Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli and Kunal spend time with Pari

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on
Kunal looks away from Mauli while she withdraws herself. She explains she was cooking soup.. And takes the bowl. Kunal wanted to speak to her but Pari calls Mauli in. In the room, Mauli asks Pari how is the soup. Pari says it’s really yummy, she may make it daily. Mauli says if this means Pari would never eat junk food. Pari says no, she wants French fries as well. Kunal comes to the room and smiles watching Pari. Pari says Mauli cooked a yummy soup for her, even her fever vanished. She asks Kunal to try a spoon. Kunal asks what will happen of a super man with a single spoon, it’s for Pari and she must finish it. He thanks Mauli for coming over to take care of Pari. Mauli nods. Kunal gets a call from Mamma and comes out of the room. Mamma was concerned for Pari. Kunal says Pari is

really happy, she got better watching Mauli there. He was appreciative of her big heart. She is heartily taking care of Pari, and it doesn’t appear if Pari had fever. Mamma was happy as an ailing child always needs a mother, its good Mauli went there.
Dida came behind Mamma and hear the conversation.
Outside, Kunal thanks Mauli for all this favor, even after whatever he had done to her. Mauli says its ok, she had to come.
Dida asks Mamma where Mauli is. Mamma replies that Mauli went to meet Pari, and Kunal says Pari is perfectly fine now. Dida wish Mamma could see with her lenses. Mauli still stands at the verge of jumping into trouble for herself. Mamma assures that Mauli and Kunal have moved on in their lives. Dida says this is half true. Kunal has moved on in life, but Mauli still stands 6 years ago. Mamma asks if her engagement with Ishaan isn’t enough to prove Mauli also moved on. Dida says they aren’t yet married.
Mauli explains to Kunal that Ishaan sent her here, without his help and support she could never do this. Kunal says he is happy for Mauli that she got a caring man like Ishaan, he is the real one for her. He says Mauli must be getting late, he is here and even Mishti must be waiting for her. Pari comes to request Mauli to stay for a while, and play with her. Kunal insists that Mauli has to leave, and Pari is unwell and can’t play. Mauli tells Pari to rest the whole day, and take a sleep. Pari insists for a single game, afterwards she will listen to whatever Mauli asks her. She takes Mauli’s hand and goes inside.
Dida tells Mamma if Mauli had moved on, she must not have taken years to agree marrying Ishaan. These emotions make homes and these destroy homes as well.
Kunal, Mauli and Pari played Ludo. Kunal was offensive that snake again beat him. He tells Pari he sits at the wrong place. Pari says alright, even by switching places he will be in the same position of game.
At home, Dida was watching a serial loud. Mishti comes to ask about her Mama, she is late. She decides to make a call and speak to Mama. Mamma says Mauli must be driving, she left clinic a while ago. Mishti insists on calling.
Kunal cheats Ludo through cheating. Mauli caught his cheating while Pari chants Kunal as cheater. Mauli recalls Kunal’s earlier betrayal. Kunal notices Mauli appeared disturbed. She gets a call from Mishti. Mishti asks where she is, she has been missing her. Mauli promises to be home soon and give her a teddy hug. Mishti asks if she is leaving clinic. Mauli tells Mishti she is on a home visit at a patient’s house. Mishti was upset as she cuts the call.
Mauli takes a leave from Kunal and Pari, she turns to leave after giving a kiss to Pari. Pari follows Mauli outside, she holds her hand. Kunal also came over. Kunal asks Pari to let Mauli leave, she is getting late. Pari says she is ready to share her buddy; can Mishti also share her mama? Mauli and Kunal look towards each other clueless of any replies.

PRECAP: Mishti questions Mauli where she had been and why she returned so late. Mauli says she was for a home visit at a patient’s house. Mishti wanted to know whose house? Mauli replies she was at Pari’s place.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I wish show must have ended the way bepanaha ended, though they ended suddenly, but it should also, as now nothing is left in show, its just repeating… Now show is 100% not silsila badalte rishton ka anymore…. Its making daughters uniting parents as always mostly show do….

  2. Mouli and Kunal deserve each other….because mouli is even worse than Nandini…she has no respect for her own daughter… ! (How easily she is forgiving a man who disowned the same Mishti…and left her and married and slept with the same Nandini whose words is now apparently sacred….what foolishness? Please give Ishaan a respectful exit from the show and let the sickos unite. I used to be a huge mouli fan….but the writers ruined her and made her disgusting.i mean no disrespect to any fans here….just expressing my views.

    1. Feeling the same.
      She didn’t learn the lesson last time, repeating the same mistake over again with her daughter this time. Putting someone’s else child feelings above her own. Pari at least have good memories from her mother and lived with her till age 3 but mishti never had this luxury and got hurt knowing her father left them and is busy being someone else dad all because of these 2 cheaters.
      One video recording from nandini and pari’s sweet talk made her forgot what kunal made her go through, what mishti asked her and commitment she made with ishaan.
      If she goes back with him, no word will be enough to describe hate for her. She will be shamless, despo, idiot who deserves to be cheated.

  3. Pls put n end to this show…. disgusting twist n turns…… mauli is looking like a fool……..

  4. I watched today’s episode too, and i am going to give a brief summary before my comment:
    Mouli and Kunal decide not to meet further and manage to pacify both Mishti and Pari separately. But then Mouli keeps thinking about her day with Kunal and has a dream where she is getting close to Kunal. Next morning, there is an emergency call about earthquake in Gujarat. Mouli leaves and finds Kunal there too upon arrival. Pari, alone in her home, is praying to God to fulfill Nandini’s wish and make Mouli her mother too somehow. Finally, in the precap, Ishaan’s mother is introduced and from her facial expressions, i have a strong feeling that she will be completely opposite to Kunal’s family and wont be supporting a working woman DIL.
    You know, this happens in reality. Even if a woman is left by her husband, she still isn’t able to forget him completely and accepts him back the first chance she gets. Then there are couples who come together for the sake of their children. (If Kunal ever accepts Mouli back it will be only for Pari because clearly he has no feelings for Mouli as a person.) This happens and people try to give their lives a fresh start… but you know what else happens in reality? People move on. People find new partners and spouses and happily continue their lives. People learn from their mistakes and dont foolishly continue trusting the person who broke them completely once… Both sets of reality exist. And its the writers choice what they want to show through their work. The second reality provides positive motivation and encouragement, shows how to move on despite one’s past, to emerge stronger and happier. The first one is just stewing in its own mistake for eternity.
    So why are the writers hell bent on uniting Mouli and Kunal? They have explicitly established that Kunal and Nandini are a couple blessed by God, their love is pure and eternal and Kunal has feelings for no other woman except Nandini. Since his return, he has not once expressed regret for leaving mouli. Then why reunite them? Do they want to show that Mouli can never move on from Kunal and will accept whatever piece of him she can lay her hands on? That she is a blind woman fated to love Kunal forever but never have happiness of her own? I am not saying Mouli should marry Ishaan just because he gave three years of his life to her. If she is not ready, there is no need to. But what is this fixation with Kunal? Why those wide eyed stares and tears whenever Kunal comes close? It is so clear that Mouli wants Kunal to be jealous and gets a little disappointed when Kunal praises Ishaan.
    Then there are Mishti and Pari. The writers invest scene after scene showing Pari alone and crying, holding Nandini’s pic. She is praying to God for Mouli and suddenly wants her as mother while high voltage music plays in the background. Yeah, her situation is very very sad and little Pari deserves happiness. But Nandini was selfish in wishing Mouli to be saddled with this responsibility and i dont understand why any God will want to fulfill that selfish wish. And why not show the pain Mishti is going through? Why not show scenes with Mishti infront of god and praying to have Ishaan as father? If Pari’s wishes come true, Mishti will suffer. God has no regard for either Mishti or Mouli, or Ishaan for that matter, and only Nandini and Pari’s wishes are important?
    I feel the writers started with Kunal, Mouli and Nandini as the leads and it was supposed to be their story. But Drasthi left midway and now the writers dont want to push Kunal to the background. Neither do they want to show Kunal as negative. So they have deiced to make it Kunal and Mouli’s story now, but sorry that wont work in ANY WAY. Mouli and Kunal will never be a convincing couple again. The makers should have tried to retain Drashti. and now they should have the guts to move the story beyond Kunal. Maybe they had something else in mind with Nandini still alive, and they dont know what to do post leap. If that is so, just end the serial. I wanted to watch this show just to see Mouli’s strength, growth and happiness. I wanted to see a modern woman balancing her professional and personal life, and finding a man who loves her for who she is. Ishaan is perfect in that respect. But Mouli herself wants only Kunal.
    I mean come on. This is the same guy who said Mouli had surely insulted and scolded Nandini because of which she ran away (when Rajdeep kidnapped Nandini). This is the same guy who said Mouli was lying about her pregnancy. This is the same guy who three days back blamed Mouli for ‘hiding’ her pregnancy. This is the same guy who said ‘have you said something wrong about me because of which Mishti is so angry at me?’ and Ishaan had to clarify that Mouli would never do something like that. This is the guy who has zero trust on Mouli and questions her on every step and Mouli cant stop drooling over him. Great.
    Self-respect: -100
    Idiocracy: 1000
    There was a time when i thought i will never hate any fictional character as much as i hate Nandini and Kunal. But what do you know, Mouli might soon join that list. I will still watch a few more episodes but will comment rarely now. This show doesnt deserve so much of time and emotions from its viewers. It is only interested in showing crap every episode and sing ‘Silsila…’ whenever Mouli and Kunal are together on screen. slow claps…

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