Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 31st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Nandini chat with each other on phone

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 31st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli tastes the kheer and complements it to be really tasty. She says she had surprised Nandini, how she cooked kheer then? Nandini replies she cooked it by the way.
Outside, Kunal notices calls from Mauli and decides to call him. Mauli cheers watching the call. She tells him that she is having kheer made by Nandini, jealous? Kunal says he is returning from Pune’s conference? Mauli was happy and asks why he even left? After the call, Mauli claims her love to be a true one. She asks Nandini to let her go home as Kunal will soon be back. Nandini gives her the kheer as everyone home will like it. Mauli was sure Kunal is going to be crazy.
At night, Kunal lay in the bed awake. He thinks about near to being caught at Nandini’s place. There, Nandini was thinking about Kunal’s confessions. She decides to text him but rejects the idea as Kunal must be asleep. Kunal comes out of bed and eats the kheer. He texts Nandini that kheer is tasty. Both enjoy chatting with each other.
The next morning, Nandini was preparing Rangoli at her home. She sends Kunal a text of Good Morning, Greetings for Janmashtmi. What she should cook today, would he like Panjeeri? He already had Kheer yesterday. Would he go to hospital? Kunal was in washroom. Mauli was intrigued at the continuous messages on his phone. Kunal calls her to check the phone but soon realizes it might be Nandini. He hurries outside and before Mauli could unlock the cell phone he snatches it, explaining it might be the reports of a patient who was critical. Mauli tells him to relax, its Janmashtmi and only a good news would come today.
Dida and Molly prepared the sweet. Mamma was decorating the idol. Mauli says only one thing is missing, Nandini could have prepared a Rangoli as well. Dida says she called Nandini to come here, what would she do there at home? Kunal comes out ready, Mauli whistles. Dida asks Kunal to call Nandini on speaker? Kunal was worried and asks why? Mauli says its Dida’s order, that’s it.
Nandini was confused about selecting the right dress. She takes Kunal’s call and says Dida invited her to Janmashtmi. She feels really tensed even at the thought of… Kunal interrupts saying Dida is here with him and wants to speak to her. Dida was worried and asks Nandini if she felt tensed? She must come here soon before 3 pm. Afterwards, Kunal texts Nandini apologizing for the call. He tells her to wear her favorite red saree. Nandini smiles and dresses up accordingly.
Everyone was busy with preparations. Kunal was continuously busy on phone. Dida asks him to call Nandini. The doorbell rings then, it was Nandini standing in her red saree. Kunal didn’t blink for once. Mauli comes from behind.

PRECAP: Mauli takes Nandini’s hand. Both walk inside the house behind Kunal.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. i dont understand… why neither of them are talking about telling Mauli anything? do they just wish to continue behind Mauli’s back? both Kunal and Nandini have declared their love for each other, and after that they are chatting and blushing like new lovers, dressing according to each other’s wishes, eager to see each other… then why not tell everyone else instead of this hiding? they are both afraid of being caught? at least have the courage to face everyone if you are so sure of your love and feelings. Mauli still being so sure of her love and confiding in her ‘best-friend’ about the strength of her marriage, talking about her own fears and vulnerability in front of NANDINI of all people is so painful to even read

  2. The writers have gone mad. This is an unconventional love story then why show them to be the normal blushing couple?

    Either show them to be forthright and tell mauli everything and until then, doesn’t engage with each other a lot..

    Or else, at least one of them should be the voice of reason.

    It doesn’t make sense. Lying to the family on one hand and on the other, behaving like lovesick birds..

    Show some sort of believable scenes

  3. Yes so true.also nandini and kunal’s chemistry looks so awkward and looks so uneasy.dont understand why these two are blind folded by each other that they have totally left talking or caring about mauli. Although i knew abt the concept..but now i really dont like it coz mauli is so much better and so good to be cheated upon.There’s no any point mauli has given kunal to break her heart.she is a perfect..wife..and daughter in law.

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Did anyone notice either kunal clock is wrong or nandini mobile as kunal clock showee 12.15 am and nandini mobile 18.04 i.e. 6.04 pm ??????????????????

    2. Pyar bhi or guilt bhi hadddd hai, jab jante hai ki yeh sab galt hai to kiya hi kyu aisa, sometime i feel its just infatuation b/w them as nandini always wanted such caring partner and got rajdeep and kunal wanted full attention of his lady love, mouli & due to all this they are attracted toward each other..

    3. But how can they show such kind of show, though extra matrial affairs happen in reality but why to betray or cheat better to say everything clearly..

    1. 1. Very sharp observation ??

      2. I too feel dat it’s totally infatuation. Both of them get carried away wid emotions

      3. They must admit it in front of all…. else it will look very cheap

  5. I’n simple words they are spineless cowards, full nonscense scenes of Kunal n nandhini, and their stupid talk like teenagers chi, mauli is best

  6. I like this show and had no problem until now i agree with all either be outright about whats going on to everyone or let them keep their distance until they figure out whats more important their love or mauli…i don’t like this obsess school girl behave on nandini she need to grow back a conscience and the way kunal is moving i feel he’ll just use nandini and hurt her and then she won’t have that emotional support she had from mauli….this make no sense writers it is a story on ema but where’s the logic this is one time i wish rajdeep expose them so they can show if it’s really love kunal feels right now i doubt it….you can’t claim to love someone else and still close with your wife

  7. Chiii…. Never seen such a stupid serial…they don’t even feel guilt for cheating mouli…and they r blushing..chiii…i just want to slap this stupid story writer….how cheap….and how drasti accepted for such a cheap character ??….plz colors, stop this worst serial…even I don’t want to see this promo also….i can’t accept this story line….and ya I know it was happening in our society….but you guys r showing that it was good to make affairs with others… And they r real heroins and what about his wife… She loves kunal right…even they r not showing guilty for her…seriously you (colors) are spoiling the society by showing such a cheap show….now every girl feels like drasti and every husband feels like kunal and starts keeping affairs….wow what a message yaar…. Chi colors… I have never commented in this page…but today I feel very very bad for mouli….even I started crying for her… so I was commented here… Plz stop this nonsense yaar ….i can’t bare it… ????????

  8. I liked the show till yesterday….. bt didn’t like today’s episode at all….. all the scenes between kunal and nandini were looking childish….. makers if u r touching dis serious concept den plz show with dignity and maturity…. the chatting nd messaging were looking soooooooo bad…… today I really felt for Mauli…… if kunal and nandini’s love is pure new real den plz admit it bt dnt cheat nd play hide n seek… Nd lastly I totally agree dat today kunan’s chemistry was awkwrd

  9. wht kind of story is this ….wht a wonderful writer dont u think that it ll b apply in our society ….such a bad story i feel very sorry about this love story

  10. Geeti

    I’m not a regular viewer, just read the updates sometimes, I saw people bashing the show and people arguing; but from a neutral perspective I thought this show will be showing how kunal and nandini fight their feelings for each other and be faithful to mauli, because that is what should be giving the message to the people who are watching it. “Feelings are feelings” AGREED. But How you behave and What you do with those feelings is the main thing that should be concerned. So Right now the way it is shown – it is WRONG.

  11. Horrible horrible horrible

  12. Getting pathetic day by day, beyond words. This is how she has shown her gratitude towards the friend smh ?‍♀️ Better to switch the channel to Bhabi ji Ghar Par Hai, if want to be entertained. Don’t need this kind of bullshit show going around, hoping the screen time of the show gets changed so I can see something that’s worth watching?

  13. Betrayal of trust. What guts for them to have affair right under maulis nose. And she doesnt still suspect. Seriously colors just stop this two timing and dont destroy the sanctity of marriage. UNACCEPTABLE. Let kunal divulge this to his wife than just have it clandestine. This is INTENTIONAL CHEATING. NO EXCUSE. Cheating of the highest order, where, the wife is so pretty , intelligent and so warm; then why this idiot needs to look out for greener pastures? colos dont send WRONG SIGNALS. STOP this

  14. Mauli is looking so beautiful n cute in saree,

  15. I have seen a malayalam film years back where two childhood friends meet after so many years. Both are leading happy married lives. Now they feel mutual attraction and once they realise that they are about to cross the limits they decide not to meet again and part their ways. Now that’s called maturity.. here also they could have buried their love in their minds and could have lead separate lives. Having escaped from her husband Nandini should have shown the world that she can be successful without a man’s support.

  16. Mauli looked equally beautiful but her didn’t wish to see her. Very pathetic , i dont feel like it’s jazbaat, more of lust , c d way Drashti drapped her saree its horrible ..Rajdeep is better whatever he did was infront vof her , unlike these two betrayers!!!! Surprisingly both don’t ve penny of guilt even after seeing Mauli , heartless ,spineless characters story … Future story ll be like Mauli ll suffer from any disease or something bla bla , helpless ly they get married and justify their lustrous , shameful act …

  17. People if u don’t like the show don’t watch it and keep your stupid comments to yourself

  18. Plz stop this nonsense serial….i think this is the worst serial in the world….

    1. what are you saying? if you are not interested in this serial then never watch again. see you people cannot understand the impact of feelings. once it is gone it is gone of ever. i should appreciate the film writer for clearly understanding the psyche of Kunal and Mauli

  19. Enough Guyz. ….. film critics bhi poori film dekhne k baad hi review dete hain…. jab serial end ho jaye tab jitne comments dene ho de dena…. pehle dekho toh ki aakhir writers ne aage k liye likha kya h..n if u all lack patience den definitely chng ur channel. …. is country me sabko rights hai apni baat kehne ka aur entertainment industries ko apne serials banane ka … Internet pe har tarah k informations available hote hain…. bt it depends ki which info u want to take….. similarly choose ur own source and kind of entertainment frm tv…. dnt guide others or bash the makers…….

    Makers ko pehle aap logo se meeting krna chahiye ki hum ye scene rakhein ya nhi… poor thinking guys…. seriously is country me itne issues hain bt u all r focussing on a serial…. ema, live in relationships and divorces are the harsh realities of our society….. I m really happy dat our entertainment industry is touching these issues…. n those scenes are just to make the serial dramatic

  20. I’m also not a regular viewer just have a look @ updates to know whether mauli came to know about their affair or not but always get disappointed they r dragging it too much. Just waiting for mauli’s reaction. I always hated Drashti and Shakti and now I’m so relieved that what I thought was absolutely true.
    These days we r liking strong and fearless roles of women eg. avni (naamkarann), Tara (ishq mein marjawan), anami (rishton ka chakravyuh), Maya (beyadh), shivanya and shivangi (naagin), etc. And they r ruling the charts as well as audiences too. R we not liking, it surely we r then why this cute cute shy. Feel like vomiting.?

  21. Dominant roles of women r ruling the charts like avni (naamkarann), Maya (beyadh), Tara and arohi (ishq mein marjawan), anami (rishton ka chakravyuh), mouni (naagin), etc.
    R we not loving it off course then why this bechara ishq when u can give a powerful storyline with cute romance like avniel, rivanya, mehir.

  22. seeing the comments here about dislikes from this series should also be a consideration for the makers of why we made a series but no one saw how reting wants to go up if the maker doesn’t want to accept input

  23. Seriously unemployment rate of india is too high…. tabhi toh u Guyz have so much of free tym… first u watch it on television den come here to comment…..kunal nandini n Mauli are not part of ur family …. they are just characters….. so stop this overreaction…. nd it’s better to avoid the serial rather than demanding it’s closure….. our country is full of idiots. …. dnt get involved wid des reel life characters…. focus on ur real life…..

    1. And u have all the time in the world to ask the unemployed people criticising the show not to do it when u are employed? Whether one sees to appreciate it or criticise it..unke marzi..aapka kya jaata hai?

    2. I didn’t put any questions in my comment….so no need to play this question answer round…. n dis one is my final reply so dnt ask further questions bcoz I m nt a regular visitor so not be able to answer further

    3. @krish kyu ji!! Aap kaunse category me aate Ho?? Employed or unemployed ?? Ohh sorry there might be similarity with kunal

    4. I m nt here to answer u bcoz u r nothing to me n I m no one to u…. nd whatever my category is , it’s definitely better Dan u bcoz I don’t point fingers on other’s character just fr a serial…. Dnt give character certificates to others…no one is interested

  24. THIS IS SUCH A WORST SERIAL… I am surprised how colors channel is stooping this low for trp’s .. i have not watched a singe episode of this serial but even the ads make me feel awkward and feel bad for the simple wife. As a wife , i can feel her pain she is going to suffer because she did so much good for her friend and she betrayed her in the worst possible way……in ads we can see that kunal is a gentleman.. in my eyes he is a pathetic human being who is lusting after a beautiful separated lady.

  25. Please ban dis serial giving wrong message to society…. Wrost serial ever disgusting characters… Betraying her best friend back standing her… Wrost creatures the role Kunal and nandini…. nandini is not innocent she evil character inside the friend who helped her in horrible situation but now is she taking her friend place n breaking their marriage life. She doesn’t have guilt of spoling her own find family… Give gud message to society don’t show stupid worst story line to create trps like dis… Don’t spoil characters by creating worst storyline give some justice for mauli role also don’t make her to suffer… Just dis 2 bleed b*t*hes should suffer for cheating mauli

  26. Bullshit show……Mauli is the best

  27. Exactly Maya….i agree wid u….Nandini is such a shameless one….

  28. Slowly a hate feeling is getting developed for Nandini…. She is so shameless women…. spoiling her best friend s life…

  29. I have never commented in this page….for the first time I comment that the show is really disgusting. Sad 4 mauli……stupid kunal & nandhini.pls story writers change the track or else the show will lost its charm & trip rate……its brings bad msg to society.although it is happening in today life it shows they think its not wrong 4 them & they r the real hero & heroin…………..

  30. What in future makers turn mauli negative, definitely they won’t show Kunal n nandhini negative,as per their view those two are lead,

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