Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 26th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Dida forces Mauli and Kunal give a chance to their marriage

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 26th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal assures Nandini that they must fight the society. They are together for a new beginning now and will stay by each other forever. They hug each other.

There, Dida requests Mauli to give another chance to her marriage with Kunal.

The next morning, Kunal brings tea for Nandini. He claims it can beat her kheer. Nandini looked upset and place her head over his shoulder. Kunal promises he won’t leave her now, he is right here with her. He must only go out at night, its Navratri and they will go out for Pooja. The doorbell rings, Kunal opens the door. Mamma stood outside. Kunal invites her inside. Mamma says she had to give him a news, else she wouldn’t have come to this door ever. She says Dida had a heart attack. Kunal was taken aback. Mamma replies that may be

it happened when Kunal was too busy here. She asks if Kunal is ready to come along. Else she can also live without her son, like Dida did. Kunal assures Nandini to return soon. Nandini shuts the door thinking Kunal will return over her single call, she needn’t be afraid.

Kunal comes to Dida. Mauli turns to leave but Dida holds her hand. She asks what happened to them in a few days. No marriage is easy, everything in life get rusted, walls get damaged then why can’t marriage go through bad times. She complains they didn’t share with their elders about filing a divorce as well. Kunal and Mauli stop Dida from pulling off her cannula and machines. Dida says if they wish she lives for some time, they must give a chance to their marriage.

Kunal must return home and at least give full chance to their marriage in their last month. She questions what kind of doctors they are, doctor strives till last breath to fight an ailment then why can’t they treat their marriage? Mauli only stood silently. Kunal was speechless. Dida was aggressive over the reaction, her condition worsens. Mauli and Kunal ask her to get relax. Dida was happy that they had agreed. She asks Mamma to decorate the house for Navratri like they do each year. Mauli leaves the room. Kunal recalls his promise to Nandini.

Outside, Kunal comes to Mauli. He speaks about Dida’s wish. Mauli tells him not to worry, they are both aware that they will do it for Dida. Soon, Dida will realize their marriage has ended, it can’t be healed. One month is nothing, Kunal stayed with her for months while betraying her. At least now, he will be freed from guilt of lying to her. Before leaving the room, Mauli allows Kunal to visit Nandini anytime he wish to. She won’t object. All her objections, hopes and rights are finished.

In the evening, Mauli was getting ready in the room. Kunal opens the wardrobe. Mauli says its empty, one of his Kurta was left here. It’s in the guest room, he may wear it. She says staying in a single room is important, not sharing the room. Kunal apologizes Mauli, only this apology can give him courage to look into her eyes. He requests her to look into his eyes but tears fill Mauli’s eyes, she doesn’t look up at Kunal. Kunal turns to walk away but Mauli’s dress stick over his bandage. Mauli turns around, both share a look. Kunal was about to remove her dress but she pulls it with a jerk. When Kunal has left, Mauli forces herself to get ready and do some makeup. While she was applying sindoor she recalls Kunal’s claims of love for Nandini. She cries and place the sindoor back.

PRECAP: Dida make a guest click photo of Kunal and Mauli doing Pooja together. Dida forwards the photo to Nandini.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. dida is u dida

  2. It is not clear from the update, but did Nandini know Dida had a heart attack? Even then her only worry is Kunal will come with her one call? Sigh. What to say. I have only one wish. I dont want someone to abuse Nandini so that Kunal comes running again. No slapping, no beating, no blood… nothing. Please. What does Nandini do her whole day anyway? Do something and earn some self-respect at least.
    Today it seems there were more scenes of Mauli. Poor woman. She is being forced into this farce. she will have to see Kunal every day, break every day, and still pretend to be fine for Dida. And dida has resorted to cheap tricks too. What is this childishness of sending photos to Nandini? She thinks Nandini will back away seeing it? No, she will only feel more insecure and most probably act more bechari to draw Kunal towards her.
    Sometimes, i feel if Mauli demands Kunal to stay with her, Kunal wont have the guts to say no. Spineless man. But he will continue to see Nandini behind her back and neither will Nandini have a problem.

    1. Dear Nandini cries full day and fills water tank of society ,this is her full time work , that’s why society person doesn’t care what she does

    2. Nandini knew what happened to dida. Kunal also stressed the point that dida was unwell. She told him to go visit. Later her monologue starts. Kunal will come running if I call one time. No concern for the family who gave her shelter. She just wants her and kunal. Rest all can go to hell. She doesn’t give a damn about her friend, why will she care about dida?

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I wonder what type of doctors are Mouli and Kunal (i know they are not specialist but than also) they can’t figure out that Dida is faking heart attack, i mean its so easy to guess with her voice, sitting way and her actions 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    2. Dida is very wrong in her move, I know she want Kunal and Mouli to come together, but her way will cost 3 lives, as she indirectly giving mental pain to Mouli..

    3. Ishq me marjawa cast in silsila is coming, where Aarohi will give tips to Mouli for making kunal to come back on track, and my laughter😁😁😁😁😁😁😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 is not stopping since i saw in sbs and read on spoilers, i mean how can aarohi give advice to moulu as she herself is not able to make deep on proper track, infect they both are behind each other life for each other death😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

    4. Make Nandini in old looks, this look scare me and if rajdeep character ended now??

    5. Writers stop dragging show…

    1. Really? Arohi will come and advise Mauli? This news really made me laugh. Even two days before Arohi was thinking she will kill Deep. Now she will give tips on relationship! They could have brought Zoya again, since she faced something similar. But Arohi! And when will Arohi get the time, she is always getting kidnapped or planning to kidnap someone else. The precap of immj showed Arohi tied to a funeral pile and getting burnt .In her own show she doesnt get to talk properly with anybody, so she will come and distribute gyan here. lol. Sorry, but i get so triggered now a days whenever i hear ishq mein marjawan, and specially Arohi.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Yes, aarohi, deep, adhaya and jai many more are coming on Navratri special episodes… And I read on spoilers that Aarohi tips on bringing Husband on track will encourage Mouli to make Kunal come back on track …. And its most laughter dose : cry cry drame me laughter😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  4. This nandhini is so much mean n selfish, she didn’t even care for dida at least for courtesy sake she should have asked how is she BT madam thinking yuck tho chi what a woman she is shameless, mauli mauli mauli what a slap to Kunal yaar proud of u my Dr, so this is Crystal clear that mauli won’t give chance to Kunal even that mahan nandhini leave from their life, am proud to tell am a mauli fan seriously such a fantastic character love u mauli u deserve happiness don’t cry for these useless people ma

    1. The update wasnt clear weather she knew about it or not so dint jump on conclusion thank you

      1. Well I saw the episode. Nandini clearly heard what happened to dida. Kunal told her dida ki health theek nahi Hain. She said okay visit and come. I’ll be waiting. Then when he goes away she’ll start selfishly wondering will he be back by tonight and then later reassures herself by saying Kunal will come running to me if I make a single call. There ya go. No jumping to conclusions. Stating what transpired between the characters by seeing the episode.

  5. Btw, Mauli said Kunal will be freed from the guilt of lying to her. Someone inform Mauli that Kunal never felt guilty. and neither did Nandini. Someone should also tell her that Kunal had been physically intimate with Nandini while he stayed with her. And next morning told Nandini that they did nothing wrong. In fact, someone should tell all this to Dida also. She is being selfish too, trying to repair her broken home no matter how much it pains Mauli. Dida just doesn’t understand that a woman’s self-respect is more important than trying to save a broken marriage and compromise with a cheating husband.

  6. Really painful episode. I literally cried when mouli tried to apply sindoor. She really act well. Each expression she nailed it.

  7. Idiot dida… Stupid.. How can she force them…. Finished is finished… He is good with his life…. Mauli also…. She makes us feel sorry.. Idiot dida

  8. Dida is sooo stupid… She can’t force anyone…

  9. Current track is inspire from Kehne ko toh humsafar hain. Usme bhi jaan bujhke aise hi photo bhejti hain. Hadh hain makers ki toh and Dida is too much why she is forcing Mouli and Nandini should know about Dida’s condotion. They are creating mess.

  10. Dida is doin very wrong to mauli, she will aso perform Shaadi for Kunal n mauli both are unhappy, I think after leap Kunal n mauli have loveless marriage and again nandhini entry n same old story bla bla, I think makers won’t justify our mauli yaar

  11. How this Kunal is not having any guilt at all….even nandhini…they r not thinking of Mauli .it seems they r least bothered abt Mauli..look at d way how nandhini is expecting love from Kunal when Kunal is saying I l b Wth u forever…and even she should think of Mauli once ..that too a true friend who did sooooooo much to her….I m not criticising nandhini but here she is behaving selfish I feel..ND even Kunal…

  12. Anyway Mauli should get divorce from this person…Kunal won’t deserve Mauli…

  13. f**k you b*t*h Nandini Cursing you from bottom of many girls heart ,n the directors of this show you will learn only when your man cheats on you;

  14. DannyComments

    Well..Dida is petty..but I guess she is just trying to save a doomed relation..Oh My beautiful Nandini..hang in there..if Kunal is truly yours..Well.. he will come back to you..hopefully as long as these writers allow it.

  15. So many things happened. But there was no a single scene where nandini thinks about mouli.
    Mouli was her best friend.nandini clearly knows mouli and kunal were happily married couple she has snatched kunal from mouli.
    Does not nandini feel little what had happened to mouli.why she did not speak a single word about mouli with kunal.

    What a selfish shameless character.

    Nandini is really happy now and ready to move towards life.poor mouli is suffering all her life not knowing a proper reason from her side for this pain.facing the life with pain carrying inside for others sake.

    1. We can’t control feelings and emotions I understand. When we marry we make a commitment to that person. Its like u love salman khan and totally obsess over him romantically but u don’t leave ur partner for that. These 2 kunal and nandini were attracted to each other. Kunal should have held himself back and nandini same. Yes he is handsome but he is marries to my sister. I can’t do that to her. I love my wife I’ve made a commitment to her I can’t do that. These 2 have made their own world.. Honestly I think mauli needs to tell nandini to back off. Make her feel insecure like nandini did to her. And if mauki and kunal get back together I would be most happy. Marriages can be healed… They need to show a therapy track. The way this is going I don’t think I would shelter any friend in my house! They even showed their cheater friend back in his married life again happy. They should be able to do the same as long as bechari nandini can protect herself. She became a ninja one episode and now back to helpless women that needs kunal. Garbage story line. Not one ounce of maybe this is wrong

  16. Hate this show now, Kunal and Nandini are s*xually frustrated losers, mean, opportunists

  17. It is happy to see nandini knows that she is the .’ other woman.’ in kunals life.she does not bother being so she never questioned where kunal is going.not only in this instance but when kunal went to meet mouli after the accident too.she does not want him to live with her forever she just wanted kunal to come once she called.she talled mouli too she just wanted an companion.she does not care whether her lover belongs to someone else.
    She never asked from kunal to get separate from mouli and kunal too not shown any intention of doing so.there were lot of time they happily playing hide and seek with mouli.they only promised to be with each other but not talked about seperation from mouli.
    Mouli is the one who took steps for seperation
    So why nandini worries about what society speaks.she should clearly knows what is her status in society being the ‘ other woman. ‘ of kunal.
    Dida is so pitty.she thinks nandini will shatter strong mouli and kunal together.why nandini should shatter.she was seeing the happy couple since long.what is the difference now.if kunal comes to her at once she calls that’s all.
    This show gives the full respect and courage to the ‘ other women. ‘ of

  18. U ppl r really disappointed from d dida’s step but I think she is trying to realize nandini dat kunal and mauli r made for each other nd u r d 3rd person on their life. May be kunal can realize his mistakes in diz 30 day’s dat he did wrong with mauli. Anything can happen guy’s. But maker’s r not fools to drag d story right….. there could bee something positive may happen on d upcoming episode.
    Second thing some ppl said dat Nandini will turn a business women in d upcoming episode’s , how funny guy’s….. this can’t happen bcz she can’t handle herself And always prefer sitting under shower for all sin’s and mistake’s she did, so… can anyone think she can handle a business also. But one thing I can say she can disturb kunal nd mauli life forever nothing good she can do with dat bechari face

  19. Silent reader

    Oh my goodness can someone help Nandini to get her brains. TF she is so annoying. All that she cares rn is Kunal. And Kunal is a spineless guy. Like seriously dude after all the mess you guys hv created all that u rmbr nw is the promise u made to Nandini? What about the promises u made to Mauli? U care fr Nandini so much so pls just gt the hell out of Mauli’s life. At least would be able to move on peacefully w/o seeing your face. Bringing in Arohi n Deep fr what? As if their marital life is so perfect 😑 the only reason I’m watching this story is bcz of Mauli’s character. Hope she will get what she actually deserves n nt any shitty patch ups with the cheater Kunal.

  20. Kunal cheated mouli now people are expecting mouli to forgive him and start to live with him like nothing has ever happened !!! No mouli doesn’t deserve a cheater husband she should leave Kunal and start living her life on her own ,so far her character shown like a independent ,brilliant a perfect blend of everything. Her husband broke her trust by betraying her its not her fault don’t force her to be with Kunal and in new promo everyone is trying to save their marriage what a joke!!! Silsila show stands apart from other typical lame serials for it’s different concept and the way story progress so don’t change it like other typical serials. Just show how a woman can live a successful and happy life even after a broken marriage.
    Note: All actors are doing a fabulous job thier acting is just super.

  21. Khyati Madaan

    Oh lets just accept this that we will nvr get to c mauli and kunals union….
    Coz kunal is simply concerned abt nandini. He is thinking abt the promise ,d to nandini bt wt abt the promise md to mauli during the tym of marriage…..
    We will get to see nandini and kunals romantic lv story with nandinis abla naari face….😡😡

  22. the last scene was so heart touching..
    mauli was forcing herself to get ready, forcing herself to fake a happy life with her husband for the next one month.. i really hope they don’t drag this one month drama a lot.. if kunal has decided that he wants nandhini, doesn’t he have the guts to tell dida that he no more wanted to live with mauli.. there can’t be no excuse that if he tells something then didia’s condition will deteriorate! come on! he has always been the coward and never had courage to accept his sins, if he is so sure of his feeling for nandhini, then take a step for her or at least let her know about the things going in his home..

    the truth is that he is playing with everyone’s emotions here..

    nandhini.. a strict family, a dominating husband, losing her child and the guilt of unable to protect it, the insults of society has made her blind and i seriously feel that she needs medication because before at least it was shown that she is feeling a bit guilty and thinks about mauli but now kunal’s so called love has made her blind that she doesn’t even want to think about dida? there is no way that she is going to realize her mistakes and wrong decisions after this because she has reached a position where she is not caring about society or anyone and only wants the love from kunal..

    i would love to see if kunal starts really supporting nandhini and trying to give her the proper medications needed to make her overcome the trauma and make her believe in herself and in this journey of nandhini where she will discover her own flaws and realize that she has hurt mauli and kunal also feels guilty and mauli also missing her friend and husband but still unable to forget their betrayal and living a successful life masking her pain..

    uff! i have so many expectations!! don’t know how the story is going to proceed and the spoilers are so disappointing..

    has rajdeep’s character really ended? though i hated rajdeep, i really liked the actor who was playing that character..
    is there any chance that they might change it? it is very difficult to watch at 11.00 pm

  23. Nowadays her acting too annoying like her character nandhini ji grow up always wants someone to hold her sick of her Dida good going Kunal I can’t bear your two face

  24. Not interested in Nandini’s journey.they dont want to show.powerful mauli. Just nandini other woman. So disgusting!

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