Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli and Kunal perform in Navratri Dandia function

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli and Kunal did the Pooja together.
There, Nandini felt dejected by Kunal. She recalls Kunal’s promises to return soon and be with her forever. She removes her bangles and earrings while crying. She turns the lights of the room off and lay down.
It was night, Kunal sat restlessly on the couch. He wonders how he must leave the house, Nandini would be waiting but what if Dida or Maa wakes up. He cautiously looks around and was startled by Mauli standing in front of him. Mauli allows him to leave, she neither has the right nor interest in any explanations. The keys of house are on the table, he must leave cautiously. Kunal takes the keys. Mauli watch him leave.
Kunal explains to Nandini about Dida’s condition and his position. Nandini appreciates his decision

and asks how long? Kunal replies he must stay there for one month. He apologizes for not being able to take her to Pooja. Nandini says it’s alright, Dida’s health is more important. Kunal says Dida had a list of chores for him. He thinks apologetic to Nandini for hiding about Pooja with Mauli. Nandini thinks she knows Kunal was a part of Pooja with Mauli, but its alright if he doesn’t wish to share. Kunal assures Nandini to come and meet her daily, she must trust that they are together. They hug each other. Kunal says time for Pooja is already up, but they can have a small drive and ice cream outside. Nandini thinks she is sure Kunal would always stay by her side. They go out together.
Mauli, Dida and Pramilla watch the promo of serial Anarkali. Pramilla was excited about it. Mauli feels empty and turns to leave. Dida says it’s the story about true love, a lover has to make struggles and fight for their love. Only those of lovers win who await their lover wholeheartedly. She asks Mauli to get ready, there is a special Dandia in the society.
In the Dandia function, Kunal and Mauli arrive with Mamma and Dida. Kunal was at once pushed towards Mauli as someone hits him. The hosts greet Dida and appreciate their contributions of charity. They tell Dida that local channel is covering the entire function today. They pose for a family photo. Kunal requests Mauli to stand closer, Mauli replies she is doing all this for Dida only not to show it off to people.
Deep and Arohi were called for performance as special couple. After their performance, Deep and Arohi come to greet Kunal and Mauli. Deep notices Kunal was a little changed. Deep asks if there was some fight between them. There are disputes, but Kunal’s love would turn Mauli’s day as special. Mauli says she has pain in her feet but Arohi and Deep force them to participate in Garba. Dida was happy and says she will now see who parts Kunal and Mauli.
Kunal and Mauli played together in serious moods. Dida was thankful to Deep and Arohi for connecting Kunal and Mauli together. Deep felt it an honor to be able to help them. During their dance, Mauli was about to step over a jewel. Kunal holds her foot protectively and picks the earring. The dancing continue. Dida gets an idea, she calls Nandini to switch on the TV and turn to local channel. She thinks now Nandini would realize what’s a marriage and relation between husband and wife. Nandini watch the transmission where Mauli and Kunal danced together. She drops the remote and leaves. During the dance, Mauli recalls Kunal’s intimacy with Nandini.
Nandini arrive at the function.
Mauli had gone aggressive in her dancing steps because of mental disturbance. She finally slips into Kunal’s hand. The dancing had stopped and people were clapping for the couple as Kunal held Mauli in his arms. Nandini watched them together.

PRECAP: Nandini hear people consider Mauli and Kunal’s love as exemplary in the society for years now. Chakor tells Nandini that its happiness of two people but ruining lives of three. Nandini must leave Kunal.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I don’t want Kunal with mauli, mauli u better divorce Kunal after 1month n leave this house, let dida think whatever she want,

  2. I don’t know why Indian society is supporting extra marital affair. Mauli K saath Bohat galat horaha hai.what was maulis mistake in this.?
    At d end men’s are not trustworthy.

    1. now its not illegal to have extra marital affair….as on 27.09.2018…court has given permission for that….though its wrong

    2. nandini z character is worst…She comes in category of women who r selfish and can go to any extent when it comes to there happiness…However, kunal’s character is even more worse….how can you cheat a women whom you loved so much who loved you back as much as you did…had kunal been loyal towards his wife..nandini would not have got to this level…she sensed kunal was getting into her …so she thinks she can claim him…………

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Love has no boundations, than why dida is doing wrong with 3 lives is beyond my head… I agree what Kunal and Nandini did was wrong, but now she is delibrately punishing Mouli for Kunal and Nandini mistake, just for her sake.😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    2. I belive Mouli should Divorce Kunal and move on in life, let Dida do her fake heart attack acting.. And I know Mouli and Kunal are not heart specialist but they are doctor too, who can easily figure out fake or truth, I mean a normal person who is not doctor can figure out diseases now a days (not major, but small) and even dida action shows she faked her heart attack, but they are not able to find..

    3. Now I am sure Nandini will be scarificing her love Kunal, just for Mouli sake.. And instead of Mouli, Nandini will become Saviour of relations..😑😑😑😑😑

    4. I hope this Navratri drama end soon, i am getting bore by seeing all this as before taking leap show become boring… 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

    1. shaniya Patel

      you are one among very few people who wants to see Nadini and kunal together

  4. This Nandini is seriously disgusting. I was waiting if she would ever ask or consider about Mauli. But, No..!!

    She’s is so selfish. I really wonder what Kunal liked in her. And this is heights, she is feeling jealous, crying and feeling obsessed for Kunal without even giving a single thought about Mauli.

    Mauli shouldn’t have helped this transforming snake.

    1. Nandini thinks her and Kunal’s love is pure. She also thinks she has done no wrong and was only looking for a companion. Nandini had never seriously thought about Kunal and Mauli’s relationship, but she obviously thinks her and Kunal’s ‘love’ is somehow greater

    2. I was thinking same…how can Nandini feel jealous of mouli?why she is only thinking about her feelings,she completely forgotten about mouli..she is not even thinking how mouli felt when Kunal is with her but now she is not being able to see Kunal mouli together who are married couple..wahh what a cheap character

      1. agree with u…i have never seen such a cheap character…. Don’t know Why Drasti accepted this kind of role….she don’t know this kind of character will ruin her carrier….already she lost most of her fans…

      2. Yeah …y she s feelin jealous… She s askin how long will he stay there…OMG… She slipped remote aftr watchin them dancing… Discusting character….

    3. Nandini doesn’t care about anyone else than her feelings. When she is mistreated or hurt, others are supposed to feel bad & be sympathetic but when she does the same to another innocent one she finds herself lame excuses rather than acknowledge & seek forgiveness . She is a one of those people who will do anything for their personal gain and pull up a bechari victim card when she is caught.

      1. yeah…. And that too when she was blamed by someone, then she dosn’t even act normally….. She starts her OVERTREMBLING OVERCRYING as if she is a little sparrow, where in fact she has always been an eagle !!!!!

        No not eagle, becaus calling her an eagle would get the real eagles feel the worst !!

    4. Agree with you, now she must understand the pain of broken heart.

    5. Completely true.. nandini character seems nw disgusting.. who s nt evn thnking for d one who helped her in tough times n snatchng her besties husband..n dat too feeling jealousy.its really a huge LOL…n writers shld focus on d trust n pious relation of marriage n friendship too.. n unite mauli n kunal soon.. if not den shw s nt worthy to watch…mauli shld gt her husbnd back n shld understand n mke him understand marriage s nt a joke..

  5. ShraddhaSharma392

    5. I just watch this show for kunal and nandini now, i don’t justify or say correct for what they have done, but their pair look cute together 😍😍😍😍

    6. I personally think, its better Mouli end her relation with kunal, because if she break now, she will feel pain and will be hurt for sometime and than can move on in life but if she stick with this relation, she will be hurting herself daily…


      Shraddha Sharma, have you ever gotten cheated on in your life? If you haven’t then i pray that you never get cheated by your partner…specially your spouse as you will never be able to forget, forgive or move on. Extra marital affairs happen in this world but it also destroys lives of the people who get cheated. Even if Mouli leaves Kunal she will never be the same or happy wholeheartedly…I agree to the point that she needs to leave Kunal and not come under pressure from family on making it work. What has to happen happened and its best all 3 move on but i hate the Nandini and kunal pairing just because of this fact that you should never trust anyone with your husband even if it is your childhood friend.

      1. It not about trusting a childhood friend with husband, if my husband fall out of love then he will go to any women I have never met even. All the cheating , affair etc these are just words.
        There are 2 things in this world you fall in love , you fall out of love……It happens with couples …Emotion has no boundaries . So stop judging people …let the couple stay together till the time they are in love . No society , ritual and restriction should bound them.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      I agree and even I have faced it, and it hurt alot but life stop for nobody, and it move on, it take time for person who suffered to come out of pain, but time heal everything slowly.. And now I have moved on, thats why I am saying that Mouli should move on..its much better to leave relation which become burden on your life and self respect… And whats the gurantee that Kunal will not decieve her again, if he did one time, he can do again also..

    3. @ Shraddha…If Nandini cant leave kunal…How mauli can leave him??? She is also loving him…She worked more time just to fulfill his dream … First thing kunal is not a bad or disgusting husband like Rajdeep, so no women can leave a husband like kunal , like how nandini is feeling…. In our India marriage plays a pivotal role in our lives…. If really kunal not wished to marry mauli…and married according his family’s pressure…I may get some sense… He intentionally married her…loved her…lived with her…suddenly he changed… If he wants to leave Mauli then he has to choose a right and perfect guy for mauli and make her marry…then he can move on…

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        I agree that its difficult for mouli also to leave Kunal, because he is nice, and shown happily married.. But that doesn’t mean that Mouli should suffer, get hurt and feel pain of getting decieve by Kunal.. If kunal can forgive 7 vows of 7 yrs of marriage, than why should Mouli remember and suffer..
        Actually this is the main problem in marriage, people think if husband make mistake wife should forgive him as it happens after all its so called male nature, but I ask those people what if same mistake done by wife, will husband forgive her and will accept her???? And 99% answer will be no.. Infect when Goddess sita stayed at ravan place, even than Ram took her agnipariksha and after that also he made her out after hearing dhobi words… So why should female bear cheat… Infect its Mouli right also to stay happy and whats the gurantee that if she forgive kunal and they start living together, kunal will not cheat her again???
        Yes, no women deserve rajdeep type husband, but no one also deserve cheat husband or wife..
        And yes i agree he should find perfect person for mouli just like punar vivaha season 2…

  6. Why did Nandini go to the function? How did she even had the courage? Generally, she will act all frightened. But now she ran to the function even after knowing Mauli and the entire family will be there. Everyone said so many things to Nandini but she still went because she couldn’t handle husband and wife dancing together. Nandini wants Kunal to stay with her but she hasn’t even asked him to divorce Mauli when Kunal promised her. She doesn’t care at all what happens to Mauli, if Mauli stays as the married wife or divorcee, as long as Kunal decides to stay with Nandini. Mauli can stay married to Kunal, but if Kunal does pooja with her, or fills her maang or dances with her, then Nandini goes all hurt and sentimental. As if she is the one being wronged!
    And she is so goody goody in front of Kunal. She is hurt for not being able to go to pooja with him. She is insecure about him leaving her. But she will not say any of this to Kunal directly. She will act to be okay with everything just so that Kunal thinks how nice and understanding she is.
    I feel Mauli and Kunal will stay together ultimately. and i dont want that at all. It will be injustice to Mauli. Neither Mauli supporters nor Nandini supporters would want that. then why? Just to show Nandini as unselfish for once? Even if Nandini goes away, Mauli should still divorce her cheater husband.

    1. Exactly. even if Nandini leaves the broken trust and heart of mouli will never be same again.And NAndini killed mouli and kunal relation and marriage It can never get alive now whatever dida and nandini do . mouli and kunal will never be the same smiling couple again.

  7. I don’t know you ppl keep on bringing such movies its either the writer snatched someone’s husband or she is in love with someones husband. Wat kind of nonsense is this,you keep on showing nandini as the victim its disgusting yar. I just this movie they turn it the other way round and nandini to play a negative role. You did this stupidness in dil se dil tak. So u tryna say that her marriage with kunal was a mistake for seven yrs. Come on this madness should stop

  8. What’s wrong with Kunal’s character man. Why is the writers making him so unrealistic. Who goes to meet the lover knowing the wife knows and didn’t he marry Mauli because he loved her so how can he be so insensitive to Mauli and their 7 years of marriage? And he should know Mauli in these 7 years so why is he pretending that Mauli is so strong and doesn’t need him whenever she tells him to do what he wants. No matter how strong a woman is, she wants her man/husband to be able to read between the lines especially times like this. This Kunal’s character is the worst. Not even divorced yet and he’s promising bullshit to Nandini and he didn’t even had any plans to divorce if it wasn’t for Mauli so wtf.

    I bet it’s because Nandini makes him feel manly because Mauli was such a strong independent woman that he felt less to her esp when he stopped working hence he got atreacted to the damsel in distress as it made him feel the typical man. Lol.

    As for Nandini, the writers are just making her look horrible as the days goes. She completely forgot abt her friendship and what Mauli did for her just for a man that chested on his wife. Wowza!

  9. DannyComments

    Well..of course the story had to go down this part..guess they want to turn my lovely Nandini into a jealous person so people can justify hating her more..anyway..Nandini..I will support you to the end! If Kunal is yours..he will come back to you

  10. I don’t understand why this nandhini is jealous of mauli….though mauli is a legal wife of can nandhini stoop too low by being selfish……and this dida why can’t look the kunal and nandhini stupidity love..let make them go….pls leave mauli…already she is very tired of and she will have a Better life & deserving partner than this disgusting life & too disgusting partner

  11. I feel sorry for the character Nandini and people supporting it. Kunal and mauli married for they loved each other. Now he is in love with Nandini. Same Nandini let her everything for Rajdeep & now she ditchs her own best friend for the “so called love of life”. Aur jo support kar rhr hai ki nandini kunal ko ek krdo mauli ko divorce, bhai fekh baat itni si hai “tumhe faces ache lge hai think it as a story. In case main agar mauli ki jgah pe hoti dono ka muh todti because mauli ne nandini ko rajdeep ke bare mein samjaya tha n what nandini did in return gadhi ladke ke chakkar mein dosti ko bhool gyi. Long story short, nandini character is selfish. All she knows is ditching everyone in sake of love. Kal kisi aur se pyaar kregi…

  12. Honestly have u guys gone mad this is just a serial. I admit the story line is disturbing but it shows another color of love in serials. If u are fed up of the drama ok stop watching or reading the updates. No one is forcing u to watch/read about it. No need to leave unnecessary comments hating about the serial. The people playing these characters are actors so what they show on tv in all part of their job. Extra marital affairs are very wrong and so person should experience it but our role as an audience isn’t to troll the actors on social media just because they are doing their jobs as actors. It’s more disgusting the amount of criticism and hate showered onto Nandini and kundal. And FYI I’m neither saying that extra marital affairs r good nor supporting it but the amount of criticism on their Instagram is just sick. Affairs happen a lot till today and hasn’t been much widely discussed on Indian television. The makers are showing what really happens in affairs and the amount of distress it causes. They are many women like mauli and we’ll c how they felt, struggled and still struggling with it. Sorry is this comment disturbed or offend you in any way. ❤️❤️

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Totally agree with you…
      99% are connecting reel life with real life and bad mouthing actors, which is wrong, they are actors who are playing their part, comment on character they are playing can be justified as they didn’t like character, but judging character with their real life is just stupidity and wrong…

  13. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s seems like the writers are obligated to have all characters participate in these ‘special’ episodes. If not, I honestly don’t see why Nandhini would come in the first place. Or perhaps they just brought her so that she can hear Chakor’s words and for the story to go on. I strongly believe the first if not we wouldn’t be seeing different characters come and say things out of place.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I think writers are not able to decide that turning point where they can take leap, and just they are dragging with festival.. I doubt that they can even show Diwali specail also…

  14. These cheater’s Kunal and Nandini deserve to drown in ocean of guilt for the rest of their lives. What kind of insensitive people they are! Never once they thought of sweet Mauli. The one who kept on thinking only about their well being and happiness.
    About Nandini, I don’t know what to think or say. All she does is crying and being physically close to Kunal. There is never a scene in which she hasn’t touched Kunal. Chipkali Nandini
    And Kunal, he is the dumbest character I’ve ever came across. What can he see in Nandini? Even Mauli asked him the same question after seeing him with Nandini for the first time and that man was speechless. Maybe coz even he couldn’t think what quality Nandini had got except weeping, getting dolled up, ditching best friend and hugging Kunal.

    1. I’d like to kill this Nandini if this were all real.. I understand ppl can make mistakes. But who would eat their own vomit? Ok.. even that can happen. But force others to do it too?

  15. This extra martial affair happened in marriage life and love life(before marriage). Mostly girls won’t share their husband/lover with other girl even if they fight. some people after misunderstanding they file divorce. They don’t give chance to their marriage and love. I hope nandini and kunal realize his mistakes. mauli accept kunal bcoz she truly love kunal. nandini did the same mistake like rajdeep. there is no difference between nandini and rajdeep character. both of them should realize their mistakes. This silsila will teach good lesson to people like nandini and kunal. no one will help their friends as mauli did.

  16. I feel what kunal feels for nandini is just attraction. All he liked about her is beauty and docile behavior. Soon he will realize his mistake that nandini will be never be his support, instead he has to be savior every now and then. That will be the time he will realize value of Mauli and it will be too late.

    I really love how this character mauli has been woven. One of the best character so far who knows to balance everything, emotional yet so practical. Hope she will be finding someone worthy of her soon and want to see kunal regretting to the core.

  17. Why should Mauli let go of Kunal???? Is the solution for any problem just a blunt cut off?? If Mauli leaves Kunal out of her frustration, he will happily stay with the tortoise faced Nandini. Who is the sufferer? Mauli again. Kunans love is not pure as they claim it to be. What is love without responsibility. Just like knowledge without wisdom leads to terrorism, love without responsibility leads to a confused society who can’t face a single problem and get out of relation without trying to solve any issue. Instead Mauli should first make Kunal and Mauli realise their mistake since it is a SIN for sure. And after that it’s her take if she wants to excuse Kunal or throw him out leaving him with a life full of ghar ka na ghar ka types. Why should she pave way for Kunans happiness by leaving them. It’s her right to be called Kunal wife and she should show her right and first throw away Nandini from their lives. After that it’s completely her call about what she does with Kunal. If she isn’t happy, she shouldn’t let the two culprits be happy.

  18. Nandini kitni cheap h pehle apni best friend ke husband se affair kar liya Phir mouli ko pata chalne par rone dhone ka drama kiya jaishe kitna dukhi ho mouli ke dukh se or ab to had ho gayi dono husband wife ko sath dekh kar jalan ho rahi h ishe hi kehte h chor ki dari me tinka lag raha Jo maine mouli ke sath kiya h kahi waisha hi mere sath na ho jaye
    Mouli ko kunal or nandini se revenge lena chahiye

  19. I wanted that all 3 should understand their mistakes as all 3 have betray each other. Though Nandini and Kunal is the worst betrayer still I will say Mauli still now should try to protect her marrage if she fell then she should definitely leave💔.
    ⭐Firstly Mauli use to busy with her work alws. Then kunal use to feel lonly still Mouli use to avoid his lonlyness and to get busy with her if she doesn’t care her husband’s lonlyness and run after money. In the starting many times Kunal use to get angry on her even he use to lock him in the bathroom for hours and she use to say simply sorry. She doesn’t even think that there benifit is not so important than her love Kunal. That was not her mistak.?
    ⭐Secondly when Kunal got a person who also want help, support and love then he to came close to her(Nandini) then also Mouli couldn’t understand that she taking herself towards trouble it was her big mistake. Previously she was also not secure with her marrage relation. Normally people who love her husband alws try to stay with her and jelous when they sees her with other women. Here Mouli use to share her every moment with Nandini and Kunal ever the Saree that Kunal gifted her, e Ben she use to share her food of love sign that Kunal gifted her , she say she know what he wanted to gift and gave it to Nandini .
    ⭐ Thirdly after overcoming all this Nandini fall in love then also Mouli haven’t understand her husband. Actually she doesn’t know her husband she coun’t understand her husband whom she love.
    ❄️🔥I am not saying that Kunal and Nandini has done wright but I am saying that Mouli herself is responsible for all this.Kunal is also responsible but first Mouli then Kunal as Moulis avoidness lead Kunal towards other women.
    ❤️I love all 3 actor and actress and don’t want them to seperate apart and they should save their love and friendship relation.💣💞💟💖

    1. shaniya Patel

      you are one among very few people who wants to see Nadini and kunal together

    2. all 3 have ‘betrayed’ each other? When did Mauli betray anyone… Excuse me, Mouli was not running after money, she is not greedy. she was trying to set up the clinic which was Kunal’s dream, not hers. You are putting all blame on Mauli… If Kunal got attracted to other woman, its because his love was weak. Good riddance. Mauli should never try to get him back

  20. Nandini must leave kunal and mauli must give divorce to kunal. Let kunal run after nandini but mauli should not accept him as he just thinks for nandini and doesn’t love mauli. I have already left watching this show just read spoilers but still story is the same so don’t want to watch.

  21. Nandini is so selfish .. bhul gyi vo jb rajdip kisi or orat k sath hota tha to use ksa feel hota tha .. to mauli ko ksa lagta hoga .. she is so selfish

    1. Anjali Sharma

      exactly jab rajdeep jesse unloving abusive sade hue aadmi k kisi or k sath hone pe she was jealous mauli ka toh pyra sa ghar sansar ujad dia is bewakoof ki bacchhi ne!!

  22. Anjali Sharma


    Silsila: Mauli loses hope in her marriage… Nandini gets upset when she sees Mauli with Kunal. The people compliment Kunal and Mauli for their growing love. They pretend happy in front of everyone. Nandini can’t think of leaving from Kunal’s life, since she is mad about him. Kunal meets her and tells her that he is her love forever. He assures her of their togetherness and ends her insecurities. Dida stops Kunal from going to drop Nandini home. Dida feels Mauli has done a lot for Nandini and invited problems in her family. Kunal misses Nandini and chats her with. Mauli feels hurt knowing about Kunal and Nandini’s night chats. She sees Kunal sleeping and helps him lie property. She gets his phone and checks the chats. She gets disturbed reading the messages.

    Kunal has decided that he loves Nandini now. He doesn’t care for Dadi’s request to mend his relation with Mauli. He isn’t in love with his wife now. He wants to settle down with Nandini.

    Kunal isn’t a perfect husband and this got evident now. He wants to be loyal to Nandini now. He failed to be loyal to Mauli. Kunal feels he never wanted to cheat Mauli. He doesn’t want to be with Mauli and embarrass her more. He feels guilty. He wants to move on with Nandini and have a family. Kunal and Nandini have much inclination towards each other. He feels sorry for Mauli. He thinks to fulfill Nandini’s dreams. He forgets that Mauli has done everything for his dreams.

    Dida stops Kunal from meeting Nandini. She sends Mauli with him. Kunal returns home to avoid the awkward moment. Mauli thinks to forgive Kunal, but she takes the step back when she finds him madly in love with Nandini. She understands that Kunal has gone too far and will never return to her. She gets frustrated while keeping the relation for Dida’s happiness.

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