Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti’s plan with Veer

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti comes to Veer’s office and knocks at the door. He stands from his seat to drag the chair for her. He offers her coffee or tea, then orders his assistant to bring everything he had already ordered. Mishti asks Veer if he would come over. Veer was reluctant. Mishti says Veer must meet her, if not at home then outside. They must meet each day from now on, and he is aware of the reasons. She tells Veer that the book of her life is a new one now, it holds none of the leafs from their past. But she needs Veer’s help to fill it with the moments for future. She asks Veer about the legal papers for FIR. Veer says he sent them by courier, and gave Rohan’s number as alternative contact.

Sukhmani was frustrated by her own packing of five shoe pairs for two day long vacations. She assembles the house again, annoyed over Arnav for messing up the house. Radhika comes to meet Sukhmani and asks if her trip wasn’t good. Sukhmani says she is just frustrated of the chaos. Sukhmani sits with Radhika and tells her about her trip and resort details.

In the office, Mishti tells Veer this is very important. Rohan will get the courier and would surely consider Veer as the culprit of her kidnapping as well. Veer accepts it was his and his parent’s mistake; but whatever Mishti has decided is a big matter. Mishti says she has taken the step very thoughtfully. Mishti gets a call from the courier service. She says he must give the courier at home, to Rohan only. The assistant serves a tray filled with Mishti’s favorite, but Mishti says she would have all this sometime later. She takes a leave. Veer nods with a smile.

Sukhmani tells Radhika about her two new male friends. Radhika tells her to get some brains. Sukhmani advocates they live in freedom, and what’s the right age for all this. There are restrictions in the teens, and a hundred ways of protecting their grace and respect during youth; and no book mentions an age limit for having an affair and being flirtatious. She instead offers Radhika to join her next time. Radhika joins her hands to Sukhmani and says she is happy the way she is. Sukhmani tells Radhika she even met Rohan there. Radhika was taken aback, as Rohan had said that he had to shoot in the studio and might stay there. Sukhmani tells Radhika that Rohan had a shoot there, may be Radhika heard wrong.

Pari opens the door for courier, then calls Rohan to the door. Rohan takes the courier and wonders why Pari didn’t take the courier. He reads it were legal documents of Mishti from the police station and was shocked to read them. He thinks this means if Veer and his parents got her kidnapped, and wonders why Mishti didn’t share it with him. Why Mishti withdrew her case and didn’t share the details with him as well. He recalls Mishti was disturbed last night at Veer’s call. He was thoughtful about the layers in this case. Mishti gets the call from Rohan. She alerts Veer to be cautious. Veer promises to help Mishti and assures he won’t break this promise.

Rohan leaves the apartment amidst rain. Mishti doesn’t not attend his call and cuts the call repeatedly. She gets into the car and leaves. Rohan reaches Veer’s office. He was furious, shouts over Veer and grabs his collar. He questions how dare Veer got her kidnapped, and if he is now threatening her to withdraw her case. He tells Veer that the goons could have done anything, they could have hurt her and even raped her. Veer pushes Rohan away and says he didn’t pressurized Mishti, his parents did and he even apologized Mishti. Mishti has forgiven his parents herself. It was his mistake, maybe he was wrong. Mishti withdrew the case by herself, and he hadn’t forced her. Rohan charges over Veer once again. Veer tells him to go and ask Mishti about it, she will tell him the truth. Veer says Mishti is only afraid, because Rohan might dislike what’s true. The security guard takes Rohan outside.

Pari was busy at the venue. Mishti reaches the venue and thinks Pari has completed all the arrangements. Pari shares the details of arrangements but Mishti says she has done everything already and its perfect. She gets some papers signed by Pari, and thinks she has named her company shares after Pari and Ansh. Its Pari’s performance that made the decision easy for her. Her family will now be financially stable and only then they will be able to move on in life. She gets a call from Rohan but apologizes that she is busy in a meeting and can’t meet at this time.

PRECAP: Rohan was close to Mishti and asks why she has gone distant from him, her place is in his arms. Mishti turns around and was shocked to see Pari.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. This is so predictable… Mishti is going to use Veer to make Ruhaan believe that she is with him (with Veer) again! Disgusting….

  2. Geeti

    This show makes absolutely no sense ?

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