Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 23rd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Mishti know thier relation

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 23rd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaan delays the engagement and says someone else has more right over Mauli than him and consent of that person is really important. He walks to Mishti and says she is that person, kissing her hand. He says Mishti came into his life like a teaspoon of sugar, he wanted her smile for whole of his life; she is his best friend, swag guru and his stress buster. Would she like to be his daughter? He will be heartbroken if she says a no, he really wish to be her Papa. He wants her grow as intelligent, mature and understanding person; bring a sky to her dreams. Is she ready? Mishti looks towards Mauli and asks if he wants to get engaged to Mama, and marry? Ishaan nods. She asks if he would love her mama. He promise to love her mama dearly. Mishti replies, Popsy- No!, Yes and yes and yes-Papa!.

Ishaan holds Mishti in his arms and swirls around.
Kunal reaches the hall and thinks Mauli must surely be here. Ishaan says they must now see who stops intervene in their engagement. He gives his hand for Mauli to put the ring on. Soon, the lights of hall goes off. Mamma wonders what happened to the light. Ishaan goes to check. Kunal drags Mamma from the hall into a store. Mamma was worried and tells Kunal to leave. Kunal says he will leave, but she must only tell him whose daughter is Mishti. Mamma asks what kind of question is this, he has no right to question about it after years. Today, it’s a huge day for Mauli’s life, why he is creating this drama then? Kunal says he isn’t causing any interference in Mauli’s life. He only wants to know whose daughter is Mishti. Mamma asks why he wants the answer now. Mamma tells Kunal that Mauli was broken when Kunal left, she had no reason to live. Mishti came into her life as a ray of hope, they adopted Mishti. The lights were on, Mamma asks Kunal to leave if he respects her.
In the hall, Mauli notices Mamma was tensed. She explains she was only worried because of light interruption. The rings had been exchanged. Ishaan speaks to the guests that it’s been his long awaited dream to marry Mauli, and finally they are together. He promises Mauli he will prove to be a good husband, at least their deal for 7 or 8 lives is done here. She is really nice, and it’s not easy to be her husband; she would attract all appraisals everywhere. People must be jealous watching them together. He has done a lot to get her, and can achieve anything with her support. She brings sweetness to his life. Kunal heard this from behind a curtain. Mauli only smiled at Ishaan’s expression. Ishaan named his life after Mauli.
Dida scolds Mishti as she was eating sixth in a row. Dida scolds Mishti while she insists Dida initially, then runs to hide herself in the washroom. Dida says Mishti has taken after her father, Kunal was also like this. Mamma goes to make up Mishti. Kunal had heard the conversation, he pulls Mamma aside again and asks if Mishti is his daughter? She behaves exactly like him. Mamma tries to avoid Kunal but he swears upon his life. He says alright, she won’t ever see his face ever again. Mamma stops Kunal and says yes, Mishti is his daughter. Kunal was emotionally distressed upon hearing this. Mishti heard this as well and wonders how Pari’s buddy can be her papa.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Why is Kunal suddenly concerned about the child whose news of existence made him sorrowful?
    His expressions the entire time since Mauli reveals about her pregnancy to she lies were like he doesn’t want the child. He was mourning over loss of his possible relationship with Nandini and wanted either something to happen to child when Mauli saved the kid or her to be making her pregnancy, so that he could go back to his mistress for another round of baby-making.
    And now this lusty man wants to know the truth which he badly wanted to be false before leap!!!

    Kunal is not only a cheater and a hypocrite but he is inhumane. Did he forget how rudely he behave with Mauli while she was trying to save their relationship for the sake of the baby? All he wanted was the non-existence of the fetus. He was asking whether Mauli is sure about it? He even asked her to take his kasam and say that she actually is pregnant.

    I hate this swine.

    1. Me too toi right deepa

    2. I agree vth u deepa

  2. Agree with you Deepa

  3. I really day by day hate this kunal the most . I cant verify his character does he really knew how to love any person in his life even his oxygen woman. I think he was only a spoiled child and still is . He always wanted his joy for any cost and obviously her dida and mum ruined hem badly. I wonder why mouli still care of him and cant move on with ishan . Today he threatened his mother to leave and wont see him again . What a son he had never felt guilty for leaving his own mother for 6 years . And now he didn’t concern about mouli happiness in such day and again play the new role of caring father. I disgust selfish men like kunal and hope mouli wont make any mistake and lose ishane .

  4. Instead of nandini if kunal have died ..the show will go smoothly and mouli life also. after kunal death mauli will live her life happily no mess at all..

  5. Yeah agree wid u deepa. And haan ise kuch kuch hota he ki se compare krna bilkul faltu he, coz KKHH m rahul n anjali were mere besties. N neither of dem has expressed their feeling towards each other. But here in dis case,Kunal had cheated his wife n their marriage. He never want Mauli to b pregnant that time, and now wen his mistress had died,he suddenly care about his dat child, whom he never want to exist. I don’t want this serial to end up reuniting kunal and mauli. As still Kunal don’t love Mauli. Infact he was happy wen he find Mauli n Ishaan s a couple. He can’t take Mauli for granted just coz he want his daughter Misti. He don’t deserve Mauli or Misti. But the way they r showing Mauli still don’t want to accept Ishaan’s love from heart n Just to show Kunal that he is no more affect her life ,she is marrying Ishaan. I fear the writter ends up reunite Maunal..

  6. When I feel this kunal reached the height
    of kaminapan he proved me wrong.He doesn’t care for anybody ….for him only he matters.He forgot his care for pari when he heard mauli and ishaan are not married yet and he left her I don’t know where and runned after mauli to know whose daughter is mishti.I wish pari was adopted.kunal doesn’t deserve to be a father.

  7. I wish I can slap the writer for this disgusting story and showing shameless Character like kunal.. He is such a pathetic person with no guilty at all…

  8. Kunal at least leave mishti for mauli. Even you don’t love mauli. See how much mauli lost because of u. But she still loves u

  9. Kunal leave mauli let her live happily. She often missed u.

  10. Is there anyone who will update the written updates
    When this serial is shown on voot
    Because I can’t download voot to my region ??‍♀️
    And this is one of my fav serai


  12. As a mother I can accept this end of story as kunal and mouli reunion for the children sake . Since mouli still cant be happy with ishan and only marry him for mishti got a father . But that would be with any man not this kunal who hated his child and was very ready to leave her for his mistress and more than happy if mouli had lost her saving this child in the accident .Though he is the biological father but still doesn’t deserve to be . The father who would be happy for having one not who prefer his lust over that . And even now he didn’t feel guilty no blame mouli for keeping her last piece of her dignity and free her self from him. pls CV writer dont spoil the story more if mouli wont be happy with ishan let her live as a single mother until finding her man . She deserve to be happy more than any woman .

  13. lol this show needs to be off air soon what the writers are serving is way too much boring and unrealistic at all # a big lol on the show

  14. Why the f**k he wants to know now???? Nandini died that’s why he came back to Mauli. Selfish…..

  15. The actor did really nice on their pqrt and they deserve our laude. Anyways that being said, the show is amazing because things like this sometimes happens in reality. U can’t help who u fall 4 whether u betray ur dear wife or not luv is just luv. Although Kunal did wrong on betraying his hubby but at least he own up 2 his mistakes and that takes a gut. So for that I gave u standing ovation because most men don’t have the guts and also u follow ur heart. So, people on the comments stop basing Kunal, I ain’t saying he is innocent but once again luv is just. Mauli seems nice madam but hiding her kid from her pops is completely wrong. Kunal never said he didn’t want the child, it was Mauli who made him out of tge child’s like. If he knew about it he would have stick around. Just because u were betrayed by ur husband doesn’t give u the right 2 keep him away from his kid. The problem is between u 2 so please stop involving the kid because at the end of the day every kid deserves his/her both parents even if they rnt 2gther. Kunal is really a good father just as Mauli is good ma and the only mistake he committed was falling in luv. Well, after all we r just human the the heart wants what the heart wants whether it is wrong or right.

  16. Santana Russo

    Mauli aunt am happy u r moving on but please do it for yourself not your child. The las already has a dad and he is an awesome dad. Nothing is better for a kid than having their bio parents and Mish deserves that. It is not like he walked out on the kid or denied it. It was you who concealed it. Just because he waked out on you don’t make him a bad mom. He might not have loved you but he really loves his daughter so let him be a father. Do whatever you want with your life but let the kid have her father aka bio one. Even though he did wrong with you but it wasn’t his fault to walk out on his daughter because you made that decision for him. Do your are to blame too on that.

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