Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 6th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Pari has good time with Mauli and family

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 6th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti watch Kunal’s photo as Pari’s father.
Ishaan tells Mauli that Mishti hasn’t seen her father’s photo. It’s good for him, else she must have loved her father. She doesn’t even know the name of her real father. Mauli was disturbed thinking about Kunal falsifying her pregnancy and silently cries. Mauli decides she won’t let Kunal or her past cast a shadow over Mishti, ever. She attempts to light a matchstick with trembling hands. Ishaan holds her hand to help her. They hold hands together to save the flame from going out. Ishaan says it takes some time for a flame to settle, two hands are better than one.
Mishti and Pari were playing in the room. Mishti ran with Kunal’s photo while Pari follows her.
Dida comes to Mauli and says she had seen Mauli

burn her memories with Kunal. Ishaan has been a gift of God for Mauli, she can guarantee he will keep Mauli happier than Kunal. She wants to make Ishaan her son in law. Its, a golden opportunity Mauli mustn’t let go. Mauli goes inside to bring Mishti and Pari out for Pooja.
Mishti and Pari sat in a corner silently, then decide to frighten Mauli. Soon, their room’s door open. Mauli enters in a mask leaving the girls trembling in the corner. They call Mamma for help. Mauli takes the mask off and hugs the girls. She spots the photo lying on the floor. Mishti says its Pari’s father’s photo. Dida calls Mauli outside for Pooja. Mauli leaves the room before looking at the photo.
During the Pooja, Mishti and Pari hold the thaal together for aarti. Afterwards, Ishaan offers them tasty Prasad and runs with the plate while the girls chase him. Mauli then distributes the Prasad. At the dining table, Pari asks if her father didn’t call yet. Mauli says he didn’t, but he will surely call when he finds out Pari was here. Pari was upset. Mauli notices her off mood. Ishaan asks if this isn’t tasty. Mauli asks what Pari likes to eat? Pari says she likes Cheese Pasta, she doesn’t eat Indian food. Mauli promises to make any Indian food Pari likes. Pari says she only likes a single Indian food, kheer. Mauli was distressed by the past, her memories with Nandini. Mishti didn’t recognize the name of the dish. She leaves the table to prepare kheer. Mamma comes to kitchen to help Mauli. Mauli was stressed and spills the milk. Mamma requests Mauli to go inside, she will cook the kheer; Mauli hasn’t cooked it for six years. She doesn’t want Mauli to think about anything of her past. Mauli asks Mamma not to be tensed at all, the memories of a man who doubted her pregnancy and denied her pregnancy can never distress her. Her Mishti needed her father but he wasn’t there. Mishti is even unaware of her father’s name. Even if he comes to her, she won’t be affected.
Kunal reaches the Summer Camp and calls Pari. The guard runs to Kunal and says kids have gone home. Kunal grabs the collar of the guard asking about his daughter, she is new to this country and is unaware of anything here. The guard shares the details of Ishaan and Mauli who had taken Pari home.
On the table, everyone clatter the plates with the spoon. Mauli brings the hot kheer for everyone. Ishaan claims to finish the whole bowl. They enjoy the kheer together. Pari thanks Mauli complementing kheer to be yummy. Mishti asks Mauli if she cooked this kheer, it’s not good at all. Everyone was silent at once. Mishti laughs that it’s too good. Mauli comes to tickle Mishti and cuddles her.
Kunal was stressed and apologetic to Pari. He dials Ishaan’s number in worry.
Mauli notices Pari looked upset and offers her a hug. Pari comes to Mauli and was happy to get the cuddling. Mishti joins Pari. Mauli now tickles playfully. The girls run away. Ishaan joins the game.
Ishaan’s phone was ringing nearby. Mauli asks him to pick up the call, its ringing. Ishaan was busy playing.

PRECAP: Mauli and Kunal pass by each other at a restaurant entrance. Both sense the presence and turns to face each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Now i am sure show will not run for long, as now theme is totally changed… And pari and misty dooo tooo much over acting: either they don’t get expressions and expressions are forced on them or they are like this…

    1. No, I think this show is not going to end soon. There is really a lot of twists and drama to come. This new track is great.. I hope Ishaan and Mauli will be together now, Kunal doesn’t deserve Mauli. But it is possible if TRP is low and CVs have no ideas that this show ends. But it is really good now and interesting.

  2. Now now
    Don’t think gonna forgive kunal and give him mauli please… She’s a self esteemed woman don’t give her that cheater

  3. This photo sequence reminds of tge beginning of the show where similarly mouli used to hide nandini’s photo from kunal… I wish the show woukd air earlier because i really want to watch ut but it is too late in the night… Anyways, i enjoyed reading the update. The past still haunts mouli but she has also moved on quite a bit. I want to know also about ishaan’s family. I hope ishaan and mouli get married and through ishaan’s family we get to see how society treats/should treat divorcees marrying second time with their children. There is still lot of shame associated with it, and i hope the show deals with that instead of dragging in kunal uneccessarily. If nandini was still alive, i would have liked to see how kunal/nandini are continuing in their lives (hopefully suffering once the lust subsides) or ever realising what they did to mouli. But now as a single father, i dont want kunal back in mouli’s life. It seems kunal left the country soon after marrying nandini. What was the need for returning now. Smh!!

  4. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    … and “slap” 😠 … see, this is what Kunal shud get from Mauli at first meeting after he doubted her and left her for her best friend 😠

    I hope she accepts Ishaan’s proposal 👍

  5. this is exactly like kasam except its tanu and abhishek here its ishaan and mauli

    1. Yes and hopefully this time it ends with ishaan getting picked

  6. I think pari n mishti will bring kunal n mauli together becos of there bond as sisters. Abit like swaragini and if the show goes well it will b abt the two sisters n how they grow up together etc etc and mauli being a mother to two of them

  7. The writer should show us how the loyal sun and grandson kunal was left them , and being such cruel by leaving them with the woman who hasn’t trust any more . And the great father for pari after coming back from where he went why didn’t ask for his close relatives for once . What a meaning of love that this selfish man given .He loved only one woman and now their child and nothing else . Day by day I hate this character more .I hope the writer wont give him another chance.

  8. Nandini might have died of guilt like the heroines friend dies in bodyguard and the rest of the part they will drag and i dont want mauli to be with kunal again cuz he dont deserve it.the children can act though they r cute everything looks so fake.

  9. Why so much importance to daughter of characterless woman?we know kids are innocent but still we don’t like pari as she reminds everyone of nandini. Though nandini died but pari is there to behave like nandini which is wrong. Misti must get more attention than pari but here same story repeats like mauli nandini.and same way pari is getting more attention. I dn understand makers are mad or just want to give imp to bad woman and her daughter. That’s why now don’t like pari also as she looks like nandini. And nandini always got more imp than mauli why this injustice to mauli and her daughter?nandini daughter can’t be like pari and laxmi …just misty deserves everything not pari. Let pari live with her papa alone and unite mauli ishan misty.

    1. It’s wrong yaar………how could you blame a child for her mother’s did

  10. i noticed the child actor for mishti says her lines in one go. no full stop, no comma. Its like she knows these are my lines now and i will tell them in one breath. I suppose the child actors were chosen because mishti looks a little like mouli and pari looks a little like nandini…
    I know many are saying this track is like Kasam’s or even Kumkum Bhagya is following a similar track. But in both those serials, the couple separated based on some misunderstanding but still loved each other. Here the situation is different. Kunal didn’t have any feelings or trust on Mouli by the end, running after another woman. And mouli didn’t try to stop Kunal nor did she sat crying like a bechari wife nor she still cherishes those memories. Mouli has really moved on. i dont feel this track is similar to those shows, and i am really hopeful that Ishaan and Mouli will end up together and Kunal will never find a way back to Mouli’s life. With what face will Kunal come back? He wanted to spend every life with Nandini right, let him wait till his next birth.

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