Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti hugs Rohan

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer comes to Mishti and Rohan. He says it’s not fair, he wanted to color her but Rohan already did that. Mishti replies I am sorry. Veer says it’s alright, it’s none of her mistake; he complains Rohan did wrong to him. It should have been me first. Mishti walks away.
The next morning, Mishti still wipes the color off her face. Sukhmani comes in and says this color can’t go so easily. It was their first Holi, and Veer’s color can’t go so easily. She complains of a head ache, and says she was so drunk she didn’t understand what happened. Radhika made an extremely strong Thandai, then remembers she had mixed Vodka in it. Mishti silently wipes the color off. Sukhmani teases it’s the color of Veer’s love. Mishti says this color was applied by Rohan not Veer. She just hate him, he is so irritating. Sukhmani says she also doesn’t like him much. Mishti was relieved that finally someone values her judgment. She requests Sukhmani to ask Dadi send him away. Sukhmani says she is her best friend, still she doesn’t listen to her much. Mishti asks why she doesn’t like her anyway. Sukhmani says it’s because Rohan doesn’t value her at all. Mishti smiles. Sukhmani asks Mishti it seems Pari is a good friend with Rohan, but is it only friendship. Mishti says it’s about Pari, she would only friend zone anyone. Sukhmani says she can now tell Arnav to keep on trying. Mishti was happy and says Arnav is really a nice guy. Sukhmani says Arnav also got a tattoo of Pari. Mishti says Pari and Arnav seem to be made for each other, they must wait for the time Pari can realize her love for Arnav. Both ladies believe this will happen soon.
Mishti gets a call from Veer for meeting in the evening. Mishti apologizes as she has an important meeting, and back to back with the vendors and clients. Veer says alright, he will make a plan with his friends. Mishti apologizes as she is totally packed. Veer says it’s alright, he didn’t mind. Mishti feels bad for the Holi event and Veer’s request. She texts Veer she will definitely make it upto him.
Pari was watering the plants in the balcony. Rohan comes there and watch her in some deep thought. He calls her name to point towards spilling water. Pari smiles. Rohan says the plant would die if over watered. Pari asks if he has studied botany as well, he and Mishti know everything. Rohan asks Pari who is he. Pari doesn’t remember. Rohan says Pari asked him if two friends can fell in love. Pari drops the water pot out of shock, she doesn’t remember asking anything. She says sometimes she speaks insensibly, he must forget about it. Rohan asks if she really doesn’t remember anything. She said a lot to him but didn’t tell his name. Pari laughs that it was Arnav who fed her with all this. She was drunk as well, and must have said a lot of vulgar things. One thing is a fact, she doesn’t believe in love. For her, everyone is only a friend. Rohan holds her hand before she could leave. Rohan says to be able to love is the best feeling in the world, she shouldn’t complicate if she really loves someone. She must understand every relationship starts with love, sitting with the person and not realizing the passing time, and if someone understands her unspoken matters it means she belongs to him unknowingly. She must value him. Pari turns to look at Rohan. He now turns to walk away, then returns, holds Pari by shoulders and says whoever he is, he is extremely lucky. She shouldn’t friend zone him, just go with the flow. They give a fist up.
Ansh’s friends discuss they are going outstation with their girlfriends. They then tease Ansh, and annoys him for being beaten by a girl. They say he spends a whole day with his sisters, then suggests about making a dating ID for him. Ansh was happy to see ten requests. His friend sends dating request to a girl. His friend wanted to watch him a video, but Ansh wasn’t interested and says he has to study. The friends forcefully make him watch the video.
At home, Pari and Arnav were playing video game. Pari forbids him to cheat. He is losing intentionally. Arnav says she seems to be the first person who wants to lose. Pari says she only wants to win fairly. Arnav says he is only losing from his friend. Pari asks Arnav if she was extremely drunk yesterday, Rohan said she asked him if a friend can love a friend. Arnav says he daily tells her he loves her. Pari says she isn’t talking about that love, but the one which Mishti and Veer do to each other.
Mishti stood ready with candles lit around. She wish Veer likes it. Someone clicks the door. Mishti turns the lights off and hugs Veer and kiss his cheek. He place his hand over hers. Mishti was intimate and holds him close by neck. She says I love you with closed eyes. The lights are turned on. Mishti opens her eyes and was taken aback to see Rohan. Rohan stood in a state of shock. Veer had turned the lights on and finds Rohan and Mishti close to each other.

PRECAP: Pari asks why Mishti seems so tensed. Mishti tells Pari it was a huge goof-up. She went to Veer’s house to surprise him. But she instead hugged Rohan by mistake. Pari and Mishti have breakfast. Pari wonders if its good to be independent or bad. Mishti casually says its fine. She discuss her plan to go shop for Rohan and buy a good saree for his mother as well. Pari asks why there is Rohan all over her mind

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I was surprised that there was no comment on 27 march episode, show is losing its viewers as I believe story is same just this time Kunal role is being played by Misty as somewhere she is repeating same thing, her heart is falling in love with Ruhaan but she kept telling her mind that she is in love with Veer…. Ruhaan behaviour confuses me, as he is shown cool and calm infront of Pari and act weired infront of misty (may be becoz he know he is worng for getting attract towards friends fianace or may be something else)… I like pari honesty as she is almost clear about everything, she told Aranav about being just friends (not giving him false hope) and her liking for Ruhaan…

  2. Finally mishti getting affected by ruhaan…

  3. Does no one else feel that ruhaan is a creepy guy? He went to his friend’s house, found the room dark but decorated and lighted with candles, and then his friend’s fiancee hugging from behind. He knew mishti wouldnt be doing all this for him. Yet he stood there and let mishti hug him, kiss him and just when was he going to open his mouth? I dont like ruhaan anymore. Mishti misunderstood the situation and ruhaan took advantage of it. Forget love, he is attracted to mishti and thats it. He shows more concern and care for pari’s feeling than he ever does for mishti. Does he care how mishti will feel when she finds out its him and not veer? What the hell

    1. I agree, Ruhaan should have stopped Misthi…..I too feel he is just attracted!!

    2. I agree with ur words…but this is what the CVS shows in the serials…have u ever watched ishqbaaz..bcoz in that also shivaay misunderstoods annika as tia and hugs her..even annika doesn’t says a word… and yahi baath ruhaan ki i know frst he got attracted towards her but he is staying in her house from many days I feel about thak mishti ki character nd nature jaan chuka hoga..?

    3. Totally agree! Veer is good looking, well mannered and kind to everyone, but this Ruhaan dude is just another creep. If he had any decency he would tell Veer the truth about being attracted to his fiance, but instead he is letting Veer include him in everything so that he can stay close to Mishti. The writers will never show the girl being in love with the decent guy

  4. I agree with ur words…but this is what the CVS shows in the serials..have u ever watched ishqbaaz in that shivaay also misunderstoods annika as tia and hugs that time annika also doesn’t say a word..coming to ruhaan..I know he first got attracted to mishti..but he is staying in her house from so many days till now he would have understood her character..

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