Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Nandini chat with each other on phone

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli tastes the kheer and complements it to be really tasty. She says she had surprised Nandini, how she cooked kheer then? Nandini replies she cooked it by the way.
Outside, Kunal notices calls from Mauli and decides to call him. Mauli cheers watching the call. She tells him that she is having kheer made by Nandini, jealous? Kunal says he is returning from Pune’s conference? Mauli was happy and asks why he even left? After the call, Mauli claims her love to be a true one. She asks Nandini to let her go home as Kunal will soon be back. Nandini gives her the kheer as everyone home will like it. Mauli was sure Kunal is going to be crazy.
At night, Kunal lay in the bed awake. He thinks about near to being caught at Nandini’s place. There, Nandini was thinking about Kunal’s confessions. She decides to text him but rejects the idea as Kunal must be asleep. Kunal comes out of bed and eats the kheer. He texts Nandini that kheer is tasty. Both enjoy chatting with each other.
The next morning, Nandini was preparing Rangoli at her home. She sends Kunal a text of Good Morning, Greetings for Janmashtmi. What she should cook today, would he like Panjeeri? He already had Kheer yesterday. Would he go to hospital? Kunal was in washroom. Mauli was intrigued at the continuous messages on his phone. Kunal calls her to check the phone but soon realizes it might be Nandini. He hurries outside and before Mauli could unlock the cell phone he snatches it, explaining it might be the reports of a patient who was critical. Mauli tells him to relax, its Janmashtmi and only a good news would come today.
Dida and Molly prepared the sweet. Mamma was decorating the idol. Mauli says only one thing is missing, Nandini could have prepared a Rangoli as well. Dida says she called Nandini to come here, what would she do there at home? Kunal comes out ready, Mauli whistles. Dida asks Kunal to call Nandini on speaker? Kunal was worried and asks why? Mauli says its Dida’s order, that’s it.
Nandini was confused about selecting the right dress. She takes Kunal’s call and says Dida invited her to Janmashtmi. She feels really tensed even at the thought of… Kunal interrupts saying Dida is here with him and wants to speak to her. Dida was worried and asks Nandini if she felt tensed? She must come here soon before 3 pm. Afterwards, Kunal texts Nandini apologizing for the call. He tells her to wear her favorite red saree. Nandini smiles and dresses up accordingly.
Everyone was busy with preparations. Kunal was continuously busy on phone. Dida asks him to call Nandini. The doorbell rings then, it was Nandini standing in her red saree. Kunal didn’t blink for once. Mauli comes from behind.

PRECAP: Mauli takes Nandini’s hand. Both walk inside the house behind Kunal.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Kunal and nandini both look so stupid with each other. It’s not a good role for shakti arora.i liked him very much in Mari ashiqui…but I didn’t like this role and nandini looks so cheap and vulgar in Saree.the way she wears Saree and blouse pattern .I don’t like Kunal nandini scenes just waiting for mauli’s reaction and hope she leaves kunal and nandini. Mauli is the best.mauli looks so simple and beautiful and pious but nandini looks so cheap..I dn understand which word I should use for her.

  2. Hi guys I am seeing so much of hatredness towards this serial….. Cool guys it’s just a serial also are they showing something which wasn’t shown till now in any movie or in real life… I feel this is much better than saas bahu nonsence… the track has been just started so why to come to conclusions? Also there is remote option in our hands you are always free to change the channel!!! Why should they ban the serial ?? Hardly it is 2 months serial started we really don’t know the whole plot ..

  3. Ashani Uresha

    Don’t be so good specially friends!!

  4. What they should’ve shown was that Kunal and nandini despite confessing love still decide to remain faithful to mauli and gradually mauli figures out what’s going on between them and bring them together with her blessings cuz she realizes it’s no use to live with a husband who loves someone else

    1. I agree samzan, oratleast Kunal should have told the truth to mauli, so it’s up to her to decide, dono what nonscene shit are yet to come in future episodes,

  5. bullshit show

  6. What the hell is happening here. aap log kyun yeh baath nahi jaante ho. emos toh emos hota hai. isse haasil karna muskil hai and you are speaking ill of nandini right. first tell me onething kunal was loving her whole heartedly ? yes or no. he cannot control his own emos for nandini when he had his own wife? yes r no. when nandhini knew she is suffering from emos of kunal, she wants to get out of their life as it will be disloyal to mauli? yes r no. it was Kunal who could not get nandhini go out of her life. he loves her dearly at first. he was the one who dont call the electric man so that nandhini cannot shift to her new home. when nandhini was threatened by rajdeep , she feels to leave the city. it was kunal who stopped her and confessed his love to nandhini. REMEMBER NANDHINI HAS FAILURE IN HER LIFE. BUT SHE IS NOT INTENTIONALLY LOVE KUNAL FOR CICUMSTANCES CREATE KUNAL AND NANDHINI TO FALL FOR EACH OTHER.

    i dont have any objection with the writer or the characters played by the actors.

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