Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunal in his old apartment

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 6th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli smiles at Ishaan while he stood in front of the mirror. He turns to look behind himself, Mauli wasn’t there. He decides that this time he won’t apologize, its Mauli who must say sorry.
Mauli was in the clinic, distressed about Ishaan’s behavior. A postman brings flowers to Mauli. She smiles wide. The phone bell rings, Mauli abruptly takes the call and says thankyou so much for the flowers, these are her favorite lilies and she knew she will get them. Mauli was at once tensed and asks if Kunal sent them. Kunal sense the tension in her voice and asks in a serious tone if she is having an affair. He then laughs that it was a joke, then tells her to come home soon. Mauli says she is a little busy and will talk to him while back home.
Mishti and Pari come to Kunal

and requests him to take them for ice cream. Kunal says Pari has a fever, she can’t have ice cream. Pari agrees she won’t have ice cream and will only watch Mishti eat ice cream. Kunal offers to get Pari some hot chocolate. Pari exclaims cheerfully that it’s perfect Buddy. Kunal says this Buddy is a cool name, he will also ask his own daughter to call him with this name. The girls were shocked, then takes Kunal for ice cream parlor.
In the ice cream parlor, Kunal asks Pari and Mishti to leave. Mishti wonders how they will convince Kunal to come to his old house now. Pari requests Kunal to take her to her friend’s place, she missed school for the past two days and has to do her homework. Mishti says they can lead him to their friend’s house. Kunal wonders how they know the way and thinks about calling Ishaan. Pari says they lived in the same building prior to shifting to their new house, they know the way. Kunal says alright, but if mislead he will bring them back.
Radhika returns home and asks Pramilla about the girls. Pramilla says the girls went outside with Kunal. She panics and calls Mauli. Mauli was also tensed and goes to find Kunal.
Kunal drives the girls to apartment. Mauli hires a cab out of her hospital. Kunal’s car reaches the apartments. The girls head to run inside. Kunal tells them to stay here while he parks the car. Mauli was tensed that where Mishti and Pari have taken Kunal. Pari forbids Mishti to pick up the call, their plan might flop if Mauli scolds them. Mishti anyways pick up the call. Mauli was tensed and asks where they have taken Kunal. Mishti says they brought Kunal to Pari’s house so that he can recall everything. Mauli scolds Mishti and tells him to bring Kunal back home right now. Pari snatches the phone from Mishti and says they must not abide by Mauli. They run inside.
Kunal asks the guard about the girls. The guard replies the girls have gone to his house on third floor. Kunal comes there through life and reaches the door of the apartment. He gets flashes from his past with Nandini. He peeks into the apartment cautiously calling Pari and Mishti inside. He opens the door of the apartment. The girls were hiding behind a sofa. Kunal recalls his memories with Nandini in the house. Kunal’s head bangs out of stress, he wonders what’s happening to him. Who is it in his memories?

PRECAP: Mauli reached behind Kunal to the apartment. Kunal walks ahead. His photo with Nandini hung on the wall aside.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Kunal and Mauli are a happily married couple who love one another very much
    Then, Mauli being a good best friend, helps her friend Nandini who is in an abusive marriage and keeps her at her house
    Nandini and Kunal start to fall for each other
    Kunal picks Nandini over Mauli, leaves the country and settles down with Nandini

    Years later, Mauli had mishti who is Kunals daughter and Kunal and Nandini have a daughter pari. As Nandini is dying, she NOW wants kunal and mauli together and tells pari everything and tells her to make them a couple again (like kuch kuch hota hai)
    Kunal comes back to India, tries to help Mauli settle down with Ishaan

    When Mauli finally agrees to marry Ishaan (who has always loved her and has helped her with everything)… Kunal suddenly loses his memory and everyone is forced to act like the last something years never happened. everyone (kunals fam) is being selfish.

    Kya bakwas hain? we all know mauli and kunal are going to end up together and it is SO stupid. I hate when movies and shows do this. I understand you should follow your heart but going back to a person who LEFT YOU for SOMEONE ELSE is not smart… its STUPIDITY. If he/she can do it once, then they can do it again!

  2. The writer must make kunal have a choke not to make pari plan successful to make pari not do what she want without older permission and to make pari knowing that the daughter must take her mom in her congratulations and not ignoring them

    He ditched his wife for her best friend? I think that was cruel and heartless.
    At that point of the serial Kunal was thinking with the head in his pants not with the one on his shoulders. He got weak once he can get weak again. Mauli needs someone stable and with no emotional baggage Like Ishaan.

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