Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 24th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohan frees Veer from police station

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 24th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rohan heads towards the police station. Veer and the other guy were fighting each other. Veer was badly drunk. Rohan comes inside and thinks he hasn’t seen Veer behave this way ever. He comes to hug Veer. Veer parts himself and recalls how Naina complained to him against Rohan’s attitude. He says he understood how relations change with time, since his breakup Rohan never asked him if he was even alive. Rohan complains that Veer has been cutting his call, but Veer wasn’t ready to listen. Mishti dies Rohan’s number. Rohan cuts the call. Mishti dials again, but the number wasn’t reachable. Mishti was worried what was going on inside. Rohan requests the inspector that this is the first time his friend committed this mistake, it won’t happen again. Veer blames the other guy, as he only reversed the car. Rohan convinces the inspector that Veer is a good guy, he is angrier than being drunk.

Mishti gets off the car, then thinks Rohan had forbidden her to come inside.

Radhika comes to Pari as its 10 o clock, and Mishti didn’t return.

Rohan asks Veer if he was in the parking lot. Veer says he was saying this for long. Rohan says since both of them were in parking, it was dark. Veer was taking a reverse, but the other guy could also have seen her.

Mishti decides to call a lawyer, the matter might not resolve easily. She calls Pari to bring a good lawyer to police station. Veer’s car had an accident and she and Rohan are there.

Veer says he had said a sorry to the guy several times. Rohan forces Veer to say sorry. Veer apologizes and agrees to pay all the loss. The other guy didn’t want to file a case. The inspector was now irritated, gets them sign the papers.
Mishti stood on the door and watches this with a smile. Rohan turns to take Veer. The inspector remembers the drink and drive case, and denies giving the license. Rohan makes up the story that he and Veer spoke a while ago, he had to pick Veer up but he got late. Pari reaches with Arnav and lawyer. Mishti sends the lawyer inside with Arnav. Rohan silently asks Arnav if Mishti told them, Arnav nods. Rohan forbids him tell Veer. Veer asks Rohan if he brought the lawyer. Rohan replies yes, it’s necessary. The inspector says Rohan is a good friend, he stands with his friend in difficult times; one finds a friend like him with much difficulty. Pari and Mishti watch this and leaves. Mishti convince Pari to leave, Veer would feel awkward if he spots them. Rohan calls Mishti as he has to drop Veer home. Mishti and Pari leave together. Veer had come out with Arnav. Rohan and Arnav thanks the lawyer and take Veer home.

Veer asks Arnav how he came to know he was in the police station. Arnav was speechless. Veer says he didn’t see Rohan call anyone. Rohan was angry why he is interrogating. Veer insists on him to stop the car. Rohan now shouts at Veer to stop it, he is drunk and angry; they will speak tomorrow. Veer was upset that Rohan must have told Pari and Mishti as well. Arnav thinks he wish Rohan and Veer’s friendship doesn’t have to face any setbacks. He makes up a story that he and Pari were together. Pari called Rohan who sounded tensed; and when Pari inquired Rohan explained the situation. His friend’s brother is a lawyer, so he brought him along to resolve the matter.

In the car, Pari asks Mishti if Veer was always drunk. Mishti says Veer never took more than two drinks at a time. Its good Rohan was here, else who could have handled Veer. Pari asks Mishti how she came to know about Veer, if Veer called her or Rohan. Mishti stops the car with a jerk. Pari says if Veer called Mishti, it’s a big thing; he called her the first person even after the breakup. Mishti says it was Rohan. Mishti silently thinks she wish to share about Rohan with Pari. But she isn’t in a state, and anyone can misunderstand their love at this time. She tells Pari that Rohan told her, and wanted her not to go in front of Veer in such a state. Mishti thinks I am sorry Pari, I am lying. Pari utters he is so caring. Mishti agrees as Rohan takes care of everyone.

Veer was brought into the room. Naina comes there, concerned for Veer. She curses Mishti that Mishti would never live happily. Rohan says it’s because of that same girl, Mishti that her son is safe. Mishti had called the lawyer. Naina asks what’s the big deal, it doesn’t turn her any Goddess. Before Rohan could leave, Veer thanks Rohan for his favor. He says get one thing straight, just because he is drunk doesn’t mean he is weak. Rohan proved to be a good friend, he must be thanked. Rohan forces Veer into the bed again, and says they will speak later on. Naina comes to the room with lime water. Rohan and Arnav leave. Veer makes Naina sit and says Mishti won’t find a guy like him, but if she believes he won’t get a girl. He will find a better girl.

Later, at home Mishti comes to Rohan’s room. She asks how Veer is. Rohan says he doesn’t know what it would take, but this is not the right time to tell Veer. They must take every step cautiously.

PRECAP: Naina tells Veer that if Mishti is happy after breakup, she surely has someone else in her life. There, Rohan and Mishti were together in Mishti’s room. Radhika comes calling Mishti.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. loving someone is not a sin but misti has been with veer for almost a year and the way she told him that she doesn’t love him is starting i always wanted mishaan because they were cute together but somewhere i feel directly or indirectly misti is behaving the same way with veer as kulnal did to mauli. i agree season 2 doesn’t have the same charm as season 1,and the worst part was today’s precap idk why i don’t see the love between mishaan like before i feel its lust the way ruhaan pulls misti closer and says take off ur shirt its gross veer always gave her respect and gave love and the main thing they stayed in their limits misti is so guilty that shes not even telling her sis but they r romancing behind their back like seriously cute moments r fine but 1st give time for everything to settle down then slowly they could have started their story after everything was sorted but no…. no matter veer ruhaan’s best friend or misti’s ex fiance suffers both don’t give a damn just for the sake of showing the say i feel bad…….i don’t get it why ppl make such foolish showss what should ppl learn from ittt…don’t care about anyones feeling be in ur own dreamworld….and few days ago ruhaan says his mother left him for the sake of another man i didn’t comment back then but what the hell r they trying to prove it doesn’t make sence that man would have understood if he really loved his mother what should single mothers learn from this leave ur children and go like seriouslyyy…i have seen single mothers who take care of their kids strongly ,if every single mother leaves their kids at orphanage thenn half of the children should be there. they both r trying so hard to convence themselves that its not their mistake……

  2. Misthi was with veer and was very much Happy. She is much happy that she is marrying veer. And all for a sudden she fell in love with ruhaan. How s that possible. She was very much rude with ruhaan before. I thought she would never fall in love with him. But how come she forget her relation and her engagement with veer. And also she was engaged with veer. She is just affected by ruhaan s kind behaviour. Now what will she tell to veer about ruhaan. How will he react. And also how will pari react when she knows about them. Kunal fell in love after married. That is too much impossible. And mishti she has right to select her life partner. But what this Kunal did after married he cheated his own wife whom he loved. What is this serial!???!????????????????????

      This line is hilarious ??????

  3. Season 1 was just a bad story. A man fall in love with someone after marriage. And that too another woman but he loved his own wife. so many years ago he fell in love with his wife s best friend. Is he mad?? And she(nandini) too. Because she(nandini) knows he(Kunal) would definitely divorce his wife (mauli) and come back with her. Nandini should left from there not informing anyone even Kunal. Then see what will happen to him.

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