Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 24th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Nandini decide to marry

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 24th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli cries watching the video. Kunal says they don’t speak to each other, and when Mauli was drunk and they finally had a conversation they bartered a huge promise. Mauli says she doesn’t remember all this. Nandini also defends Mauli as she was drunk. Kunal questions if there is decision of his own, did he ever give Mauli the feeling that he wish to return to her. How can she even consider that they might stay happy with one another? They had a beautiful life, but it has ended. Mauli question if Kunal ever asked for her decision? Kunal argues how they can stay happy after all that happened. He says there is a huge difference between the Kunal she lived with, and the Kunal who lives today. Mauli asks if she seems happy today. She has tried hard but she can’t live without him. Kunal

apologizes as the time has gone and might not return. This Kunal loves Nandini, it’s their divorce in next three days. He realize he wronged her, he never wished to but it happened. He wants to give another chance to his love with Nandini. Mauli may try to forgive them, her anger would only hurt her. What if her curse for Nandini had come true and she had lost her life, Mauli must surely have felt bad. Mauli replies she isn’t a great person, she can’t forgive a friend who snatched her husband. Kunal clarifies he can’t live without Nandini. Mauli runs away. Kunal lets go of her, stopping her would be worse for her. It will take some time to heal her bruises. He also felt the same pain when Nandini was in the midst of fire today. Nandini assures she is right here, with him. Kunal promises to always live together and even marry in the next three days.
Mauli walks in the midst of the road, crying over her devastation. She loses her balance in the middle of road, her head bangs badly. A car hits her and she has an accident.
The next morning, Nandini wakes up wondering where has Kunal gone so early. She decides to surprise him and cooks in the kitchen for him. She sets the table with candles and awaits Kunal. She gets a voice message from Kunal, he hints on her that he is around and can feel her presence, then tells her to go into the bedroom, open their wardrobe and wear the saree hanging there then come upstairs.
In the hospital, Mauli walks across the doctor with bandage. The doctor suggests Mauli to take care of herself. Rajdeep was being carried with a bandaged face and hears a nurse congratulate Mauli for bearing a child. He smirks that he got a good clue now and will now ruin Nandini’s love story.
Nandini walks to the roof, rose petals shower over her. The roof had been well decorated all around. Nandini swirls around in her flying saree, her face covers in the pallu creating a curtain between her and Kunal. They stand face to face, closely.

PRECAP: Rajdeep calls Nandini telling her about Mauli’s pregnancy.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Great. It seems the story will drag even more. First i thought Mouli might lose the baby. But no, Rajdeep got to know just. What is Rajdeep doing roaming free? He tried to kill Nandini, the police knew he had kidnapped her. Then why isn’t he behind bars again? Ridiculous.
    Today Mauli was more or less begging Kunal. Hate this track. the writers will keep showing Mouli weak coz Nandini has to be Mahan. Mahan Nandini happily decided she will now marry Kunal, just because Kunal said it infront of Mouli. Kunal has been saying the same things for so long. If Nandini wants to marry Kunal, then what was the need to do drama of leaving for Mouli’s sake? Mouli still said she can’t live without Kunal. But now Mouli’s words dont mean anything to Nandini, does it? Situation is still the same. Then why Nandini changed her decision? Makes me think she just wanted Kunal to say it infrront of Mouli? Kudos. Nandini did nothing, but now Kunal will chant that good Nandini was ready to sacrifice love for friend. Yuck.
    And Kunal logic – Let Mouli go alone. She might suffer from accident, die, who cares? He is happy with his oxygen, na? flowers, proposal, marriage… new happy life for him. His wife of seven years can cry but Kunal has moved on. So need to even worry for another human being. With such indignation he talked to Mouli, as if why doesnt stupid Mouli just leave him alone? Mouli is a nuisance to him now, isnt it? He has fallen out of love, so Mouli should immediately pack her bags and leave. And if she doesn’t, she will get scolded. Great.
    If even now Mouli wants Kunal, then shame on Mouli too. She used to be a strong character. Like Kunal used to be a man of principles. But writers are hell bent on changing every character just so that they can showcase mahan Nandini. They want to justify two selfish cheaters as the greatest lovers of this generation, and the pregnant wife is the stupid, weak one for still crying.

  2. I like kunal and nandini but it became very worst now. Please stop this serial

  3. And i dont understand why the hell Kunal is questioning Mouli. His 100% pure oxygen decided to leave him without any explanation. Mouli didnt even remember that night. So drunk Mouli is responsible but sober oxygen has no responsibility, although she refused to meet him for days, refused to talk to him despite knowing he was hurting. But all is Mouli’s fault. Wah!
    Kunal/Nandini both keep repeating they never wanted to hurt Mouli. But neither of them cared for Mouli’s feelings or happiness either. These despicable beings are covering up each of their lie and cheat with pure love, while Mouli is the culprit for being openhearted wife and friend. Now Kunal has big words like ‘Mouli’s anger will hurt Mouli only.’ Kunal’s big words for others only. For himself, no conscience or rule applies. He can fall in love any time and move on with anyone, and the wife should meekly ask, ‘Patidev, tell me what is your decision. I will do everything according to your decision only. I as a woman and wife has no right to make my own decisions. And if at any time i go against you, you have every right to scold me. Aslo, being a woman, i should be all forgiving, all accepting devi, else my anger will hurt me only.’ This is the lesson from this disgusting serial.
    Mouli should either be strong now, or she should turn into a negative character and actively destroy Nandini, Kunal and Dida. Enough of her crying and running after this worthless man.

    1. Lol, Nandani, oxygen…that’s the funniest name…but I get it….Kunal can’t breathe without it. Even teenagers act more mature…what a shame/embarrassment for adults looking at this.

  4. Rajdeep is much better than kunal , I noticed many time he always gives respect to mauli , calls her shutki (little) very sweetly . From the beginning when Mauli slapped him, he gives respect to her from heart,
    And this Nandini wasnt able to earn that respect , he knows her character very well from the beginning that’s why he treats her like this.
    I just love Mauli character and want to watch how she comes out this worst situation
    I always change my channel when I see Nandini face , she is becoming more and more worst day by day
    And what to say for this Kunal who is gud for nothing

  5. Kunal character is turning negative Day by day. Hope he realizes soon how pathetic he has become and nandini also have to understand kunal is not less than rajdeep. He is emotionally harassing her and also manipulating. But she is also asking for the same as she is just so blind that she is not even trying to take a proper stand for mauli who has done so much for her nor even trying to understand her pain.

    Now again she will try being mahaan letting go kunal for baby’s sake , as she very well knows kunal will never leave her .

    I really want to see parallel male lead who wil really be there for mauli and make kunal realize what sort of gem person he has lost .

  6. Mauli should go to a different state with her pregnancy.
    Mauli does not need Kunal to accept her because of a baby neither does she need further rejection or pity love. She needs to move away from this obnoxious Kunal and Nandiani. She needs to think with a clear head and mind then she’ll realize she can live without Cheaters.
    She is educated and can financially care for herself.

  7. Lol….god is there a FB page for this show that people can throw rotten tomatoes/eggs on the callous attitude of these characters….maybe they will end the show. i will only look at this show if the change the main story line to Mauli. Who wants to see cheaters. Given, people do fall in and out of love but they way these writers are portraying this show, it’s very disheartening to people who actually goes through this in real life. At least make the characters show a little shame and embarrassment for ruining someone else life. Even if they were to get together, they don’t have to rub it someone’s face, especially the person who did so much for both of them weaklings. Kunal couldn’t even be man enough to get his own practice and Nandini before she stand up to the man that torture her, she decides to go for someone else’s husband. How can either one of them be happy.

    As I said this is just a show but their portrayal of real life situation is very callous. In real life even a cheater, unless he hates his wife, wouldn’t treat her the way this Kunal treats Mauli. Hope no one ever has a best friend like Nandani.

  8. I was reading some youtube comments… and the only people supporting the cheaters had this to say ‘Wow Dhrasti looking so beautiful, gorgeous Nandni, love Ku***” (I put the asterisks for i am sure never going to name them as a couple). So this is all that matters? Dhrasti is beautiful, she has a huge fan base and so people will support her character, no matter how despicable that character is? To all those fans, there is a difference between the actor and on-screen character. You can still love Dhrasti while hating Nandini. Truth is, none of you would even want to stay near a woman like Nandini in real life. All sacrifice drama ended, cooking and dressing re-started, even if the same friend Mouli left her house in tears last night. The same friend who brought her in a position in life where Nandini could get away from her abusive husband and get a new house. Where she now stays with Kunal happily and dreams of marrying him.

    1. I hate nandini as well as drashti…never seen a cheap character like this .. Hate these 2 cheaters😈😈 & actors for accepting this fuc**** story… lead actor is yuck… just for money these people can do anything… me toh chppeal se marunga yadi asal jindagi me ye log mila toh. Disgusting……

    2. DannyComments

      Dhara.. I get you..but you need to understand..sometimes life sucks just isn’t enough anymore ..sometimes, Kunal and Nandini just fall so deeply inlove that they begin to annoy people like you . Yes I’m a fan of Drasti and also love Nandini but because you are so righteous You didn’t try to see how they both tried so hard and failed ..They never wanted to hurt Mauli but it just happened. Marriages takes the grace of the Almighty for it to survive and I think you really hate this storyline because it’s about two best friends..worst has happened..sisters have stolen other sister’s husband. Shit happens.

      1. Yes danny. Worse happens. I dont know if you have heard of the serial swaragini where ragini, sawara’s sister, wanted to marry sawar’s would be husband and tried every which way to achieve that. Swaragini used to be my fav show… Know why? Because ragini was shown as wrong when she was wrong and swara was strong and a fighter. Yeah worse happens. Comparing the magnitude of crimes, kunal and nandini have done nothing. In fact, i have said it numerous times i understand where nandini comes from, after suffering years of abuse and finally meeting a ‘decent’ man who claims to love her. And still i hate both kunal and nandini. Just because how the writers portray this two. You call me righteous but cant see the self righteousness of these two characters because you love the actor. Fine. I dont have a problem with them falling in love. But i do have a tremendous problem with how these cheaters confessed to each other, continued their affair and at the same time met mauli cooking kheer for her and being nice to her as if mauli deserved that. As if that wasnt an insult to mauli’s trust. Not once did they think of her or try to tell her the truth. And had not mouli found out on her own, the same thing would have comtinued. Throwing birthday partirs makes that all right? Or even worse, shouting at her and telling her she has to move on is the good guy’s action? They didnt want to hurt mouli but never cared for her feelings either. Apathy is worse than hatred. But such husbands and friends are justified because love happens. I am righteous and kunal nandini r right. I get it. But tell me, danny, would you have supported nandini if she wasnt played by dhrasti? Would you have even watched this show? Then who is the rigjteous and who is the biased hypocrite? I am happy to see there are still ‘people like me’. And i am happy that there are still some people who comment ‘dhrasti used to be my fav but cant see her anymore’ i guess not everyone lose their thinking capacity because its their fav actor on the screen. Thanking the grace of almighty for that.

      2. No my friend.. U live someone so deeply and do not wish to hurt them that u suppress ur desires for them. U do not go ahead and act on your feelings .. Even in initial trailer drashti is shown saying if I make my house I’ll destroy my best friends…. And steps back…. Here she is planning her wedding…I hate nandini.. And she only gets fame because of drashti… The show should focus on mouli’s journey post betrayal. She should be the star and the other 2 sorry ass losers playing secondary roles…

  9. How about mouli marrying rajdeep. Pls include this track also because it is the worst track which can happen after this track….

  10. i really shouldn’t have gone through youtube videos. lol. This is how one channel depicted this scenario – ‘Mouli made a video and send to Nandini asking for Kunal. When Kunal sees this, he gets angry and tells Mouli that he loves Nandini only, Mouli cannot do such stuff and take such decisions, and she should move on.’ They even made it look like Mouli was already in Nandini’s house and not that Kunal had dragged Mouli there from his house only to insult her… and comments are like – ‘Mouli shoudlnt be this desperate, she shouldnt have made video…’ and i am like what???? Why this false and dramatic bits against Mouli everywhere? Are the writers this despo to show Kunal/Nandini mahan and Mouli as the begging, desperate wife?

    1. Dhara , yes writers are desperately trying to justify these cheaters. They realised how much praise mauli received being a secondary character and can’t digest it so trying hard to make nandini the sacrificial devi and kunal the gretest lover who even goes against his wife for his “love” *cough mistress* by making mauli act out of her character.
      Rajdeep was brought miraculously from jail and seems to have no other job than torture the poor lovers for the sole purpose to prove how these shameless creatures are oxygen one of another.
      And as usual some naive viewers falls in the writers trap. They only see the surface, only see nandini crying and mauli fighting when at her place they wouldn’t lose any minute before beating blue the mistress and kill their husband.
      Any unknown, unpopular actors doing these 2 roles would get 100% bash from anyone hearing about the story but bcz it is played by much loved drashti and shakti somehow their character are being justified and accepted by die hard fans. Their chemistry is excusing their sin. Who cares about moral, justice, humanity, marriage institution, friendship when their fabs dressed beautifully are romancing in a beautiful background 😒
      The comments in other platforms supporting affair only confirm this show is not harmless, and is not only for entertainment purposes. It does encourage and favor cheating. It was a means to give life to writers sick perverted hidden desire. Otherwise by now mauli would be free and puke worthy kunal-nandini start getting karma. So ppl realise how wrong it is to lie, hid, cheat, hurt, break someone trust and heart

    2. Yeah exactly ,I don’t understand what the hell is happening in this serial….it is becoming worse day by day…..there Mouli was crying and the cheater is celebrating with Nandini….I don’t understand why the directors are doing this by justifying those two
      And Mouli doesn’t need a jobless cheater husband to raise her baby…she can do it single-handedly ….so even if that pig returned to her she shouldn’t accept him….atleast the directors should make Mouli move on in her life….a woman doesn’t always need a man in her life to survive….instead of showing this show as a love story btw two cheaters show this as a story of strong independent woman who survived

      1. So true!

  11. Mouli has suffered lot during past month than nandini.she doesn’t have anyone any hope how sad to see lying on bed in a hospital alone while her trusted loved husband romancing with his newly find love.
    Durga maa lakshmi maa ganapathi bappa where are you all

  12. real life also such things happen , how real life mauli’s must be feeling , the show should end soon , there is no scope for story anymore , nandini kunal should die , or nandini should die and kunal should move on with mauli , mauli should move on leaving the stupid creature and become so successful that kunal repents that he went with nandini who is an illiterate idiot .

  13. God still Rajdeep
    Is the villain not Kunal and Nandini. How much can u stoop low just to justify a plot.

  14. God still Rajdeep
    Is the villain not Kunal and Nandini. How much can u stoop low

  15. I’ve started watching this serial. I don’t know much abt this but I am strongly against extramarital affair. Now considering Nandini extremely good, is it a must that mauli will be left alone? How can anyone think of marrying her best friend’s husband?
    I mean. Just put yourself in mauli’s shoes.. How pathetic! This kunal is so….. You marry a girl, that girl makes u her life.. Now u find someone better and leave that girl.. Just because the 2nd girl is better.
    If the 2nd girl is the best person in the world, I would still not support it.

  16. it would be even funnier if rajdeep and mauli get married…. 😉 LOL…seriously whats happening to today’s serials? rather go to youtube and watch dekh bhai dekh, zabaan sambhalke and sriman srimati all over again than these and other ekta kapoor chaap serials…

  17. What if Kunal again gets another love of his life 😂😂
    Will he dump Nandini too?? lol😂😂

    1. That will be good if he start loving another woman and leave Nandini , after all Nandini will be a step in his life then. 😂 . When he can forget seven years of love and marriage and call it a step ..then he should find another woman after Nandini too…

  18. Even teenagers think about their parents and society when they in love but here two cheaters doesn’t care about anyone and trying to act as their love is true .Director plz shows mauli’s character so strong infront of nandini and kunal and also need atleast one scene which mauli giving tight slap to them

  19. Mauli should stand strong… She should have confessed her having baby to kunal, herself. She doesn’t need kunal anymore, she should’ve said. And Kunal might give birth to her child, but he would not be her child’s father.

  20. Don’t waste time for kunal mauli

  21. i just hate dat dida n mama..always forcing mouli to beg for kunal.. they actually want their kunal back.. selfish

  22. Ansa

    What the hell is going on!!
    Kunal how could he stoop so low how could he? What writers want to show? If they really wished to show him a cheater then why did they stressed themselves by writing heavy *lovey dovey* scenes why on Earth they showed in beginning “a man full of principles” and loving and caring mauli soo much..he promised her to love her all 7 births an where that love and PROMISES are gone?
    I do like Shakti but the role he is playing right now is something which I can’t praise seriously!!
    How heartless he have become for mauli.. like seriously he said let her go *all alone* where his care gone now? Even teenagers don’t act like this!!
    Fine he has fallen for nandini I accept such things happen!!
    But it doesn’t mean he will raise his voice in front of his wife whom he know since many long years she was the one who was dieing to help her friend cum sister she was the one who prayed for her like anything, the one who don’t even cared for herself and just thought to take her out from that hell..
    Who was so selfless wohi ab buri hogaai? Just he can see nandu he is blind or what can’t he see how devasted she was seeing her husband with some other woman taking her side leaving his wife how she would be feeling?
    But again & again saying I also feel bad for her “my blood boils”
    Kunal love nandini I accept but how? He fell for her in just a couple of weeks? Bas? This is not love!!
    If he fell for her as she cook very well so *no comments on this*
    If he fell for her beauty so I will call this a pure lust *this can’t be love shove*
    When he could fall for nandini jaab k he have * ideal wife, loving caring understanding mature childish beautiful* tw what guarantee nandini have he would be with her forever? When he is not loyal with his wife how he would be loyal with her?
    Shouting on mauli, raising voice, threatening, saying he don’t respect her now & so no is showing him more spineless with no shame & even I didn’t see till now he is feeling guilty all I can see is he is acting all nonsense, he is so much in love with oxygen nandini
    Coming to mauli …
    She is a strong woman why is she begging Kunal to be with her?
    What writers want to show?
    Cheaters living peacefully and poor mauli crying and begging Kunal her all life ..
    Dida is also acting like ufff can’t she see her *pota* is not the same he is changed why she again again sent mauli to kunal? Mauli don’t have self-respect? Why mauli have to bend? She is not at fault she was princess of her love and now all of a sudden her husband considered her as a wicked women gosh
    It’s getting on my nerves!!
    Mauli was durnk she don’t know what she said to nandini..
    When person is drunk he spilled out the truth…
    Kunal can’t see mauli love him soo much how bad, devastated, lost painful she is feeling naahh he is blind in nandini’s love or lust “akela janay do usko bas road pa” his own wife running alone on roads feeling all deceived and here he is with nandani
    Can’t he see how badly she wants him ..
    *Most bad husband award goes to Kunal* clapps 😊
    Although nandini is also not less then Kunal acting all sobber madir jakar pray krna mauli k liye and on other hand destroying her house..
    Nandini destroyed her best frien’s house?
    And still writer wants to show her mahaan
    “Nandini character” is having pompup just because darshti is playing this role how ever I really like her but this nandini character is something bad-est ..
    I understand, nandini was treated very very badly by her husband, and after coming out from that hell by the help of Kunal and mauli,
    Nandini fell for Kunal seeing his goodness, who is soo much in love with her friend.. she also fell for h but it doesn’t mean she have rights to separate mauli and Kunal although Kunal was also not a bacha but when nandini realized Kunal is stepping towards her she would have gone don’t know where but at least far from them but what she did ” this is wrong this is wrong” still Mai yahin Kunal k samnay rahongi 😭😭😭 hugging him caring him like a wife “nandini character also can’t be justifed” if she really don’t want to break her friend’s house then why she is here in same city chalo live in same city why don’t she change her residental place takay Kunal bar bar aii mauli Jo chor Kar us k pas😑
    She was keeping Kunal away from herself just because mauli wants this what about her inner respect don’t she feel bad by herself how could she sleep peacefully she have destroyed her friend’s house her small world..
    How bad friend she is..
    Can’t she directly tell Kunal that I can’t hold this anymore I can’t hear bad words about my character let’s end it here my self respect is much more then love and betraying my best-st friend is sin which I can’t do..
    Per naaaaaaaaaah she is mahan na she will cry fall and what not…
    And today when Kunal was speaking about his divorce with mauli and his wedding with her then she don’t feel how bad-est she is? Nahi now she is all happy Kunal na insult kiya mauli ko and took her side ridiculous!!
    Now she is enjoying flowers 😑 sweety was write nandini is just doing drama dour jao ab pas ajao..
    Yet again it is going to happen rajdeep will tell her mauli is expecting and again she would become mahan in kunal’s eye and Kunal will give examples of her to mauli k how good friend she was
    Totally yuck!!
    Kunal didn’t even call once to know mauli reached safely uska accident ho Jo ho he now don’t care na after all he got new one *again clapps for him*
    Last not the least writers want to show extra marital affair’s as *chalo koi nahi wife achi nhi hogi*
    Which is totally disgusting!!
    Cheaters should be punished or Chalo kch nhi tw feel guilty yeh guilty nhi hota Jo they are showing in this serial..
    If in real life we would spot such thing around we will go against it, will say “yeh galat hai” so now also we should at least say Kunal and nandini characters are not doing good at all …

  23. Kunal you are so worst to leave ur maulifor that stupid Nandini
    Nandini ur disgusting

  24. every time i watch this i feel disgust …..

  25. kunal was brutal honest and practical with mauli. he clearly stated that irrespective of his relation with nandini, his marriage with mauli is over. I would have killed kunal if he pretended with mauli on that night where she misunderstands their romantic date for her. It is hard to be the one to break a relationship. Coming onto Nandini and his affair, he went against his own family, betrayed his wife and tolerated the hatred of society to be with nandini, so there is nothing to be ashamed off. The moment kunal fell for nandini, mauli and kunal were done.
    now coming onto nandini, she had a very abusive marriage life with Rajdeep. so she melted when kunal gave all the respect, love, dignity and affection. naturally she fell for him. she didnt beg him like mauli did.
    mauli is a hypocrite. crying and crying. she is ready to forgive kunal and resume their relationship. but she is not ready to forgive nandidn despite knowing her cruel past. i loved mauli when she applied for divorce and now shes begging kunal. where is the self respect, bcuz at the cost her dignity, she gets to be with kunal.
    which is what kunal is doing, at the cost of his family, he wants to be with nandini.

    see, its not a sin to fall in love even post-marriage. the involved people should realise whether its worth fighting for. kunal feels that he needs to give chance to his love.

    about slamming the actors, see EMA concept is nothing new. Kabhi alvida na kehna, do we hate srk and rani..? bratt pit and jennifer aniston, do we hate bratt..? sridevi and boney kapoor, do we hate sridevi..?

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