Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 25th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunal’s partial memory loss

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 25th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The doctor also hurries to Kunal and asks if he is fine. Kunal asks what happened to him. The doctor asks his name, Kunal replies his name correctly, could count the fingers rightly, recognizes his mother, Dida but didn’t know about Pari. Pari smiled at Kunal and thinks as soon as her Buddy she will hug him. Kunal smiles that she is surely his patient. He says he is a child specialist, she must be one of his patients. He calls Pari closer and inquires about her name. Tears fell off Pari’s eyes and she runs out of the room. Kunal was confused if she isn’t his patient? Pari walks in the corridor with tears. Kunal asks Radhika where is Mauli, doesn’t she know he is in hospital.
At Ishaani’s house, the Haldi function continues. Mauli and Ishaan were happy while Mishti dance with the ladies. Ishaan takes Mauli’s hand. The thread in Mauli’s hand loosens and fell on the floor.
Kunal says Mauli must have been here in the first place. The doctor inquires if he knows Dr. Mauli. Kunal replies she is his wife, she must have been here. Radhika tries to speak but doctor interrupts that Mauli isn’t here right now. Kunal asks Radhika if something happened to Mauli. The doctor calms Kunal down. Kunal sits up. The doctor tells Kunal that he was shot with a bullet and went an accident. Kunal couldn’t remember his accident. He inquires since when he has been admitted here. The doctor says a few days ago. Kunal asks about the date? Kunal couldn’t recall, or understand. He says everything feels disoriented. The doctor assures Kunal he will soon be fine and makes him rest. Kunal thinks they are surely hiding something, where is Mauli.
Sweety notices that the Shagun thread slipped off Mauli’s hand and claims it to be a bad omen. Ishaan tells Sweety to relax and asks Pandit ji for the remedy. The Pandit ji says they must perform a small Pooja.
The doctor in his office asks Radhika about Dr. Mauli and Kunal’s relation. Radhika says Mauli is his first wife and they had a divorce. Later, Kunal married Nandini and they have a daughter, Pari. The doctor asks how long this divorce took place. Radhika replies around six years. Radhika was confused. The doctor says Kunal suffers from partial memory loss, he remembers everything from six years ago but analyzing his behavior it seems Kunal doesn’t remember his divorce with Mauli, or Nandini and his daughter. He can only remember Dr. Mauli. Radhika asks if Kunal would recover. The doctor says they will have to hide from Kunal that he had a divorce with Mauli, and that Pari is his daughter. His brain in in a state of trauma, and he must be given a life he lived six years ago. Meanwhile, they can treat Kunal through therapies. If they tell him about it at once he might never regain his memory or his condition might worsen. They notice Pari stood at the door and heard the conversation.
After the Pooja, Pandit ji tells Sandhya to tie the thread again. Sandhya tells Mauli that relations aren’t as thread and can’t be untied, else one gets nothing but knots. Mauli nods.
Dida and Radhika were distressed that Kunal remembers nothing from his life in past few years. The doctors say if they tell Kunal at once, he might lose the rest of her memory as well. They will also have to live the past life. Dida insists on Radhika to bring Mauli back, only she can help Kunal recover. Radhika says it’s her Haldi, Mauli did a lot for them already and they can’t drag her back into a painful life. Dida asks how it would be possible without Mauli that they can give him a life of six years. Radhika might lose her son if she doesn’t call Mauli here. Radhika cries that she can’t be as selfish as to call Mauli at this time.
Pari sat alone, she thinks about calling Mauli but her phone was unanswered. She calls Mishti but Sandhya takes the call. Pari says her Papa doesn’t remember anything, he doesn’t remember me as well; she wants to speak to Mauli aunty as only she can help recover her Buddy. Sandhya warns Pari not to call here again. Pari was crying when Pramilla comes there. Pari asks Pramilla to take her to Mauli aunty, her Buddy has forgotten her and only remembers Mauli aunty.

PRECAP: Ishaan comes to Sandhya and Sweety and asks about Mauli. Sandhya drops the thaal on floor and says Mauli went where she had to be, with Kunal.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. pathetic story line! had expected this.. dissapointed with the writers.. ishan’s pure selfless love has no meaning or what!! 🙁
    now in the mmeantime during his memory rrecovery.. these two will become close again.. forgetting his adultery.. cheater has life!! mauli, nandini, now she isnt there.. mauli will leave evrything for him eh!

    1. This is part of the story line from the movie, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, starring Shah Ruhn Khan and Katrina Kaif. Shah Ruhn had retrograde amnesia. To help “Samar”, “Meera” had to re-enter his life, his memory returned, and at the end Samar and Meera were back together.

      Writers, please stop writing or rewriting the same stories. I can not watch them anymore. I only read the comments.

  2. This is ishan mother fult she must Postpone the wedding feel sorry for muli and ishan

    1. Am sorry but I cannot agree with this. Ishan’s mothers has no fault here. She’s thinking like a normal mother for her son’s happiness and that’s the only reason for her to accept for a marriage with Mauli.
      Dida turned out to be very selfish today and pari is exactly like her mom. Coz being a child, Mishti is way more matured. They should leave mauli for whatever she had to undergo. It’s high time for her to move on.
      For whatever Kunal had done, Mauli shouldn’t even think of him.
      And the only person am feeling bad about is Ishan, who is selfless unlike ba****d Kunal.

    2. Totally disagreed. Ishaan’s mom had done far more than a normal mother. So she is not at all at fault. 2nd how can dida b sooo selfish, to save kunal she want to play with Mauli’s emotions.1st of Let kunal die , what else he is doing. And strange thing u all see, she just forget since 6 yrs back. Woww dats amazing. I guess Kunal ki kundali m hi likha hua h kisi b haal mein Mauli ki life and emotions chur chur krne hein. And den, ohh goshh!!!!. He acts sooo innocent, as he had just landed from mars or frm any other planet.. hate him from core. Feeling soo sad for Ishaan, i hope writter plots for IshaLi future.

  3. bad deeds are rewarded these days. The kind hearted always looses.

    1. You are right

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