Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 26th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti convince Pari that she doesn’t love Rohan

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 26th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari says she knows Mishti also loves Rohan. Had she known, she would never have fallen for Rohan and stopped her feelings from elevating. She won’t come between her or Rohan ever. Mishti is the most important person in her life, more than her love. Mishti turns her face away, and asks Pari how she even thought she can fall in love with Rohan. She and Rohan are like earth and skies, which can never meet. Sometimes only we can see the two meet, but it’s an illusion. But Rohan isn’t her type. Her eyes fill in tears while she says she can never love Rohan. Pari turns her towards herself, and forbids her to lie at all. She can’t dodge her. Mishti poses quizzical, and asks Arnav to explain to Pari. She doesn’t love that idiot, how Pari would understand. Pari strictly says Rohan isn’t an idiot. Mishti comes to teasing Pari for being protective. No matter what Pari feels for Rohan, but he would always be an idiot for her. She says Pari is aware of their situation, they speak to each other now but that’s also because of Pari. Pari was badly effected whenever they fought, but she can’t hurt Pari. It’s a minor, stupid misunderstanding; because Rohan is a mere PG for her. Pari wasn’t ready to believe in whatever Mishti says, she plays the photos of them together. Mishti watches the photo and texts Rohan, he wonders what kind of a question this is. She plays some other pictures of Rohan, with Dadi and Sukhmani and asks if these photos also show that Dadi, Sukhmani or Arnav love Rohan as well.

Rohan wonders what Mishti means by asking, who is she?

Mishti says Rohan is a sweet guy, but this doesn’t mean everyone is in love. Mishti turns her phone off. Mishti explains to Pari that she can’t even call Rohan as her friend. She speaks to him and even likes him, but only because of Pari. She asks Pari where she got the photo. Pari says Veer sent this. Mishti complains that Veer is trying to hurt her by turning Pari bitter towards her. Pari asks what about the photos. Mishti says that Rohan’s car was away for servicing, she was passing by and thought about giving him some lift from his studio. There Rohan was furious as the model didn’t understand the poses, she helped Rohan. She says she was excited to be clicked by a famous photographer, honestly. She says Pari must ask Rohan herself when he is back from Nasik. She questions who clicked this photo, and if Veer did then why he didn’t confront her and Rohan there. Because, Veer wanted to twist the matter for Pari. Pari’s phone bell rings. Mishti teases that she texted him, and he is calling Pari. Rohan asks Pari which wine she would like him to bring, white or red; then decides himself that she likes red wine. He wonders how he must ask about Mishti, then asks which flavor Mishti likes. Pari tells Rohan to speak to Mishti, she is already here. Mishti doesn’t let Rohan speak, instead says whichever wine he likes, red or white would work. She then asks Rohan who is Pari for him. He was quizzical. Mishti says she and Pari are playing a game, and he is on speakers. Rohan says Pari is a good friend, very special, someone he can share anything without hesitation, his beer buddy whose company he enjoys. Mishti asks Rohan who is she to him? Mishti prays for God’s side, as it’s a risk asking the question. Rohan was silent. Pari tells Rohan to speak. Rohan says she is the wild sister of his good friend. Mishti says Rohan is an idiot. She cuts the call. Rohan thinks there is something wrong with Mishti, she behaves weird.

Mishti convince Pari that she has heard the truth from Rohan herself. Arnav clutches Pari that he has been explaining this to her since evening. Pari hugs Mishti. Mishti wipes her tears. Mishti says she is still in a disbelief that Pari was going to spoil her life because of a misunderstanding. She takes Pari’s promise that she would share any such thing with her in future, instead of making plans of takeoff silently. Mishti asks Arnav if the celebration isn’t due. Arnav leaves the room.

Mishti sits with Pari and asks if Rohan proposed her? Pari says he didn’t. He wrote a card of I love you for her and Dadi found it before her. Mishti says she never knew Rohan was so shy. She advises Pari not to propose Rohan herself. They must first know each other and spend some quality time, and afterwards if he still doesn’t propose her, she can. Mishti offers to know what’s going on in his mind for her. Pari agrees to Mishti that they must know each other. Mishti asks Pari not to tell Rohan ever about whatever was between her and Pari, or with Veer. This would make Rohan uncomfortable. Arnav brings three beer bottles. They cheer for Rohan and Pari.

Mishti says there has been enough tension. She is drained out and wants some fresh air. She turns to leave. Pari holds Mishti’s hand and tries to explain her intention was… Mishti says she knows her intention was right, she only trusted the wrong person. She shouldn’t do this again and get worried over a petty matter. The sisters hug once again. Mishti leaves the house with a heavy heart, hiding all her pains and tears.

It was night. Mishti beat the door of Veer’s apartment. Naina opens the door. Mishti walks inside calling Veer. Veer’s father appears from his room. Veer comes to the hall.

PRECAP: Veer says he is surprised, she claims to be Pari’s sister still she couldn’t see love in Pari’s eyes. Mishti warns him to stay away from her family, else none would be worse for him. Rohan speaks to Mishti on phone that staying away from her means 172800 sec. He must speak to Dadi tonight.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. One thing I didn’t understood mishty taking own decisions, Pari also finally dadi also taking her own decision…. Yeh 3 ladkiya paagal hey kya ruhaan ko koye nahi puchega kya vo ruhaan ko teddy banaya….

    Ab mishty sacrifice karegi pari ke liye and ruhaan ko bhi convince karegi…. Pari aur ruhaan ki marriage or engagement…..
    After that mishty aur ruhaan apna feelings ko nahi rok payega….. Then pari feels cheated….. Kyun ki pari ko sach nahi batana…… Jaysa makers ne first justify karega s1 se compare karne ka aur tittle se match bhi hoga?

    Iss show ko abh fast farwarad se dekhata hu….. May be kuch dino ke badd nahi dekhunga……. Kya fayeda story ko extend karne ka abh story day by day boring hey?‍♀️

    Tittle se match karo but plz don’t repeat the same story as s1 for to match??


  2. DannyComments

    No. This is wrong. This is worse than than married spouse do not decieve your family for anything thing. This isn’t love..knowing fully well Rohan doesn’t love your sister? You would gladly force her into a loveless relationship? Nooo. Pari will never forgive her if she finds out the truth..if anything it might make Pari think Misti really wanted her revenge…this is so sad!!! Poor Rohan…after everything, you are being thrown away like a rag poor soul.

    1. Misthti.. For what she did no one will show sympathy.. Instead I got very irritated by her over action…
      She can easily handle the situation and feel everyone happy even Pari if she knew about ruhan and misthi love she can easily moveon ..but this misthti ..everyone is in pain because of misthi.. I used to watch the show only because to see Ruhan and mishti pair
      But now everyone in pain veer, will get Pari,ruhan,and family because of mishti
      over action

  3. Is ruhan a toy? Whose feelings cannot be considered? Or who can manipulate his feelings according to situation?
    Misthi -you should have kept silence but no she has to become mahan
    So she just pushed her feelings
    So stupid girl and disgusting serial
    They just want to stretch matter and do more episodes etc.
    They have good chance to show something different which is very uncommon in other serials but no they did same like other serials
    Now Pari is thinking like she loves ruhann and ruhaam too loves her
    And misthi i am hell angry on her
    Firstly she said yes to marry veer and the back off and now she has made all plan to ditch ruhaan in name of her sister’s happiness
    And what about ruhaan ?
    You are such an idiot and confusing girl misthi
    You don’t know what u want to do and always ends up doing wrong thing


    Mishti is creating more problems between her and Pari and everyone in this serial is selfish but except Arnav he loves selflessly and I love the sukmani character so free minded no problems in her life so straight forward
    mostly everyone in this serial assumes things god thats what annoys me the most:(
    and like you guys I won’t say Ruhaan is not dood ka dola he didn’t even ask mishti if she wants to blo*dy get married so quick to him blo*dy so urgent to do stuff with mishti veer and mishti were knowing each other for 1 yr but ruhaan…

    and dadi radhika you really are annoying me nowdays:( back in mauli’s time you were more understanding but to her daughter nope and mishti is just giving herself more hurt extending more episodes and ruhaan wants to decrease episodes lol

    Pari in her own world and if mishti really cares for pari then don’t blo*dy lie for no reason because at the end of day your hurting all the usless characters sbrk except sukhmani and arnav!

  5. Geeti

    Wasn’t Arnav in love with pari?? Now he’s cheering to “ruhan & pari” ??

  6. Mishti is only creating more problems…Giving fake hopes to Pari…Not caring abt Ruhaan’s feelings. Lies on lies just to stretch the show.

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