Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 3rd June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti has a nightmare about Rohan

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 3rd June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti calls Rohan and complains he is late, she will count till 20 and if Rohan doesn’t reach, he is finished. Rohan smiles and stops his car behind her, then says he might not be able to reach as he is stuck in a lot of traffic. Mishti was offended. Rohan says he didn’t give any deadlines, she did. Mishti asks what he wants to say. Rohan says exactly what he craves to listen. Mishti turns to see Rohan behind her. He says he has been long awaiting this moment, she shouldn’t do it at least now.

Veer appears from behind Rohan with an iron rod in his hand. Mishti watches him approach Rohan. He hits the back of Rohan’s head with the rod. Mishti screams Rohan! Rohan loses his balance and fell on the floor. Mishti runs towards Rohan. Veer stops her and says she broke his heart because of Rohan. She can’t be anyone’s if not his. Mishti struggles to get rid of him, Rohan might die. Veer drags her away with him anyway.

Mishti wakes up from a dream. She runs into Rohan’s room through the balcony. Rohan wasn’t inside. She goes outside into the lounge and looks around the house. She wonders why she got such a dream, she can’t wait and must meet Rohan now. Rohan was at a coffee shop and takes her call at once. Mishti says they must tell Veer about their relation, anyhow we should. Arnav said already that there was a proposal for Veer. Rohan agrees, and says they can go in the evening after meeting. Mishti says she has a meeting in the evening, she will meet him near Bandra.
Pari speaks to Radhika on phone. Radhika says she is at Arnav’s place, Tani has left; she didn’t know Sukhmani could also get into depression. Pari says she just came home for a file and needed coffee from her hand. Anyways, she is now leaving home. There was a door bell after the call. Pari turns around and hits her foot with a step, her nail bleeds. She hops towards the door. It was Rohan, at once concerned for Mishti’s bleeding nail. He picks her in his arms, and does dressing of her nail. Pari thinks about telling Rohan, but then makes up that it’s so hot in Mumbai. Radhika comes there and was worried. Pari replies she is accident prone, and get anything. Radhika tells her to look ahead while walking. Pari mocks that she was looking ahead, not on her feet. Rohan brings a glass of water for Pari, while coffee for Pari. Pari says she has no time to have this coffee, she needs to go for meeting. Rohan laughs and reminds her about her injury. He tells her to call Mishti to look after the work. Pari says none of her bones were fractured, it was only a broken nail. Rohan says alright, she can rest for some time only. Pari agrees. Rohan suggests about a terrace party together at night. Radhika watches them keenly, then wonders if what she is saying is true. Rohan cleans Pari’s mouth with a handkerchief, and jokes that it’s her mouth. They laugh together. Rohan gets a call from Mishti and takes a leave.

Naina tries to stop Veer but he insists he won’t meet any girl. He just had a breakup. Arnav comes to give Veer a file. Veer says he has a few meetings, he will have them outside office today. Arnav leaves. Some neighbors stop by Naina and asks if Veer was drunk last night. They are really sad about Veer’s breakup, but it’s heard that Veer has some problems. Naina denies any such thing, and says Mishti was a greedy gold digger. The neighbors say that a lot of people are accusing Veer to be a gay. Veer heard this conversation. He comes out of the car and offers to take her daughter, Nisha on date. The problem was in his fiancé, not him.

Rohan was in the car, waiting for Mishti. Veer stops his car around. He gets a message from Rohan and fixes a meeting at 7pm. Mishti looked tensed. She tells Rohan about her nightmare. She says every dream has a message and meaning, she is extremely tensed. Rohan says everything will be fine soon. Mishti was afraid. Rohan takes her into a hug. Veer spots Mishti in a hug with a guy.

PRECAP: Radhika tells Sukhmani that Pari and Rohan like each other. Veer comes out of his apartments with a bat and breaks the glass of car. Naina tells Rohan that Mishti created all the mess, she has left only tensions for Veer.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Hii i watched this serial after really a looong time, can anyone tell me how did mauli, kunal and ishaan died like what happened to them plzz….I’m really curious to know?

    1. There was a FB of Radhika. When Ansh was little, Mauli and Kunal had to attend a medical conference and Ishaan accompanied Mauli. Their plane crashed and everyone died. So far that’s all that has been revealed. Later, Radhika brought the kids up. Why Ishaan’s family wasn’t involved or anything else hasn’t been revealed. 🙂

  2. Y do not u write updates for Sab TV serials as well. I wanted to get the updates of Aladdin season 2. please if possible write updates for that too….

  3. @Reena…They all died….How and where not sure… And now their kids are continuing the story line… nandini kunal daughter pari… mauli kunal daughter mishti and mauli ishan son ansh…

  4. Thanks for answering and replying me ……?

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