Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 30th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Nandini’s tape recording

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 30th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal had an emergency in the hospital and had to stay. He gets a call from Pari and says he is busy. Pari decides to go to Mauli’s house with Aasha and forcefully takes her.
Mauli and elderlies send Mishti to park with Pramilla. Mamma says they must inform Ishaan about Mishti, he was really concerned and would come over for dinner. Mauli tells the Mamma and Dida that she tried to explain the matter to Mishti but can’t say how much Mishti understood. What’s clear that Mishti doesn’t want to see Kunal’s face? Mamma asks what Kunal’s mistake in all the matter was, he was even unaware of Mishti’s birth. Dida interrupts and calms Mauli, she says it was a big matter and she is relieved they realized Mishti’s reaction in time; she is attacked to Ishaan and after Mauli’s

marriage with Ishaan there would be least chances of confronting Kunal as well.
Kunal comes out of OT and calls Pari. Aasha was in car with Pari, worried that Kunal would now scold her. Pari takes the phone and tells Kunal she got a CD from his wardrobe. Kunal straightens up at once, worried. Pari tells Kunal that she is taking the CD for Mauli as a surprise. Kunal thinks he can’t let Pari hand this CD over to Mauli, he kept it secret for years.
Pari comes to Mauli’s house. Mamma greets her at the door and says Mauli aunty is busy. Pari runs inside calling Mauli. Mamma was worried that Mishti will be home anytime. Pari complains to Mauli for not telling her about her friendship with her Mama. She shows Mauli an old picture of Mauli and Nandini.
Kunal drove rashly towards Mauli’s house.
Mauli’s eyes filled in tears as she recalls her friendship with Nandini. Pari asks Mauli not to cry, her mama also left a gift for her. She hands the CD to Mauli. Dida warns that Mishti will be home anytime. Pari insists on Mauli to play the CD, she wants to hear what her Mama wanted to say. She takes the CD and operates the recording. Nandini’s voice was weak, she says she feels really ill and weak right now. She always snatched from Mauli, even today she is giving Mauli the responsibility of her daughter as only Mauli can give her the love of a mother. She was apologetic to Mauli for what she had done and couldn’t gather enough courage to face Mauli but expect Mauli doesn’t let her down. Mauli and Pari cried hearing the recording. Mauli hugs Pari. Mishti had returned home and fumingly shouts Mama! Pari runs towards Mishti and smiles at her.
Kunal reached Mauli’s apartments.
Pari shows Mishti the photo of Mauli and Nandini. Mishti throws the photo away that fells into Kunal’s feet. Mauli goes to scold Mishti for her ill behavior. Kunal holds the photo. Mishti questions Mauli who invited Pari or her papa here. She shouts that Mauli had promised they will never meet them. Mauli and Mamma try to control Mishti but Kunal takes Pari away. Dida cries while Mauli’s eyes were also filled in tears.
Later, Mamma scolds Mauli for not eating anything up. Ishaan comes home. Mamma complains Mauli is upset, and won’t eat anything. Ishaan asks Mauli about Mishti. Mauli says she is in the room, angry. She tells Ishaan that Pari came over with a CD that Nandini had recorded for her. She says Nandini had apologized her in the CD and requested her to take Pari’s responsibility. Pari is really innocent and cheerfully brought it to her. She hugged Pari in emotions, but Mishti was angry about it. They are all suffering from the consequences of what Kunal and Nandini did. She shares with Ishaan about her helplessness to handle the confused girls. Ishaan tells Mauli that they must speak to Kunal about it. Pari is Kunal’s daughter and also a victim.

PRECAP: Ishaan tells Kunal they must take a drastic step and keep both girls away. Mauli agrees saying even they shouldn’t meet each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. If you can watch Kunal without getting annoyed, trust me, you have reached a dangerously higher level of tolerance.

  2. Thank god mouli didnt say that she wants to take pari’s responsibility. I wonder what kind of woman nandini is. First she started a married life with mouli’s ex-husband by cheating on her. Now she wants mouli to take of her and kunal’s child. Does nandini think of mouli as some kind of robot created to cater to her needs only? I dont understand how any person can be as shameless and entitled as this nandini. Uff. I must applaud the writers’ ability to create such a despicable character. Even on deathbed her thoughts are how she can use mouli to fulfil her own needs. ‘i know i destroyed your life but can you take care of my sweet little daughter please?’ damn.
    I like mishti. Her reaction is very natural and understandable. I think she always knew ishaan is nt her real father but still considered him as such and never thought about who her real father is. But now that kunal is infront of her loving his other daughter, mishti cant accept it and i dont blame her. She wants mouli to love ishaan only and have family with them as her parents, and i hope her wish comes true

  3. Your every word is true….Kunal and Nandini both are disgusting..Even in her deathbed she is thinking of how to use mauli…I hope mauli and ishaan get together…I can’t tolerate Kunal for even 1 second also..

  4. To sum it all up:
    Mouli and Ishaan – A selfless couple with unconditional love for others.
    Nandini and Kunal – An utterly selfish couple who only think of satisfying their lust and happiness.
    Conclusion: Two perfectly matched couples!
    Love you Mouli and Ishaan

  5. Why, do u all blame kunal fo mishrti not loving him?
    I agree he was bad husband but do you think that he is a bad dad to mishti?
    Secndary you are saying that nandini is selfish but you know, no one can defeat destin that was her destin meeting kunal,loving him, giving birth to pari. All of that wasnt her plan and she asked mauli to take care of her daughter, yes its selfish but that how mother’s love is. A mother always wishes good for her child so dont blame her for that request.
    I understand mauli’s feeling but i think did bad to promise mishti that she will not see kunal and pari’ faces.
    Really i hate kunal and nandini for what they did but now think its enough cant those children live happly without their parents drama?
    And i really wish maul wld marry ishaan!

    1. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

      Wrong… Nandini put herself there, forced… for want of a better word… dont confuse the two… lust for love… understandable mistake, but nevertheless a sin ?

    2. If everything was in destiny’s hands humans wouldn’t have will power. Stop this bullshit.
      Yes I believe somethings are beyond our capacity. But cheating on your partner is a choice. Being attracted to someone maybe a mistake but starting a illegitimate relationship behind the back of your partner is a choice. Stabbing your best friend by ruining her happiness is a choice not a mistake. Kunal and Nandini were selfish,lustful and cheaters.

    3. .Snatch a husband of your best friend is destiny not sin?!! .Sleeping with another woman is destiny not sin ?!! Add to that keeping a son and grandson away from his relatives who needed him the most not destiny it is a big sin . kunal hadn’t known about mishti so he didn’t know who has been caring of his mom and dad when he was caring of his oxygen and as a mother it is a big sin to me not destiny . So how could any body after seeing the poor little girls suffering as a result of what this two cheater luster had done, still has the ability to say it was a destiny not sin .

  6. Disgusting You ruined the memories of Kunan You’re a terrible writer Gajra you only know how to praise Mauli You ruined Kunal’s character. I hope this nonsense ends immediately We’re sick of Mauli. We don’t want to see Kunal with mauli.?? bakwas mauli maunal chemistry is zero?? disgusting??

  7. kunan aşkı dizide gördüğüm en gerçek aşktı şehvet degildi tersi moulin aşkı sahteydi nandiniyi suçluyorsunuz ya nandinin yaşadıklarını mouli yaşasaydı acaba ne yapardı şunuda unutmayın nandini kunalı bastan cikaracak hicbirsey yapmadi tersi uzak durdu kunal’dan nandiniye asik olan kunal’dı parinin bi anneye ihtiyaci yok onun annesi var mouli kendi gibi şımarık kızına annelik yapsın nandinin kızından uzak dursun
    kunan love is the most true love I have seen in the series was not lust the opposite moulin love was the counterfeit nandiniyi accuse ya nandin lived mouli lived what would he wonder what he would do this nandini kunalı bastard did not do hicisey did not do the opposite stayed kunal nandiniye asik kunal’di parinin bi mother does not need his mother have mouli mother to her spoiled daughter as a mother

  8. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    I read this episode differently to u all… I saw a little girl, Pari, searching for a substitute mom ? it’s sad but Pari is not at fault, her mother is … Hann, it looks like Nandini may be using her death as an excuse, but, the fact may be that she was also trying to not let her child suffer for her sins … it’s now up to fate to decide which way the breeze will blow … Ishaan, I feel sorry for becuz he sacrificed the last 3 years of his life to “hope” … life plays us cruel blows, and I hope he can find it in his heart to forgive Mauli and move on ?

  9. As per the Indian Serials am sure Mauli n Kunal will get back together.. and Mauli will have to portray a sacrificing lady

  10. What amazes me is both kunal and nandini assumed that mouli would stay just where they left her. When kunal came back to his house first, he was thinking what if i come across mouli. Nandini too… What if mouli is married to someone too now and has a family of her own? Did nandini think kunal will give pari to mouli, or mouli’s new family will accept pari and love her without question? No. They both assumed mouli couldnt have a new life of her own….
    Mishti and pari both are victims. Mishti knows the truth thats why reacting now. But pari is possesive of kunal too… What will happen when she finds out her buddy was someone else’s father first? She will react too… if kunal starts loving mishti or caring for her more, since he was away from her since birth, wont pari feel bad? I want pari to get her grandmothers’ love. When mouli leaves with ishaan, kunal and pari can come back… But mouli kunal mishti and pari cannot have a happy family.

    1. I cant agree more . I always like and wait for your realistic comments

    2. Completely agree dhara, moreover if nandini wanted pari to grow up with a mother love then why only mauli comes to her mind. She could have asked kunal as last wish he marry a nice lady if not for him then for pari’s sake. We are in 21st century not every step mother are fairy tail evil step mother who tries to poison their stepdaughter. There are women who genuinely love children and wouldn’t mind take the responsibility of their husband children and give the deserved love. In that way both kunal and pari would have someone to take care of them and mauli would not be again dragged in all this.
      We can’t not expect this much decency from nandini even from her death bed. Her cunning and manipulative brain used the last minutes to not sincerely apologise but give another hard time to mauli.

  11. God this nandini, won’t she let mauli live peacefully even after her death, can’t she at least once think mauli as a human forget her being bestie, can’t she understand how will mauli feel about pari?? Did she find no one else?

    Felt bad for pari, for the sins of her parents, the poor kid is suffering…

    Mishty too,

    Well the precap is nice, pari and misthy should stay away from each other, I know it is tough of pari, but kunal should make her understand, otherwise even where they come across misthy will loose her cool and pari would get hurt without her mistake. But then misthy is not at fault, how will she take pari, according to her her so father was not there with her because of pari.

    And kunal too stay way from misthy as a punishment of doubting her existence.

    Hoping for the mauli ishan marriage. I am very happy that mauli is so open with ishan. She is dealing things with maturity, poor thing for the last few years she is suffering without a mistake of hers.

    I want kunal to suffer now, how is still guilt free?? I hate seeing him. Arrg

  12. Seems like even Nandini realized how incapable Kunal is to take care of Pari. That’s why she requested Mauli to take her responsibility. Even murderers are better than Nandini, they kill a person all at once, but Nandini had made sure to keep Mauli suffering her whole life. Many people will pity Nandini and her daughter stating that Nandu is dead, her daughter is not at fault, she’s innocent and such bullshit.
    Ever heard of Karma? There are many incidents in real life, if you have observed, children often have to endure the consequences of parents misdeeds just like parent’s genes, facial features, money, property and fame is inherited by their kids.

    As you so, so shall you reap. It’s as simple as that. No one can come between karma and the person who has to go through it.

    I don’t understand how can Nandini even think of demanding something like that from Mauli. An applause for Nandini when she said, “Humne hamesha tumse sab liya hai , aaj hum kuch de rahe hai… Pari ki jimmedari”. Are you serious??? Is she really giving something to Mauli or demanding another favor from her??
    This is so not done. For now, Mauli hasn’t taken Pari’s responsibility and I hope she won’t let us down in upcoming episodes or else it would become suffering for Mishti as both Mauli and Kunal would look after Pari. Ishan is perfect.

  13. Mayhaps she wanted Mauli to find a suitable mother for Pari …

  14. “Destiny is not a matter of chance,it’s a matter of choice”.This line is for you Gogo or whatever..Nandini and kunal both did what the wanted to do..that’s’s obvious that what they did was for their happiness..and because of their selfishness 2 lives were ruined..It’s not their because of their destiny,it happened because of their choice.So Gogo you have mistaken..first know the differece between destiny and our own choice….

  15. Safna Dubash

    Agree whatever good or bad karma you do comes to you
    Both nandini and kunal cheated mauli broke her trust and confidence hurted her so badly that they have to pay for there sins
    Eventually nandini died of cancer and kunal is left alone

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