Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 25th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti confused between Veer and Rohan

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Veer notices Mishti was tensed. He thanks her for making him feel special. Mishti was upset. Veer asks to order the food. Mishti leaves instead, and doesn’t listen to Veer’s call. The video behind Veer replay.
Rohan sat in the room, thinking about the video. He wonders
‘Time has been cruel…
We met after she already rested her trust on someone else…
He can’t bear any moment without her…
Why these distances in between…
He feels restless even when she is around;
And finds no peace even when she is away…
He wish they had never met…’
Rohan weeps saying Mishti, I love you.
Veer drives Mishti home. Both were silent. There, Rohan shouts Mishti! I love you so much. Here, Mishti feels herself troubled, sweating badly.

Veer stops the car at Mishti’s place, then opens the door for her. Mishti was about to apologize, Veer offers to drop her upstairs. Mishti replies its ok, she will go there on her own. She steps ahead. Veer stops her and reminds about their good bye hug. Mishti hugs Veer back but soon pulls herself away in unease. Veer watches her go inside then leaves.
It was night. Pari wakes Mishti up that Veer is here and he has something important to say. Mishti hurries outside. Veer stood there but turns around and walks away without saying a word. Mishti continue to follow him. Rohan comes from behind and stops Mishti. Mishti stops at once, so does Veer. Both turn towards Rohan as he wished to say something important to her. Rohan questions why Mishti is still in a relationship with Veer, she must turn her path towards him. Veer says Mishti chose a life with him, they were happy together. Mishti promised to be with him till death do us apart. Rohan now tells Mishti to take a decision, she must confess what her eyes depict. She must decide today, Veer or Rohan? Veer says he knows what relations mean to Mishti. She will stay true to him. Rohan says love is, what’s in the heart. Mishti must choose among her feelings or commitment to relation with Veer. Both demand a reply from Mishti. Mishti shuts her ears trying to avoid the pressurizing voices. Mishti wakes up from the nightmarish dream. Pari wish Mishti good morning, excitedly. Mishti doesn’t reply and instead runs into the washroom. Pari calls Mishti outside as she is about to leave, then she won’t get to see her face for next two or three days. Mishti wipes her tears and calls she is coming over.
Sukhmani stops by Ansh and asks why he left so suddenly. Ansh says it was only late. Sukhmani tells Ansh he hasn’t grown up enough to mind her scolding. She didn’t doubt him of smoking, she could just smell cigarette. Ansh watch Radhika and was afraid that she would hear the word cigarette. Sukhmani says Tani felt bad and left immediately after he was gone. Ansh says he didn’t dislike at all and leaves before Radhika came any nearer. Sukhmani greets Radhika and offers her to join her walk. Radhika inquires about Ansh. Sukhmani says she wanted to confirm if Tani and Ansh were really studying and took a little class, Tani felt bad and insisted to go to Ansh. Radhika says Sukhmani must have send her then. Sukhmani was alert and asks if Tani didn’t come over to their place. Radhika says Ansh came home and then went to sleep. Sukhmani changes her words and claims a confusion, she says Tani wanted to come over but also slept earlier. She says she would send her to their place for study today.
Pari was about to leave. She requests the client to delay their work for two days, she has to leave for Lonavela. The client wasn’t ready. Mishti comes out of the bath and inquires why Pari is tensed. Pari tells Mishti about a problem with the client. Mishti asks her to give the file and she can handle the work here. Pari says she ruined everything, she had instructed the workers and must go there by herself. She asks Mishti if Mishti can go to Lonavela. Mishti asks what about her break. Pari says the project is more important than anything else. Mishti agrees to go to Lonavela. She heads to inform Veer. Pari forbids Mishti to waste any time, there is a rally planned and she doesn’t want Mishti to get stuck somewhere. Mishti forbids Pari to behave bossy, she herself is the elder one. Mishti breaks into tears when Pari hugs Mishti.

PRECAP: Radhika speaks to Sukhmani that Mishti appears really tensed these days. She isn’t happy with whatever is happening around. Mishti was driving the car, and instead of turning to Lonavela she takes the turning towards Pune

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Mishti acting is killing me she is so good she has talent the there is more interesting the way she is failing to control her feeling she is kunal’s daughter

  2. They are showing Same confusion as with Kunal and Nandini, but later Nandini ruined Mauli. Now this misthi is gonna repeat the same history by ruining Veer (although he is a man now). If she cannot keep up with commitments then why she made like her father? She should let veer know that now I am bored of you and I need new guy

  3. I think this Taani and viewer are same person…
    First understand the reality, they are not married… It’s just an engagement ….
    When u start staying together only u ll come to know the reality of relationship…
    Ex . Friend can have much fun .. but when u stay together there ll b more clash , misunderstanding etc… According to me Veer is just showcase guy… He never ever try to understand Mishti… But Mauli understood Kunal well …. She stood for Kunal pain…. Rohan stands for Mishti in all her pain …. He understood her… But Veer never tried understand what she s gng through.. if Veer would have supported mishted and tried to understand her pain then it s different case… He want a girl who should listen him like a doll….

  4. Love mishti ruhaan , wanna see them together waiting eagerly

  5. Mishaans acting is really the best, loved this show bcoz of mauli mishti ruhaan

  6. Mishaan best couple ,actually here veer does not try to understand mishti, ruhaan understands mishti really very well and he hopes to stay beside her and erase all her pains. Even mishti the same wen ruhaan told he is an orphan the reaction of mishti , and one i feel mishti is matured than veer and ruhaan is matured than mishti to understand am i right?

  7. Those who are saying mishti is wrong let me clear one thing.there is lot of difference in between nandini and mishti.mouli and kunal are wife and husband in 7 years relationship.then nandini came in mauli life and then she ruined it.but mishti she is such a very responsible women.and she will not interested in love etc.she love only relationships thats why she committed with veer for marriage.nandini she will not regret for ruined mauli life but mishti always control her feelings for ruhan because she already committed with veer.and ruhan also don’t know in first meeting with mishti that she is veers fiance.mishti has a fear that she will also doing same thing like kunal.but it is not every movies also it will be happened that heroine marriage fixed with other guy then she love some other one before marriage.but in this scenario all are comparing with season 1.this is not correct.

  8. Guys did anyone see the video of upcoming track ?Mishti will be shot and is in life and death situation and will finally confess to ruhaan and lose consciousness

    1. Pls share the link of the video

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