Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 4th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Pari knows about Kunal’s conviction

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 4th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radhika asks why Kunal is doing this. Mahek says it’s because of Mishti, Mishti wish Mauli to marry Ishaan. Mishti told secret wish to Santa Clause of Christmas party, and the Santa was none other than Kunal. They are planning everything with Ishaan for him to win Mauli’s heart all over again. Radhika regrets misunderstanding her son and not allowing him to attend his father’s Pooja. She was thankful to Mahek and decides to speak to Kunal about the matter.
The next morning, Mauli and Mishti come to a decoration shop together. Mishti was mesmerized looking around at home decorations. She likes a pair of stuffed toys and wants to buy a doll. Mauli sends Mishti to choose one for herself. After a while, Mauli looks around but Mishti wasn’t there anymore. She looks behind her to find Ishaan smiling. Mishti also appears from behind. Ishaan runs from the shop as Mauli was inattentive. Mauli asks Mishti to leave now, Ishaan is here and she doesn’t want to speak to him. Mishti was excited about Ishaan but they can’t find him.
At home, Kunal just poured omelet when Mahek returns home. He says it was first day of her job, why she returned home so early. Radhika came with Mahek, she comes to Kunal and apologizes for misunderstanding him. Kunal says his past acts shattered their trust over him, he can only assure he never wished to hurt them. Later, they sat together. Radhika asks Kunal if he is doing everything for Mauli. Kunal says he is only helping Ishaan. Radhika asks what the need is to degrade himself in Mauli’s eyes. Kunal says he understands Mauli hasn’t moved ahead of her life yet, she was not able to love Ishaan for the same reason. If she has to love Ishaan, she must hate him (Kunal).
Ishaan was indulged with a few girls. Mauli cautiously watch him, he winks towards Mauli and smiles. Mishti now runs to Mauli. Ishaan switch places with another sales attendant. Mauli tells Mishti that Ishaan is still here, we must leave. Mishti asks where is Popsy and goes towards the sales person. Mauli was apologetic and confused over her illusions. Mishti winks at Ishaan, kiss his cheek and follow Mauli outside.
Kunal tells Radhika he hurt Mauli a lot. Mauli deserves someone as loving as Ishaan. Ishaan even loves his daughter so well. Radhika tells Kunal that Mauli has made the decision, she won’t marry him now.
Ishaan crosses path with Mauli. She follows him but couldn’t spot him anywhere in the shop.
Kunal and Mahek were taken aback hearing the demands of Ishaan’s mother. How can Mauli and specially Mishti cut off from her Mamma and Dida? Radhika says Mauli won’t leave them, she didn’t even mention the reasons. Sandhya told her about it in hospital. Mauli has decided not to marry Ishaan. Kunal stands up determined, he says he will leave no stone unturned until this marriage takes place.
In the evening, Mahek shares with Kunal that Sandhya’s demand is ridiculous, it was a masterstroke. Mauli will never leave her family. Mahek suggests about speaking to Ishaan, she dials his number but Kunal says they can’t share it with Ishaan. What if Ishaan goes to argue with his mom? Mauli won’t accept Ishaan if he goes to her after fighting with his mom. Mauli holds family really important. He left his family but Mauli stood with them, for Mauli family would always win against personal choice.
At night, Pari wakes up for water. She hears Kunal and Mahek’s conversation. Kunal was saying that he must fulfil Mishti’s wish to bring Ishaan and Mauli close. Mahek asks what about Pari? Kunal says Mishti is extremely disturbed because of Popsy’s absence. She might again become problematic child. What he promised Pari was impossible, but he has noticed changes in Mishti’s behavioral patterns, she is more peaceful now with changed attitude towards Mauli and Pari. He can’t risk her going anti-social once again. Pari was upset as she hears this.

PRECAP: In the morning, Mahek asks Pari why she is upset. Pari tells Mahek she heard the last night conversation and knows that her Buddy cares for Mishti’s wish more.

Update Credit to: Sona

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