Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 23rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal finds out about the Mauli-Nandini deal

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 23rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajdeep took an aim of Kunal with his revolver. Mauli comes inside to save Kunal by shooting something at him. Kunal was shocked to see Mauli but moves ahead to save Nandini. Mauli watch his concern for Nandini as he cares for her and carries her out of the fire ring. He pays no heed to Mauli and instead continue his attempts to wake Nandini up.
Later, Kunal carries Nandini home, lay her on the couch and applies medicine to her burns. Nandini opens her eyes. Kunal says he knew their paths were never easy, but it shouldn’t have been difficult. He says Dida lied to him about her illness, but he cannot be Mauli’s anymore. He clarified this to Mauli as well. She was hurt, so was he; still it was important to clarify this to her. Nandini was upset and thinks Mauli doesn’t want

to leave Kunal. She speaks that she owes a lot to Kunal, he has saved her life once again. She demands him to go away and leave her alone. Kunal was astonished. Nandini says she clarified it already and didn’t come to meet him for date as well, he must understand she doesn’t wish to stay with Kunal. Kunal walks to Nandini, turns her face towards himself and says he is unaware of the reasons but it’s clear he isn’t leaving. He goes to bring food and medicine by kissing her forehead.
At home, Dida was excited. Mamma wonders if Mauli got time to tell Kunal about the child. Mauli returns home upset. Dida was excited to see Mauli and asks if she told Kunal? Mauli recalls the flashes of Kunal saving Nandini from the fire. Mauli breaks into tears saying she couldn’t tell Kunal about anything, he can’t see anything but Nandini. He has moved away from all of them.
Kunal walked across the streets with shopping bags. He wonders what happened that Nandini wished to leave home. A photographer stops by Kunal and hands him the photos of Mauli’s birthday. Outside the apartment, the photo bag fells off. Kunal was shocked to see Mauli and Nandini’s photos together, in the party. Kunal thinks it’s from the other day of birthday that Nandini wish him to stay away.
At home, Kunal pours water for Nandini. He was stubborn and asks if Nandini wish him to leave? Then shows her the photos from Mauli’s birthday, and questions if this is the reason? Nandini remembers Mauli’s wishes. Kunal asks what Mauli said. He isn’t a child, and realizes there was something between her and Mauli that she wish to get away from him. He deters to ask Mauli then. Nandini swears him not to ask Mauli.
Kunal comes to the photographer and asks about Mauli’s birthday party footage. He sits in the studio to see the unedited video.
Nandini prays in the temple of her house. She then sits with Mauli’s photos. She thinks about the promise she was committed in with Mauli and wish Kunal never knows the promise. She calls Kunal’s number but goes unanswered.
Dida was annoyed with Mauli for being too lenient with Kunal. She decides to speak to Kunal by herself. Kunal comes home and grabs Mauli’s hand, asking her to come along. He pulls Mauli out of the house. Mamma was worried for them. Dida says sometimes fighting is good.
Nandini goes to answer the door bells and was shocked to see Mauli and Kunal. Mauli questions why Kunal brought her here? Kunal replies he wants clarification of truth and plays a CD. The video of Mauli and Nandini’s conversation played. Mauli was hurt and cries looking at Kunal and Nandini, tears floating her eyes.

PRECAP: Kunal tells Mauli that he loves Nandini. It’s their divorce in three days. Mauli clarifies that she isn’t as strong as to forgive a friend who broke her family.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. ugh. I wish Mauli would stop running after Kunal. Even in the precap she says she can’t forgive Nandini. Forget Nandini. Look at your own husband. He is the one who is the worst person in the entire situation. Just because you love him, you are overlooking his faults and still wanting him back. I follow this serial only to see Mauli’s journey. But if Mauli continues to be this weak, i will stop. She was the one who filed for divorce and now Kunal is saying divorce divorce. Mauli should tell him about the baby but after the divorce. She should tell him that the baby will never even see his face, tata tata bye bye. Mauli was lot better on her own. But this Dida and mamma have weakened her. Pushing her towards Kunal repeatedly. Today Dida was even angry at Mauli for not clearing things with Kunal. Old woman, if it was your bahu having an affair, you would have never forgiven her. Hypocrites. She doesnt want Mauli and Kunal to separate, she will die in a few years but Mauli should suffer forever to fulfill her whims. I wish Mauli had someone, anyone to tell her what kind of selfish people her in-laws are and puts some sense in her. But even her mother supports Kunal. Mauli will have to be strong on her own. Its brilliant how Kunal first cheated her and is now angry and shouting at her as if Mauli is the wrongdoer. mamma has already slapped Kunal twice. its high time Mauli slaps him too!

    1. you are right…i too hate kunal….mauli and kunal had an love cum arranged marriage…he is not even remembering a single moment spend with mauli….plz mauli kick him out of your life.and where this show is going…as if nandini is sathisavitri….plz dont show each time that nandini is a well wisher to mauli…she have destroyed a happy family….how can love happen to her that too taking away her best frnd life…

  2. oh God fed up with thr drama.. well guys show dekhna toh kbka band krdia.. will not read updates also my last comment here cz just wanted to share real life mauli story.. it’s so similar and really hats off to her.. search meri kahani on fb or insta and watch tht lady story her name is Sonia kulkarni she is amazing.. 🙂 sachi me yr bht negativity h show me or mera dimag khrb hogya wese hi itte trust issues h life me lol ???

  3. My god…this is the worst show where the guilty makes themselves saints and the innocent pays a price that is beyond humanity. I know this is a show but who are these writers? What have the made poor Mauli into? A whimpering, lost and desperate person to these two callous cheater? I think Nandini should have never reciprocate Kunal’s feeling being like a sister to Mauli. How more low can a person so close to you sink. But Kunal, my god, he is a total bastard. It’s like he can’t wait to get in Nandani’s pants (sorry for saying that but it’s like he has an itch that only that will make it go away). It’s more like an obsession. He doesn’t even act mature. He really doesn’t suit Mauli’s character. She needs a man not a whiny boy who sounds more and more like a baby wanting his mama….

    Mauli values family, love, friendship. All the aspects of a good human being and doesn’t deserve these two in her live. Also Dida and Mumma they are only guilt tripping her to fight for something that is no longer there. I don’t understand how they expect Mauli to take Kunal back with the knowledge every time he touches her she will feel disgust because he touched and did more with Nandini so please Didi and Mumma, leave Mauli to make her mind and leave. After the leap, the better show that Mauli has made a great life for herself and cute baby. Kunal can go sleep and live with Nandani. No need for him in her life.

    1. You are absolutely right.Kunal character is portrayed as desperate for Se* and why Shakthi selected such a character?

  4. and please, it was not a deal. Mauli uttered something in her drunken state. Nandini didnt even reply, just walked away. the next morning Mauli was busy with headache, she didnt even recall what she had said in drunken state. When Kunal and Nandini got drunk, they were dancing in front of everybody like lovers. Mauli didnt say anything to either of them at that time.
    But Kunal is angrily dragging Mauli away. truly, he sees nothing past his obsession for Nandini. In fact, he wont leave even if Nandini asks him to. His own desires and wants are supreme and the woman in his life has no say in it. What happened to the sensible man with principles at the start of the show? obsession destroyed everything? Worship Nandini. Go to hell. Just stop dragging Mauli as if you still have any right on her. Will you go to anyone’s house and just drag the women there to go with you? No, right? Then how can do that to Mauli when you have stated you have nothing for her anymore? someone. please. slap. him. I want Mouli to give him a scolding he will remember his entire life.
    as for Nandini. If she really wanted Kunal to leave she should have explained things to him, told him clearly her conscience doesnt permit her to stay with her friend’s husband. But that’s not the truth. Nandini doesnt think she has done anything wrong. She is sacrificing her true love isnt it? she never wanted to harm Mouli, after all she prays for Mouli on her every birthday. (forget that she slept with Mouli’s husband and next day she met Mouli without any guilt or regret). Can you believe how good Nandini is? What more do you want? If Mouli wants Kunal, Nandini will tell Kunal, ‘god promise Kunal, you go away. no more hugsie.’ Why? ‘Because’. and that will solve everything, of course. And if it doesn’t, atleast goodhearted Nandini tried. Don’t you see how much praying she is doing? And the crying? Tomorrow, when Kunal will be shouting at Mouli, will Nandini tell him that it was her own decision and she will never accept Kunal back no matter what happens? Dont think so.

    1. No she is getting ready for romantic dinner with proposal by Kunal, happy to read your comment,he really deserve tight slap for dragging mouli,how all of a sudden he became like rajadeep not hurting physically doesn’t mean that he is not hurting mauli.what the f**k with not romantic ,it’s lust dinner with out getting a divorce and that b*t*h getting ready like a it their dream or real.was waiting for mauli leaving Kunal but they are just degrading mauli also.

  5. please Mauli,don’t beg to Kunal.Never go back to him.I very much wish men like Kunal and a witch like Nandini should suffer the worst.I was thinking of the ladies like Mauli who suffered due to jerk husbands and ‘man eaters’ like Nandini.Kunal Nandini in one frame irritates me and I simply want to break that frame.Some say that they have sizzling chemistry.Drashti looks like his aunty>She is beautiful but not apt as Shakthi’s “heroine”(?)it is high time that actors accept roles according to their age and some values.Nowadays I can see only extra marital,one night stand,Devar bhabi affair etc.I pity the makers.

    1. Why because you hate a character you all bring down the person who’s portraying it…even on insta they are bashing her she’s just doing her job the one to hate is these nonsensical writers that writing pure crap….its just a show and Drashti don’t look like Shakti’s aunty she’s 33 he’s 32 and aditi is 35 so who’s the older one here.. paired together they would’ve made a beautiful Jodi in a different serial of cause…i fine both women are gorgeous and looks fantastic for their age and i wish neither one of them took this crap show because they are all brilliant actors and would’ve done great in better roles…they have totally butchered everyone’s charater on this show they taking this ema alittle to far now even in real life men who do it don’t disrespect their wife to that extent

  6. I know Mauli is in a very bad state now, but i hope this is the lowest she falls. And she rises spectacularly like a phoenix from her ashes.
    funny how even in her weakened state, Mouli is the strongest person in the show. Tells a lot about how pathetic the rest are.

  7. Pathetic show… this how us Indian people should be shown????? Considering girls are advancing in the world, this show does not ….. pathetic

  8. Deepi

    Mauli…….now can the true face of kunal and the bond between the relationship….. Damn kunal u don’t deserve to anyone….. U just follow ur true love (cheap & overacting nandhini)and pls let mauli to start a new life… today’s episode I know he won’t support mauli…….and will be on the side of his cheap lover and that too happen…….and in precap mauli ur enough strong by giving actionless to that both cheaters….hats of mauli??

  9. Preethika

    It’s gud if kunal didn’t return to mauli he is a Hippocrate nd wnt deserve wife like mauli……

  10. I really hate moli. . I dont know why. . Itna pechay kn parta hai yar seriously over rated drama?. . Itni chir hona shuru ho gai hai us say jan choray acept kray eik chez ko. . blo*dy move on. . Ub agla bnda bkwas kr kr thk geya hai k bai nai krta pyar nai rehna chahta phir bhe pechay pechay. . Churail bni pari hai annoying aurat. . Chor k chli jaay. . As if uski job nai ya koi aur kam nai jo apnay bnday k pechay par gai hai jo uskay sath rehna nai chahta. . Ub log kehain gay k extra merital affair ya vo. . Ub log kehain gay k nandi buri nandni nay ghr ujara. . Yar simple c bat agr us nay ujarna he hota na to shuru may intensions nazr a jateen. . Vo actual may bechari he hai jo stand lena chah rai hai par mistakes hr kici say hoti hain us aurat ko apnay khud k hubby say pyar respect mili he nai aur jb usay first time mila b to us kunal k sath jo uski besti ka bnda tha. . Aur han last bat ya k nandni kabhi i bhe nai the shuru may kunal k pass kunal ko he so called lov hua tha. Aur esa nai k us nay kabhi try he na ke ho us feeling ko roknay ke dono nay ke the. . Par jb pyar hona hota hai ho jata hai. . Dono he achay hain koi beshrm nai. . Moli ko ronay do jitna rona hai. . Vo bhe buri nai she just loved he hubby alot. . Ub inreturn usay mil nai raha pyar to jan chor day. . Be practicle for once. . Ya purana zmana hai nai jahan ap eik bnday k pechay life brbad kr do jo ap k sath rehna na chahta ho. . Move on for god sake. Nandi ko bura esay kehtay hain sb jesay un k hubbies ko lay k bhag gai hon. . Chepo log

    1. I just feel sorry for your thinking capacity.. I hope u would not have to face the condition like mauli..

    2. Lol, What So Ever, can’t speak English so maybe he/she lives in the dark ages where you can just procreate with anyone, doesn’t matter if it’s with husband/wife, wife sister, friend etc.

      Still can’t believe they writer’s are wasting time on Kunal and Nandani’s story. They cheat on someone who loved both of them….no more story there. It’s Mauli’s journey that is needed to portray as the survivor and accomplishment with her baby.

  11. I hate this character of Kunal. First of all he doesn’t have any shame of having affair with wife’s best friend and now he is behaving is like Mauli is the culprit. Who the hell is he to respect a women like Mauli? If he knows the meaning of respect at all? He is a real Hippocrates. He cannot understand Mauli was drunk. No he wants to blame someone. He want some excuses to get Nandini. You both go and get married na, who is stopping you? And like you really bother if anyone will stop you.
    Nandini is a big drama queen. Mauli’s nabour said it correct, this type of women make the drama with guys of not meeting to get more attention. So now she remember that she is concern about her friend. Where was her concern when she was sleeping with her best friend’s husband?
    She never thought of Mauli, now she is creating this drama to become mahan in front of Kunal.
    Why this dida is not dying? She is the reason of all the problem. If he wants her grandson why she is not accepting Nandini and move with them. at the beginning Mamma was showing concern to mauli but now I feel that was a emotional drama, by which they were trying to win Mauli and using Mauli they can get there son Kunal.
    Mauli enough of your tears. Your so called husband and best friend is not made for that. Don’t waste your tears on them.

  12. Preethika

    Upcoming twit yet to be conformed I.e
    mauli vil be shifting to Rajdeep and staying with him as a friend(but he proposes mauli for marriage but she rejects him nd they both turns to be gud frndz). Rajdeep vil play a positive role after seeing mauli good nature.kunal and Nandini vil be a happily married couple. Mauli nd rajdeep vil turn up to be a business partners too.
    Second twist expected: mauli vil move on to London nd turns up as a business tycoon nd her look vil be changed totally accidentally kunal visits London nd again fall for mauli but diz tym mauli vil not forgive him nd she even hates male character’s in her life but kunal nd Nandini r married here too.

  13. Writer are trying hard to show nandini character good mouli bad… I hate writer showing EMA with no guilt…

  14. Even if she asked her husband (mauli)from nandhini what is wrong in that.but kunal don’t deserve mauli’s love. And nandhini why can’t she say she can’t cheat her friend. she’s selfish on getting kunals love.

  15. kunal has to be made realize this, he can’t get wife like mauli. Nandini has to pretend that she is going back to rajdeep for the sake of kunal and mauli. Otherwise New male entry for mauli to be shown. Plse show the respect towards Indian culture. Maintain the marriages.

  16. For me….kunal is yes ofcrz worst… the same is nandini….now nadini…is trying to leave kunal….bt wht…….as if…b4 starting relationship with kunal…..was nandini not knowing that…..he is her best frnd’s husbnd…being a womn…..she would hv thought this thing 1st….nandini is hopeless n worst

  17. For heaven sake… the show writers can you explain me the difference between Kunal and Rajdeep? Both of them are abusing their wives left right center.
    How are you justifying a husband like Kunal who mentally abuses his wife and trying to portray him as a nice human being ?
    Your show might have an idiotic tag line but remember yes emotions are justified but ABUSE is NOT!
    You want to justify an EMA , use a better script.
    Do not Justify KUNAL’s behavior

  18. The worst serial ever seen… What a shameless story…no one gets pleasure while watching this serial

  19. I am disappointed with colors.its not about this show alone few other shows too where there is a third person in a couple life then one of spouse falling for the third person then justify the affair and bla black.i m glad d lead actors in that show left it after unneccessary drag and stupid plot and twists were added. Wat kind of writers are this? Teenagers? In this show its surprising few support these cheaters jus cos it’s been played by their favourite stars.mauli is not evil if at least she was bad it would HV been kinda men can HV a love arranged marriage give a child and then when u find someone who is Ur wife friend and Ur wife trust u both u take advantage of the trust and sleep with her and say it’s true love and expect Ur wife to go away and let u live with friend.i won’t be surprised if writers make Nandhini mahan and mauli negative. S*** yaar.already stopped watching this… Wasted my time not anymore

  20. Just fed up of this bullshit. Why you are showing Mauli like this? Can’t she move on? Why should she forgive KuNan or stick around Kunal? Please it’s enough of triangle…… Either it will be Nandini out of their life or Mauli should move on…. I’m just hating your story…. By the way loved your acting guys…..

  21. writers please please please we need a stronger mauli….dont have her running behind kunal all the time..kunal keep insulting mauli from time to time like hes the innocent one here…1- mauli should move on with her life and get a better husband…..2- nandini should reject kunal and let him suffer the way mauli did…both mauli and nandini should move on without kunal and make him suffer and realise his mistake of breaking someone’s heart and his beautiful home..he is disgusting…. mauli need to b strong and show the viewers that women are strong and not weak…if we dont get a stronger mauli ill stop watching this show

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