Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Activists harrass Nandini

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The activist ladies break into Nandini’s house and considers her a curse for women. They drag her out of the apartment. Jyoti and Rajdeep stood with a smirk on face.
Mauli stood while still lost in thoughts of Kunal and her life. She cries when Nandini’s thoughts intervene. Kunal reaches right behind her. He asks why she called him in family court. Can we speak for a while? A lawyer comes there. Mauli says Kunal is here, they must start with divorce proceedings. Kunal was taken aback at her decision. The lady introduces herself as Mauli’s lawyer. Mauli heads with her. Kunal was in a state of shock.
The female activists shout slogans against Nandini’s character, kicking, pushing her down on floor while cursing her. Nandini cries while being disgraced. Jyoti says

she is her daughter’s childhood friend, her daughter supported her but she in return broke her house and snatched her husband. Is she worth living in this society? Women like her do so as a business. People protest against Nandini. Rajdeep breaks in and says she is his wife, had good household sense as well but is fond of strange men. He cries questioning why Nandini left his house, and broke someone else’s? Nandini claims him to be a liar. The lady activists blame Nandini for continuing her characterless acts in the isolated apartment. They harass Nandini. Nandini requests to make a call. Jyoti snatches the phone and says Nandini will only get a punishment she will never forget.
Sweety was at Malhotra house. She says she already warned Sweety and even claimed to have seen Kunal with someone else on phone. Mamma asks Sweety to speak something nice, she shouldn’t taunt them. Dida goes to her room.
Mauli’s lawyer present the divorce case to magistrate in presence of both husband and wife. Mauli thinks about Kunal getting her name tattooed on his finger. Kunal asks Mauli if Mamma and Dida know what she is up to. She moves her head in no. The magistrate asks for a reason to divorce. Mauli thinks about Kunal and Nandini’s love. The lawyer suggests about blaming Kunal for cheating. Mauli wasn’t ready to disclose their personal matters. She says both of us wants divorce, they won’t be able to live together. The magistrate asks for a solid reason. Mauli recalls Kunal and Nandini’s love and care for each other. She says their likings, their paths and everything have parted. The magistrate takes Kunal’s consent. He was silent. The magistrate says its difficult to continue with one’s marriage, they are doctors and believe in healing; they should give another chance to their marriage and try to remove the gaps between themselves. Mauli and Kunal silently look towards each other. Magistrate gives them a time of one month, if things doesn’t resolve then the proceedings of divorce will be continued. Kunal watch Mauli’s tear fell off her face. She turns to leave the court.
The guard of apartment tried to stop the activists and was now calling Kunal. Kunal was only concerned for Mauli at the moment.
Jyoti blamed Nandini for always making herself for strangers. She must be severely punished for her illicit act. The activists were provoked for granting strict punishment to Nandini.
Kunal checks his cell phone. He now gets a call from Nandini Thakur’s flat owner, he complains that he trusted on Kunal but Nandini is an ill charactered lady. There is a whole bunch of activists down in the society. This society is for respectable and not for one’s like Nandini Thakur. Kunal runs towards Nandini’s apartment.
The activists brought a bucket filled in tar. They rub their hands to blacken Nandini’s face. Rajdeep smirks ready to witness her insult, her body guard isn’t here as well.
Kunal was travelling to Nandini’s apartment in an auto.
Nandini was in a state of shock as the ladies around rubbed their hands in tar.
Nandini sat under the shower in her washroom, psychologically distressed. Black water washing off her arms. She rubs the color off, recalling everyone’s accusation over her character.

PRECAP: Kunal reach Nandini’s house and finds her sitting on the floor of the room, all wet. He consoles her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    I actually laughed too much today as till now Police came, rajdeep did drama, rajdeep troubled Nandini at night, even activist came etc. Nothing concerned society people where Nandini is living, infect they are least bothered…. today just little allegation done by Mouli Mom and Rajdeep on Nandini, activists gathered, and sympathise with rajdeep just with knowing half trutg, what a shame on these type of activists just blaming women all time, its so true Women is Women enemy… Kunal is still confused whom to select Nandini or Mouli, but Mouli is right by taking divorce as its better decision for both.. And I read Dida will fake her Heart attack for making Mouli and Kunal one, which make my thinking right about her Son, kunal father, who left family due to extra martial affair, and Kunal Mom might have taken same decision and thats why She and Dida have bitter relations.. Rajdeep is so shameless person, he can never fall more lower than this, I wonder how women bear such husbands, no one deserve such person..

    1. Shraddha i agree you 100%

  2. A very bad episode! No one deserves public humiliation like that.
    I wonder why people like poking their affairs in others matters. Samaaj it seems. Mauli’s mom and rajdeep are 🤮🤮

    Mauli asking for divorce 🤭😔😔😔

    Precap was even more fml. Wonder what will happen now.

  3. Kunal is seriously the worst. So easily telling Nandini they will stay together when he was jussssst issued divorced papers. So dead. Haha. Instead of trying to console his heartbroken wife, he only sees the meek Nandini. He’s really playing the macho savior to the damsel in distress and completely forgetting about his lvoe of 7years. I am so dead. I cannot stand this. Not once has Kunal tried to save the marriage, console Mauli or even try to apologize. Nahiiiiiio

  4. So many things are going on, i dont know what to comment. Judge gave Mauli and Kunal one month, but in the promos Kunal tells Nandini that he will stay with her now. I dont understand why Kunal is shocked at Mauli’s decision. Did he expect her to beg him to come back? Mauli is such a graceful woman, so strong. Even in all this, she is maintaining her dignity. She has never called names to Kunal/Nandini and seeing their closeness, she herself initiated divorce without maligning Kunal’s name in court. Sigh. Good luck for the future Mauli.
    Kunal still is torn between the two woman. But since Mauli is strong and doesn’t shiver for Kunal’s protection, while Nandini needs Kunal at every stage, Kunal will decide to stay with Nandini. Seriously, just because Mauli doesn’t portray her vulnerability, Kunal thinks Mauli can handle everything herself. Does this guy not understand his wife, or even a human beings, at all?
    What happened with Nandini today was wrong. These people should be ashamed to call themselves activists. Did they have any proof, did they ask Mauli what she wants? Did they verify the torture Rajdeep had done against Nandini? People dont have right to barge into someone’s home and humiliate them just because they think it is right. This thing is happening a lot in India right now. Even last month, so many people died because mobs attacked them fearing them to be child-kidnappers. Such mobs take upon themselves to serve justice, get pushed on by one or two evil minded people and, in herd mentality, can even take lives. But the writers wont kill Nandini yet… so she lives to shiver.
    Seriously, Nandini wanted to make a phone call so that Kunal would come and save her. Why can’t she stand up for herself? Atleast once? It is pathetic to watch. She is just so so broken. Nandini thinks a man’s love and respect will give her a better life. But she should have listened to Mauli. She should have worked on herself first, learnt to stand on her own feet, learnt to grow confidence. She should have joined a self-defense class and established her own value first. But she chose the easy way out and sought comfort in a man. Until she learns, she will never be happy. Kunal will tire one day of continuously saving her. Today i feel so sad for Nandini.
    And this woman Jyoti. She always taunts Nandini for a broken marriage. What she will do when she knows Mauli has opted for divorce? I know what she will do. She will humiliate Mauli also. For her, only Kunal is the God. He is a man so his mistakes should be forgiven and Mauli should compromise, beg even. Pathetic woman. How can she give birth to a daughter like Mauli?

  5. Oh God. People are gonna fall for this pittance created for nandini. Lol. No activists go to such extent. They talk with the families, adulterer husband/ adulteress wife and the woman(adulteress) or man(adulterer) to arrive at a solution. Yes the case might reach police station fir and everything. The idiocy of muh kala karna, gadhe pe bithana is so undeveloped rural thing. So we’ll see comment section explode in support of ghandini for this scene alone. Baaki ka galti Gaya tail lene, abi toh sirf gandhini ko support karna hai. Rajdeep is a manipulative person. A sociopath. Haven’t you guys heard on how sociopaths can spin a story to influence people? Agreed that some of his acts are illogical, but think can money not buy everything? No law sticks when there is money involved. Kunal you are a pathetic wile creature. What else did you expect from your wife? You thought she’ll feed you laddoos and invite you back home whenever you get bored of vibrating madam? Lol. Mauli should have set your @ss on 🔥 for the infidelity you have bestowed on her.

  6. Spoilers ahead. Mauli and Kunal fail to arrive at a comprise inspite of dida’s prodding. Mauli accepts the reality and makes peace with it. Now the next part was what got me go what the eff. Mauli decorates mantap and gets the cheaters married. Makers you deserve a big middle something for turning this into crappy melodrama. No woman throws her self respect away by forgiving people who have repeatedly cheated her. She may forget them but never forgive them. In addition to this horrible track there are possibilities of having a even more censured surrogate track where in Mauli becomes surrogate for gandhini’s baby or vice versa (may be they are still confused on who should carry the baby).

  7. Hi guys iam regular reader of dis site starting I was watching dis show but I stopped watching dis show after kunan’s affair start know again I start watching dis show becoz of mouli…
    Iam fan of shakti but iam not liking dis kunal he more care abt nandini not mouli,after dat court scene he knows how mouli is going through but he is caring abt nandini dis is too much yaar… Had hai yaar jo biwi apne shouhar ka sapna pura karne k liye raat din ek karti hai us shouhar ko uski thodi si b fikar nahi…
    Dis my point if any hurt becoz of my comment den iam sry

  8. Women like Nandini do exist.They are after other women’s husbands.Eg.Hema Malini,Sreedevi etc.These ladies were whole heartedly accepted by the society .In such a society who bothers to throw tar at a woman like Nandini?There are Kunals,Nandinis and Maulis…so many around us.In the yester year generation,women silently suffered.How I don’t know.I salute them for giving their children a balanced life but I pity them for staying with such rogues..But today’s women are more practical,though seperated couples’ children face many hurdles(not all).Here though it is only a show,can’t be accepted by many.I wonder why Drashti accepted such a role.Aditi outshined her and now it is a crystal clear truth that Aditi is an actress par excellence and Drashti is not a match.If Aditi turns a villian,she will excel there too.But if Aditi becomes a villian,women like Nandini will be the symbols of love and trust.
    Which wife will be ready to share her husband except in Puranas and kingdoms?

  9. I like shakti because he acted naturally and involved his charector deeply but i really hates Kunal’s charector why he doesn’t think about Mouli .? Most of them says first love will never end and unforgetable but this show proved anything will happens in our lovable persons minds. Did he really love Mouli.? if he loves mouli then he doesn’t love anybody else. This show always showing Nandini’s innocence but not showing her selfishness ofcourse she lost her married life beacause of charector less husband that is so she is doing bad to mouli is this correct??
    Lot of questions to this show directors please stop showing Nandini is a innocent, she doesn’t even think about her best friend’s life.

    1. Nandini is not innocent. She can look after herself well. Even on being attacked by the mob suddenly, she still was intelligent enough to carry her hone.

  10. It is so shocking with a mother like Jyoti Mauli ended up being modern, self respected & good hearted women. Our environment forges us, our parents specially the mom influence heavily on how we end up being. Nandini probably grow up in strict environment so she ended up being submissive but Mauli having such narrow minded and cheap mother managed to be such good human being . Any other wife mostly go to slap the other women but Mauli not one time called Nandini names nor begged Kunal to come back instead taking a stand for her dignity in this broken state. Kunal & Nandini might be the leads but it is Mauli who is stealing the show, she is a diamond 💎 that only the most lucky ones have in their life .

  11. Nandini is most selfish in her love for Kunal.While being attacked by the women, she only thought of her safety and not abt Kunal’s reputation.She should have taken the entire blame on herself,instead of calling Kunal and involving him. M. Mauli on the other hand, was so concerned abt family’s and Kunal’s reputation. She did not give cheating as the cause for the divorce,even though she would get a bigger alimony! MAULI LOVES KUNAL SELFLESSLY, WHILE NANDINI LOVES HERSELF MORE!

    1. WHAT HAPPENED WITH NANDINI TODAY, AFTER THAT NO ONE CAN THINK OF ANYONE EXCEPT THE PERSON WHOM HE TRUST THE MORE !!!!… If mauli is selfless than nandini is too selfless… Mauli’s mom and rajdee THEY BOTH ARE BLDY SELFISH !!!!!!!

  12. Kunal asking mouli whether dida and mama knows about her decision.ridiculous and hilarious. Did he ask from anyone before going to sleep with nandini.
    I smell some mental disorder track coming ahead seeing shivering nandini in past two instances.
    May be something like Maya had in beyadh.
    As an excuse for her get audience sympathy.but Maya had not fallen for married man.arjun was single.

    1. Why the hell are you attaching one serial with another !!!!

  13. Consoles her and had s-x again?And why r u shocked abt the decision of divorce Kunal?You want this right?

  14. wow!! like seriously?? rajdeep tortured his wife for several years, SOLD HER SELF RESPECT for his profit, even killed his own child.. he is very merciless and he was not even jailed properly!!
    but nandhini for her one SIN got punished so badly??

    Nandhini has just suffered in her whole life, her light of sunshine was only with the friendship of mauli because that was the time when she was genuinely happy.. but she lost it because of her desires to have a supportive husband… she is uneducated and a frighten kitten.. that’s how the makers are potraying her so i think by whatever nandhini is doing, she is definitely having some mental disorders, so looks so pale and starts shivering when something happens, i hope she overcome this before she starts doing more sins without realising..

    Kunal Maholtra uff! what do you want man? the way he looked at mauli, i thought maybe he is just attracted towards nandhini, but he really loves mauli and wants to live with her, but no. the precap looks like he wants to live with nandhini.. and why the hell that jyoti is telling that only because nandhini decked up beautifully, kunal got attracted to her? is he a kid who doesn’t know anything? didn’t he knew that he had a wife and loving family who trusted him…

    i know nandhini is to be blamed too but more than her the men of the show rajdeep and kunal, this all started with them..

    Mauli.. all love to you dear.. she is a wonderful woman who hold no grudges and she isn’t making it a big issue in front of the society and keeping all the pain within herself.. it takes a lot of courage to be like her!! way to go mauli…

  15. What happened with nandini was absolutely wrong !!! Bullsht activists… Rajdeep is a sht he should rot in bldy hell !! And mauli’s mom is actually none less than a brothel… I feel doubted that she is mauli’s mom or not… Bcoz her daughter is pure soul whereas the mom is a piece of rotten banana !!!…Nandini broke mauli’s household was really bad but for that those fake activists will harass her ?? And that a**hole rajdeep who ruined her life, killed her baby even… He deserves heaven !!!!!!!… Poor third class people and their ridiculous mentality…. Spitt on those fake activists !!!!!!!

  16. If KuNan unites, let Mauli go and find his own happiness to meet new heroes and start seeing Mauli’s journey. I’m not interested in KuNan’s trip👌👌👌

    1. Agree Aria.Don’t care a damn abt Kunan!

  17. I can’t understand Kunal and nandini, what do they think of themselves, in today’s epi kunal seemed worried for mauli, but in precap? whom does he wants ? But one thing for sure, he don’t deserve mauli. She is such a sweetheart, even after all these, she is not ready to spoil kunal’s character, even after the betrayalshe faced all she thinks is about his benefit, amazing she is. I too agree with people who nandhini selfish, she really is. All she thinks is about herself, she is showing women week, like always need a man to support her. If all she needed was a support, mauli was the best she could dream of, no, she wanted a man! That is not done yaar.


  19. Nandini deserves to have her face blackened, I don’t care what her past was like, she had a choice to make the right choices just like Mauli but she never took the opportunity. So she deserves to be shamed after all what did she expect would happen after sleeping with her friends husband, that the world would just embrace her so-called love with kunal, pls! She needs to grow up and get a life like for real. Just look at Mauli, when she had the option to embarrass her husband and Mauli she kept quiet even in front of the judge, she’s a correct woman with wisdom. Truly kunal lost a gem and picked up a stone or counterfiet gem. I hope he and Nandini suffer wherever they go. I don’t know for how long he will keep saving her but eventually it gets old. Every woman has super strength within her and if she keeps letting life/people degrade her she looses value over time. As long as Nandini keeps playing victim one day she will turn into a monster from all the hits she will start getting and the ladies was just the beginning. Wait till the issue goes viral on media and the whole country is against her plus no landlord will take her in then she will learn the value of closing her legs and actually having some standards like Mauli. And yes! kunal probably turned out like his father and he will be worse. At least he was warned before hand, I’m just waiting to see how he looses friends and things turn bad for his career. Very useless man, he couldn’t even admit his mistake in court just to appease Mauli but instead he kept quiet like a fool he already is. He don’t want Mauli and she’s wise to walk away before she really breaks down for good. Mama Mauli is not bad, any mother would and should be upset if that happens to her daughter moreover even if she didn’t do anything someone would have fought for Mauli because of the good person she is wether its her fellow doctors or that gossip neighbour or aunt. Someone would have stood up for her. As far as I’m concerned I don’t support women bashing each other but Nandini crossed too many lines and didn’t calculate the cost well enough, she’s really about to undergo a rollercoaster ride of big waves and giant fire balls.

  20. DannyComments

    All of you attacking Nandini..I hope you are happy? This is what you all wanted right? God i hate society so much! Anyway..pretty sure this Will not happen in real life because I will make sure I kill everyone who tried that with me!

    1. Woah woah. Lol Why are you getting hyper? People are criticizing a character not the person who’s essaying the role. You are taking this too personally my friend. Nobody blackens someone’s face just for the fun of it. It freaking doesn’t happen IRL. Well you’ve realised it yourself right? What’s the fault in people disliking someone? I’m sure not everyone is a saint irl. People get pissed while stuck in a traffic jam, so who’s to say they might not get angry on other people who hurt someone close to em? If you see the logic part of it. No activist will do this. They’ll have an open talk with warring spouses not this shit shown in serial. Well just because nandini is a victim doesn’t abdicate from her mistakes. What about the trust and home she broke? Wasn’t it intentional? She knew her friend would be broken yet she didn’t bother. In my book that’s pretty bishy. Plus this @ss Kunal. Man I wish someone sets his @ss on fire and we get to watch him run Helter skelter. Lol. That’d be damn funny.

      1. DannyComments

        Hey..Miss I know too much, you might wanna read what I wrote again carefully before coming for me because I will end you if you aren’t careful! I know damn well is it fiction and that was why I clearly stated that should this happen in real life I would kill those protesters. So shut your hypocritical mouth and stay away from my comment! Got it Irina!?!

      2. Lol. Sjw right here. Did you read the sentence “Well you’ve realised it yourself right?” I pointed that you yourself realized it. Maybe you should read it again like you advised me. Damn people get personal easily these days. I just gave you a reason why people dislike gandhini. You had to resort to personal attacks to portray yourself as a vigilante. Providing explanation is not equated to starting a fight.

      3. Plus are you threatening to end me? Was that a veiled threat? Gosh I didn’t know people would get this personal for a comment. I hope you find peace my dear. I know you will come back at me and personally insult me. You know what, go right ahead. If people get pissed for an online comment it says a lot about their frame of mind. You can insult me to your hearts content. Hopefully the anger in you subsides. My dear I won’t reply again for your scathing caustic personal threats. I know the difference between being mature and being a child.

  21. Guys there is news from tellychakker saying nandhini will move out from Kunal n maulis life and the show will take leap after which nandhini will b seen as businesswomen, great CVS are hell bend in showing cheaters journey and justifying their so called love as divine, listen makers we want maulis journey not that cheaters long journey, these makers gone insane they are hell bend in making ema as divine chii, pls ban this show shit story

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