. Veer discusses if Rohan would ever come close to Pari, what about Rohan then; he would never get his love. She is playing a huge gamble, but how she is so sure she will win. Mishti was determined to do anything to nurture her relations.

In the café, Rohan finds Pari sulking. He joins her on the table. Pari begins to speak, but Rohan was lost in Mishti’s words. Pari complains that Rohan isn’t attentive of her talk, he has already been late for one and a half hour. The food was served. Pari now pats Rohan’s hand, and asks where he had been for so long. Rohan makes up that he was caught in work. She serves the food. Rohan says he isn’t very hungry, and would eat really less. Pari says this means something is going on in his mind, she as a friend holds the right to know what troubles him. Rohan replies its nothing. Pari says she thought they are very good friends, but now it seems they hardly know each other. Rohan composes himself, and offers Pari to inquire anything. He gives a prior disclaimer that he hardly knows himself these days. Pari asks Rohan to discuss it as it will lighten him. Rohan shares with Pari that Veer and his parents had kidnapped Mishti, and Mishti withdrew her FIR. Pari wasn’t ready to believe. Rohan says he is shocked how Mishti can forgive Veer so easily. Pari says she is unaware of all this. Rohan tells her it happened today, and reminds her the courier that reached home. It was for Mishti, but at the police station his number was given in the alternative, thus given to him. Pari thinks Mishti promised not to hide anything from her, then why she did so. Pari says she thinks she is done and asks to go home.
Mishti sat on a bench in balcony. She was thinking about Veer’s concerns for Rohan. It’s not necessary that relationships develop as per our wish. She must come up with something really fast. Mishti gets a call from Rohan. He asks Mishti to come on terrace fast, he isn’t well. She was worried and tries the number again, it was powered off.
At the terrace, there was a whole décor with white cloth and curtains. She calls Rohan name around. Rohan comes from behind and hugs her from the back, touching her arms and kiss on her neck. He whispers

‘She is the reason of his restlessness when away’

Mishti tells him to stop it, and being a child. She was worried what if someone comes there. Rohan says he isn’t concerned. Mishti replies she is. She looks away but Rohan drags her closer. He carries her to a mattress on the floor. A curtain fall over them. They share some intimate moments together.

PRECAP: Rohan spots Mishti holding a ring with Veer. Rohan meets Mishti outside and asks why she is doing all this. Mishti says she thought initially that she was happy with Rohan, but she now realized she isn’t. Their relationship is limited.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. How low! Is mishti a devi? She is the typical uttopian ideal fl. All serials r showing women should sacrifice, cry till the make up vanishes, act as bubbly and be a Cid when ml is brainless. I know women r selfish than men. But in serials women r from mars and men to dance with their tunes and lectures. Not only sbrk2 but every show is same. better 2 eat dung than watching this crap. I felt ashamed to see this show when I’m from oscar wilde and gbs country. Not a single serial is not showing the real India.

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