Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal’s concern for Mauli

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal questions why Virat put Mauli’s dress on fire. Virat and Tara were offensive how they blamed Virat. Tara blames Mauli, she couldn’t take care of her husband and realize that her husband was having an affair with her best friend behind her back. It’s because of women like Mauli who easily forgive their husbands that women’s status in their society is degraded. Kunal questions how Tara judged another woman so easily. He is to be blamed, as he is ill character and irresponsible. Mauli cried silently. Kunal says Mauli is brave and the right one here, she is taking care of her family and even herself. If anyone blames Mauli, they must confront him first. He says Virat flamed Mauli’s dress out of jealousy. Tara and Virat leave the function.
Later at home, Mauli stood in

front of mirror and thinks about Kunal defending her in the function. She opens the wardrobe. A photo of Mauli and Kunal fell down. Mamma picks up the frame. She says Kunal said a lot today, higher than hopes but it’s not always easy to take the accusations over oneself. She was fearful of disgrace if the society knows about it, but Kunal made her proud today. Tears fell off Mauli’s eyes. She asks Mamma if Kunal’s past mistakes have been wiped off. Mamma looks towards the frame, she says may be Kunal and Mauli of the frame have changed and the love between them exists no more. But today Kunal proved that he respects her, and it’s a hard earned thing for women for centuries in their society. Marriage isn’t always same, and today Mauli has taken a strong position in their marriage. It’s now up to Mauli to decide what she wish to do with her marriage, she won’t force Mauli into any decision now.
Kunal finds Dida enjoying some funny clip on cell phone. He laughs with her. Dida looks towards Kunal intently, and says he laughed after long. She wish that mischievous Kunal returns to their lives again. Kunal assures Dida that he hasn’t gone anywhere. Kunal asks Dida to come to the room, Mauli brings the medicines for Dida. Kunal turns to leave the house to meet a friend. Dida insists on Mauli to accompany him. Kunal and Mauli had no option but to leave together.
Nandini was waiting for Kunal. She decides to prepare some food for Kunal.
In the car, Mauli says she knows where Kunal headed to. Kunal begins to drive silently, he notices Mauli’s eyes filled with tears. He plays the music, ‘Naina’. Mauli recalls when once Kunal dedicated the next song to Mauli, they laughed together as an old song played. Mauli had thanked Kunal and wished he continue dedicating songs for her forever. ‘Naina’ continue to play, Kunal and Mauli remain silent. Mauli wipes her tears.
Nandini wait for Kunal at home.
Mauli leaves the car for hospital. Kunal reverse the car, then curses himself for being blinded in love. If he goes to meet Nandini, Mauli will have to work alone. Mauli watch him park the car. He asks Mauli to come home. Mauli asks if he didn’t have to go to Nandini. He replies they must go home, it’s late already. Mauli agrees and gets into the car. Kunal decides to inform Nandini he won’t come tonight.
Kunal stood in the balcony and apologizes Nandini for not being able to visit her for last two days. Nandini’s eyes filled with tears. Kunal promises to speak to Nandini for as long as she wish, he tells her to imagine he is accompanying her and start eating dinner. They speak till late at night.

PRECAP: Kunal promises to celebrate Janmashtmi with Nandini as it would be their first one. There, Mauli was serving the Brahmans. Someone asks for Channa, she calls Kunal as Jaana to pass the Channa. Both feel awkward. Nandini was waiting for Kunal as the Pandit were not ready to stay after the Mohrat.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. When this celebration will get over, it’s so annoying dida pushing mauli n Kunal , nandhini same irritating dialogue she can’t see someone beyond Kunal, ahh enjoyed mauli scenes,

  2. Wow… Atleast kunal realised that he is hurting mauli too much by being blinded in his love. Atleast he showed some concern for her… Sometimes i wonder what will happen if mauli gets into a life threatening situation. Kunal still cares for her. And i think he cares a lot. Kunal believes he loves nandini. But he doesnt realize that nandini is just new in his life, a new attraction. Those lovey dovey feelings will go away one day. What then?
    I dont want kunal to stay with mauli while he is still attracted to nandini. But in this whole situation mauli might start reconsidering again. After all she still loves him. And she will break again if kunal goes away… Mamma said decision of mauli’s. But someone ask kunal also if he wants to stay with her. He has already promised nandini to stay together forever!

    1. Mauli gave 7 years to Kunal. She worked days and nights to fulfill his dreams & she is probably not aware Kunal and Nandini crossed all limits of disrespect & dignity that night. He is also not making clear what he wants, on top of that showing guilt & care for Mauli. Under those circumstances Mauli might think to give a 2nd chance to Kunal so ultimately it is up to Him to save this relation not Mauli’s like Yamnini is saying. It might take time for her to realise there is nothing to save…the sooner it ends the less she will suffer😔

      1. I agree. Why cant kunal open his mouth and say clearly that he wants to stay with nandini. When mauli brings it up, he looks shocked. If he wants nandini, then why get shocked at divorce? And no, mauli doesnt know about them getting intimate. Kunal shoukd have the guts to say the same words to mauli that he said to nandini. Mamma and dida shud also know. Otherwise they will think mauli is becoming too hard while kunal is still supporting mauli

  3. To those who are seeing it is mauli’s is at fault:
    Mauli didn’t have any illicit relationship with anyone, she didn’t cheated anyone, she didn’t destroyed any life or hurt anyone. She just did the duty of a wife that is to support husband in realising his dreams and duty of a friend that is to help a friend when she is in a life and death situation. Only few people in this world have the golden heart to help someone in worse situation otherwise other just stand and watch women being mistreated. Only she stepped in and protected nandini otherwise no nandini now. If her humanity is thanked with such betrayal and out of all she is blamed then no human should ever save anyone. No wonder nowadays no one interfere to help anyone in distress

    As for kunal it is bcz mauli dragged him in nandini’s matters that he had affair with nandini so fault goes to mauli. Seriously ?! So men have excuse to have affair under the pretext being close with their friend. So in this world men and women are just together to share bed they cannot be friend, they can’t see each other as brother and sister or well wisher. They can’t admire each other without getting physical.
    What should a wife do to keep her husband: be modern but keep low to not hurt the guy’s ego, get herself an education but stay home ,cook and clean , be ready to fulfil husband any needs and desires any time, leant to be independent but choose to stay as his pet, be insecure of the women he talks, spy on him whenever occasion?
    It is just disgusting when cheating happens the fault goes to the wife, being the actual victim she is questioned, criticized, blamed.
    If the situation was inverse again the wife will be blamed, shagun from YHM is an example.

    It is clear kunal is the most despicable being, his lust destroyed the life of 2 women, such people shouldn’t be called men, he is a pig who deserves to live in mud without anyone. Nandini is ungrateful snake, she never understood friendship, nor deserves any friends. Not like she wants any as long as she has a “companion” to share bed with. Mauli should get rid of toxic relation and be happy.

    1. Well said…I don’t why some of them are supporting kunan and blaming mauli…u can’t decide ur fav couple just because of actors..u have to see the character…and they both are characterless and heartless in my opinion..sry If I hurt anyone’s feelings

      1. 3veni same here I cannot understand how can they blame mauli. She was just doing her duties as a confident women having faith on her love and relations would do. Ok they love kunal and nandini together but putting the fault on mauli is not gonna minimise their misdeeds in any way

    2. You explained very correct 100% . I will also think same ….
      And mauli still living with her husband family and taking care of every one

      1. My only wish for mauli is she leaves these 2, neither of them deserves her. If there is any justice, one day will come they will realise what they have lost for their so called “love”

    3. Absolutely. Its not the wife’s responsibility to ensure her husband’s loyalty. Mauli did everything for her friend and husband with a golden heart. And people should stop assuming that it is natural for a man to fall for any woman who is near him. Men can be loyal if they chose to. Kunal didn’t. It was his choice to go behind his wife’s back and cheat her. If he had at least first talked with mauli, ended that relationship and then romanced nandini, i wouldnt have been this disgusted. But he didnt. He lied, hid and cheated. His fault. Not mauli’s

      1. Exactly Dhara i am shocked reading comments saying mauli dragged kunal in nandini’s matters so in consequence he fall for nandini as if it is natural and kunal is a poor victim. Few days back there were tones of comments and analysis on not badmouthing nandini bcz she is a women and women shouldn’t be always blamed . But here mauli the Only victime is be accused too for showing trust on her husband.
        We shouldn’t blame the other women when she is wrong but blame the wife when she has not fault

        If mauli didn’t include kunal then he would felt left alone, felt mauli doesn’t trust him or don’t want his support.That would create misunderstandings between them. And without kunal’s support mauli wouldn’t be able to fully help nandini. She involved him thinking he will be a brother like or friend to nandini. She had full faith on her marriage . Little did she knew they will backstab her

      2. Exactly..why people question Mauli for Kunal’s betrayal? Kunal is an adult and I am sure he knows what he did and is doing…as a person it is your responsibility to chose between right or wrong. Kunal is cheating on mauli because he wanted and choose to do so and he did know it was wrong. Mauli is no where at fault…being busy and caring for your friend doesn’t give a right to kunal to cheat on mauli…and for Nandini she has whatsoever no second thought about what she did and what is happening…all she wants is kunal to be with her and she never showed any concern for Kunal’s family or even her best friend mauli and that is such shameless selfish behaviour

    4. i totally agree with you. im a male and im saying that kunal is totally wrong… who needs a better wife than mauli? mauli is an example of a perfect wife….mauli is not to be blamed here… its only kunal and nandini.. no man should ever eye another woman when he have a wife….thats disgusting…. what does the other woman have that your wife doesnt?

      1. Nishan, I am so glad to see being a guy you don’t support kunal. While guys like kunal disgrace men name guys like you give faith and show there are still good-hearted, impartial and righteous people in this world . Your thinking is amazing. Wish more men think like this
        Keep it up brother 👍👍👍

      2. 100% agree. Mail and kunal are the best couple not kunal and nandini. Nandini is a shameless woman. Is she a whore

  4. Preethika

    Hmm they r dragging d story alot. Tara diverted issue smartly to an illicit relation. No more interesting story sbr. No more interesting twists in d story…… if kunal stays with mauli nandini will start plotting if he stays with Nandini his whole family Will losse him forever.

  5. It’s so irritating. Please make a decision, Kunal. You have 2 women in love with you and you love one and respect the other.

    Let them free. I know dida has you all tied for a month but make a decision for sure.

    Probably many of you will disagree with me, but poor nandini. Her life revolves around Kunal and she has no other friends. They should show her having at least one other person.

    1. I actually agree on the ‘poor nandini’ part. She is the poorest character i have seen. She did have another person, the best kind of friend one could wish for. And she betrayed her herself. She used to teach cooking classes. But that too has stopped. nandini herself made her whole life about kunal. She has no identity. And she is so pitiable right nw. She couldnt even get her own divorce. All left in her life is cry and wait for kunal. (Or his calls). After what happened with mauli, who will want nandini’s friendship?

    2. What nandini suffers today all due to wrong decision in her life.she became a poor character by her self.she created all the pain by her self choosing rajdeep spending life with him choosing kunal cheating mouli all done by herself.she has to bear the pain.
      But if we take mouli she suffers due to others.all the pain created by others.that’s why audiance pay sympathy towards her.

  6. That’s where u exactly stand in his life nandhni…understand that u ll be always d second woman in his life…n I don’t know wtf s kunals problem….when mauli needed him he dumped her n enjoyed his tym with that nandhni n when nandhni needed him he s with mauli….one thng fr sure he destroyed both mauli n nandhni’s life….N mauli don’t get ur hopes high just bcoz he defended u he s just going to hurt n dump u again n again… if u thnk he s changed thn I’m sure u r going to get hurt once again…just leave that cheater n move on…don’t live ur life for dida do it for u’s ur life don’t let anyone control it…u r strong n independent…nandhni u just carry on crying fr everything for sympathy like u r d victim here…

  7. ShraddhaSharma392

    Just one thing for show lets change its name from silsila badlte rishton ka se tyohar colors ka (festival of colors)… As since almost 20 days they are just celebrating festivals and precap makes me feel they are not going to end easily…
    Why Kunal is so confused, as if he is still not able to decide whom he want Nandini or Mouli and dida stop doing all this, you doesn’t realise that your actions hurt Mouli more..
    And one more thing its not jamanastmi, it may be navratri or dussehra… As during janastmi they just stop each other and confessed love and rajdeep misbehaved with nandini….

    1. Actually it’s Ashthami. It’s the eighth day of navratras when devotees feed the little girls and pandits.

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        I know about Ashtami, even I celebrate but we do feed girls on Navami.. But writer has written janamashtmi in precap, so I said on that.. And I havn’t watched episode so I didn’t know what actually they shown Navratri or dusshera..

  8. This show is giving a great massage to everyone. Even though the person is your family member or your best friend, don’t let that person come near to your husband or wife. Nandini was in so much hurt and she needed a caring person. And mauli was pushing her husband towards Nandini (unknowingly). It is human nature to have a caring person in life. ( I am not blaming Mauli) but if I was Nandini I would leave Kunal for Mauli. After what she has gone through for Nandini, Mauli doesn’t deserve this.

  9. I had no problem with kunal being in love with nandini.It happens.But he should have ended things with mauli first and atleast she deserves honesty.But he betrayed her in the worst way and I hate him for that. I want mauli to leave good for nothing husband for cheap so call best friend.They deserve each other.She is strong enough to move on in her life without kunal. makers please don’t make her typical serial bahu who sacrifice everything for others(selfish dida and mamma ..they know very well if she leaves kunal can’t feed them).

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Yes, I do agree on this… Kunal should be honest for what he wants, as his actions still shows about his confusion over Mouli and Nandini…. And I was laughing what ever you wrote on (bracket)😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  10. I want kunal and nandini back together.. The current track is really boring like other shows

  11. Nandini is worse than any vamp of even third rate serial… i have all bad words n wishes for her….. how could she betray such lovely friend and take all her happiness n be happy dreaming a life with her husband!! Cheee makers are totaly gone insane

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