Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli brings Nandini home

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajdeep was stopped as Kunal stood outside confronting him. He held Nandini’s hand in a tight grip. Kunal pulls his collar and says he wish he was a goon like Rajdeep, his hand could also be raised. But if he dare raise even a voice at any of this girl he would not leave him worth admitted in any hospital of the city. Rajdeep says he isn’t afraid of him. Kunal dares him raise his voice on any of this girls, he would not only hit him but call the police and get him to jail for five straight years. He tells him to leave Nandini’s arm. Rajdeep leaves Nandini who at once hugs Mauli. Rajdeep tells Kunal to take her if he is fond of social service. Who would opt her tomorrow? She isn’t loyal to anyone if not her husband, they won’t be able to bear her burden for a lifetime. Mauli insists

they are family, like sisters. Rajdeep says even sisters never live together for a lifetime. Mauli takes the responsibility of Nandini as she will live with her. Kunal says we will take care of her. Rajdeep claps wishing them luck. He warns Kunal what if she turns into a burden that can neither be taken care of nor be get over with. He walks away.
At home, Mamma and Dida were making arrangements at home and decorating the house all over. Dida comes out asking Pramila to hurry up. Pramila asks why they are decorating the house. Dida says today they met their daughter in law, Kunal brought Mauli to meet them. His father had died some time ago and they were all upset, Mauli filled their house with love and happiness. They celebrate the day since then. She makes Pramila hang the toren. Pramilla asks where they both are. Dida says they must be busy with work, but this will make surprise more exciting. Pramilla hurries as she hears the doorbell ring. Dida tells her to let them both enter the house together.
Mauli and Kunal bring Nandini to their apartment. Nandini says she feels a little awkward. Mauli says its her friend’s house, she must be rightful. They won’t be worried at all.
Dida and Mamma hurry excitedly towards the door with flowers in hands.
Mauli tells Nandini she will soon turn to be favorite of Mamma and Dida. Nandini says Mauli speaks anything. They walk towards the door. Mauli goes to correct the name plate outside their apartment. As soon as the door of house opens, the toren fell over Nandini and Kunal’s necks. Everyone shouts a surprise from inside and throw flowers over them. Mauli drops the name plate right then. Kunal and Nandini try to get the toren off, Nandini steps over the Rangoli at the door steps meanwhile. Dida wonders where Mauli is. Mauli walks from behind and comes to help Kunal and then Nandini with the toren. Nandini apologizes Mauli and notices she ruined the Rangoli as well. Mauli smiles saying she will recreate it. She shows how the whole house is ready to welcome her. Dida wonders how this third person came in. Mauli introduces Nandini to Mamma, Dida and Pramilla as her childhood friend. Kunal points it’s the Kheer wali friend. Mamma smiles in recognition. Kunal sends Mauli and Nandini to guest room. Dida was shocked to see Nandini’s feet left marks of color of floor. Kunal tells the ladies that Nandini will stay with them for some time, she has been problem stricken. Dida asks if problem stricken or a problem herself, she spoilt everything. Kunal says they will explain about it later and goes to sleep.
At night, Mauli apologizes Dida and Mamma for not taking their permission. The situation was such that they had no time. She shares with them that Nandini’s parents have passed away. Mamma comforts Mauli that this matter will be solved in time. She asks to have breakfast right now, she has prepared poori cholay. Mauli was at once thoughtful what was the event, then remembers its her home coming day. She met them on this day; and today Nandini also met them on the same day. Dida was unhappy by Nandini’s home stormy home coming. Mauli laughs and asks which daily soup Dida is following these days. Dida replies it’s the one where the daughter in law plans the murder of her mother in law, and there is even a storm in the house. Mauli suggest Dida to become the writer of a daily soup.
Mauli comes to Nandini’s room and asks what she was thinking. Nandini says she wonders if she has come as a burden over Mauli. Mauli says they eat the kheer of her name each year and questioned her regularly about Nandini. They know her. She says Kunal is supportive and is always her side, husbands must be like this. Nandini says she never dreamt of leaving Rajdeep and her house. Mauli insists it was important, and Rajdeep may now realize his mistake. She clarifies Nandini won’t return until Rajdeep apologizes. Nandini says Mauli doesn’t know Rajdeep, his rage, his ego… Mauli asks Nandini what exactly happened that night. Nandini was haunted by the accident and breaks into a cry. Mauli calms her down and says she must tell her when she feels right. She asks Nandini to take rest, and offers to come to her room; they can send Kunal here. Nandini says she won’t at all be able to sleep that way. Mauli kiss her forehead and leaves. Nandini thinks if her decision about leaving Rajdeep and his house was the right one, what if she becomes a burden over Mauli and Kunal.

PRECAP: Rajdeep calls Nandini and warns her to return home by 10 o clock, after than he won’t spare anyone who is supporting her. Nandini was worried as Rajdeep will surely take an action. There was a bell at the door, Mauli calls Pramila to open the door. Nandini looks afraid.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. To makers, please don’t try to justify extra marital affairs as true or inspiring love story. Nandini shouldnt come in between mauli n kunal.

    1. I don’t think that’s what this is. After being abused for so many years, it’s only natural that Nandini would fall for the one man who is kind to her. You can’t control your heart from falling. If she act on it and try to ruin mauli and kunal’s relationship, THEN it would be wrong.

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