Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 25th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Veer tells Mishti about Pari-Rohan

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 25th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti comes home and straight into her room. There was no one inside. She asks Radhika about Pari. Radhika says Pari came home a little while ago, she is at Arnav’s place as she was upset because of a fight with the client. She discusses with Mishti about going to Pandit tomorrow, Rohan has no family and they must arrange everything once he is back. Mishti asks why all this in a hurry. Radhika says we aren’t sure of life, she wants to see them all settled. Mishti thinks Rohan would clearly say a no to Dadi in this case. She convinces Radhika that they must give Pari and Rohan some time, they haven’t yet discussed with them about their relationship. And Rohan still lives as a PG, we must give him time to get a house for himself. Radhika agrees that she didn’t think about any of these. She tells Mishti to speak to them once they confess their love.

Veer’s father was busy drinking when he gets a call. Veer had come home and finds his father talking to someone about money, he asks why they are deterring him. Veer asks why he is disturbed but he leaves for an important work. Veer wonders why dad was so disturbed, then smirks about the highlight of the day, Mishti. He must give Mishti the good news that he made her task really easy.

Mishti comes to Rohan’s room. She thinks about her and Rohan’s times in the room. She hugs a shirt from Rohan’s wardrobe, then sits hugging one of the cushions in his room.

There, Arnav tells Pari not to speak to Mishti about it. If there is even one percent chance that whatever Veer said was a lie, what would Mishti think? Pari says she can’t step towards Rohan knowing all this. She would always feel the guilt that she snatched Mishti’s love. Arnav says Veer has been successful in doing what he intended to do. Pari was convinced she must speak to Mishti about it, in spite of Arnav’s warnings.

Mishti had reached outside Arnav’s house. She gets a call from Veer. She cuts the call but he calls again. Mishti was irritated then takes the call. Veer congratulates Mishti. Mishti says Veer has known what she intended to tell him. Veer says he doesn’t want a fight now. He only wants to tell her that the main villain of his life, Veer was out of her life easily. She hadn’t told him the whole matter that she didn’t want to marry him because she loved Rohan. He suggests Mishti that if she is fed up of Rohan as well, she shouldn’t betray Rohan and have an affair with someone else. Rohan won’t be able to handle himself as he only had Veer in his life. Mishti clarifies Veer was her past. Veer was stubborn that Mishti started this all. He asks Mishti how she will get rid of the second villain, Pari. Pari also loves Rohan. He wonders who Rohan is with, what if Rohan is dating both sisters. He laughs. Mishti tells him to shut up, Veer wasn’t in a mood to listen to her. He continues that Mishti and Rohan love each other, but life isn’t fair. He knew already that Pari loved Rohan, as Arnav told him. Pari was unaware of Mishti’s love for Rohan. He told Pari about her affair with Rohan, and Pari felt really bad. He even was pitiful for Pari, because Pari must have felt being betrayed by Mishti. Mishti was now shocked to hear this. His job is now done, Mishti can now anticipate what she has to do now. After the call, Veer thinks he is determined and won’t let Mishti be anyone’s. Pari is the most important thing in her life, and she must bid a good bye to her love now.

Mishti rings the doorbell of Arnav’s house. Arnav was shocked to see Mishti there. Mishti asks about Pari and comes to Arnav’s room. Pari sat on the bed, lost in deep thoughts while her face covered in tears. Both wipe each other’s tears. Mishti asks Pari where she had been all along, it’s a celebration day today. Pari hugs Mishti and cries. Mishti poses being quizzical about her tears, it’s after all a day for celebration. She has come to know that Pari loves Rohan. Pari tells Mishti she is aware Mishti also loves Rohan.

PRECAP: Pari says she must never have loved Rohan had she known Mishti also loves him. Mishti asks if Pari has seen the earth and sky meet. She can never love Rohan. Pari shouts at Mishti not to lie!

Update Credit to: Sona

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