Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 23rd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Mishti regains her attention towards Veer

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishti was in her room. She smiles watching her engagement photos with Veer, then stops at Rohan’s photo, zooms his face and hides Veer’s; a smile spreading her face. She at once comes to realization, and wonders what’s happening to her.

Arnav reads the card he found in Pari’s bag, and curtly tears it into pieces. He wonders why Pari doesn’t realize his love for her.

Pari comes to her apartment. She calls on Rohan’s number but he was driving and his phone was on silent. She was upset and thinks she wanted to confess her love to him, and spend some time along. Rohan doesn’t pick up the call. Instead, he gets a vision of Mishti sitting on the back seat. He thinks he is well aware she isn’t around, he even realizes though near but she would never be able to be along him.

There, Mishti still watched Rohan’s photo and thinks she is questioning herself today, if she really loves Veer or not. Why she wanders in unknown direction; though everything is fine in their relation. They are loving, caring and thoughtful and took decision of marriage after six months of knowing each other. If this is love, why she is upset. Why she isn’t happy. If it isn’t love, what it is. She never decides unthoughtfully and marrying Veer is a right decision, maybe she is influenced by Rohan because he lives in the house. Her emotions are over taking her decision. She tells herself to get a hold on herself, she can’t fell weak at such a crucial time of her life. What’s right must be done. She can’t ruin her life for an unknown feeling. She wipes her tears, convicted, she stands up.

Veer stood upset in the window. His mother says she finds no way for him to worry. Veer was tensed what if everything doesn’t go perfect for him. His mother convince him that marriage is a huge decision for a girl, he must give her some time to overcome this phase of her life. She has witnessed much love between them, now they must face every problem here. Veer feared it’s not normal, and their distances might get farther. He fears he is losing on his relation.
Pari sat beside a wall, upset. She types a message for Rohan, then deletes it thinking how she can say it. She wonders how to share her feelings with Rohan; whom else to share her feelings then. She decides to speak to Mishti. She then rejects the idea, Mishti already hates Rohan. She can’t speak to Mishti, and asks help from God.

In the room, Arnav gathers the torn pieces of card. He thinks he can’t accept a defeat, his love is true and it’s always powerful. He is sure one day Pari will accept and understand his love.

Rohan was still driving, and thinks that Mishti exists in his mind and heart, but not close to him in reality. All of a sudden, his car gets dis-balanced. He successfully stops it, the tyre was punctured. Rohan sets to fix the tyre. His hand was hurt and bleeds as he works with the screw driver. Some motor cyclist stops by him and offers him water to clean up the hand. When they have left, Rohan takes a tissue to cover the cut. He takes the phone and notices 11 missed calls from Pari. He was worried if there was a problem.

Veer gets a call from Mishti. She apologizes for not speaking well though he called. Veer says its alright, everyday isn’t same; she didn’t want to speak today. Mishti apologizes as she always upsets him. She asks to meet today. Veer asks if it’s for him, or she is interested herself. Mishti says she wish to meet him. She says she will message him where to meet. Mishti requests him not to question her about anything. Veer understands we can’t be happy each day, else we won’t realize the importance of happiness and relationship. Mishti confess it was her mistake, she anyways hurt him. She promises to make things like they were earlier. Veer jokes if they would be like, Hi Mishti, Hello Veer. Mishti smiles, then says it will be like it was prior to engagement. They can start over again. Veer gets emotional, and says nothing changed from his side. Mishti understands and recognizes his support. She promises nothing will go wrong now, it will be perfect now. Veer doesn’t reply again. Veer tells her to message him where they will meet and cuts the call.

Pari gets into the apartment. She thinks it’s weird, he didn’t call her back once.
In the room, Mishti selects what to wear and rejects a bundle of dresses for herself. She goes to try a dress. Pari comes to the room and thinks everyone has gone insane. Mishti wasn’t this disorganized ever. She stuffs the clothes in cupboard and sets for her own packing. Mishti comes out ready. Pari complements she looks beautiful. Mishti says she is going to meet Veer. Pari says she has to leave for Runawla, she needs to see the site and meet the client. Mishti asks when she will return. Pari replies day after tomorrow. She gets a call from Rohan then. Mishti stays still.

PRECAP: In the restaurant, Veer was happy that he was looking for this Mishti. Mishti says she wandered on a wrong path for some time. Veer gets a call from Rohan who wanted to know what aunty demanded him to bring from Puna. Veer notices the bandage. Rohan tells him his tyre was punctured, and he got it while changing tyre. Mishti was concerned and peeks from the camera. Rohan says nothing hurts him now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I am crazy about this show everyday has excitement episode

  2. I really want ruhaan and misti to be together, but I don’t want the cvs to make misti in a negative lead. i mean i have seen in many other serials where the main lead end up liking each other even though one of the lead is engaged to someone else. whatever the case is I want the cvs to make ruhaan and misti together is a proper and eligible way. instead of people bashing on Misti’s chararcter and comparing her to nadaini.

  3. Whenever I see Misthi, feel like she is a new replication of Nandini. She was in love with Veer, preparing meals and dinner outs for him but suddenly her feelings for Veer changed after seeing Ruhan, she has no right to hurt Veer’s feeling. These type of girl will never be of one guy, as soon as they see someone better they will leave the guy that they are sticking with

  4. Truthfully to say thou ruhaan Misti pair is liked , I still feel Misti must select veer. Sometime breeze flows by and we land up thinking it’s love. It an be love but not always.

  5. First this pari is selfish now they are doing the same thing with mishti as well.
    Veer loves her so much…but she will leave him for ruhaan whom she first could not see an eye and fought with on a regular basis ye chiz add kardea bas. Everytime from the day she kissed him to the days(even alternate day specifically) she shouted and insulted him… suddenly changes into love?kese? And ruhaan..oh the upright man suddenly has a lot of patience to accomodate mishti ka insults… doesn’t even leave with veer…stays back kyi?bhai pyar-_-
    Scriptwriter ne socha masala banana hei…par pura mixed vegetable bana dia
    Teju deserves the entire world such is her acting prowess but the makers spoiled her character same they did with shakti ….villian bana dia
    Hurting both veer and pari in the process (i seriously don’t care for pari though,she really is nasty towards arnav sometimes,but veer ke liye i feel dil se)
    Tejaswi, aneri,rohan,kunal jese talented cast ke sath bhi they are creating ‘kalank’.Wonder if kjo got the script idea frm here?
    Such a talented cast is being wasted….Plz guys write mails to the channel and production team…these stars have so much much ability…but they are being underdone
    Yeh aur bohot accha deserve karte hei bohot accha
    They are awesome actors
    Teju my doll i love u so much…but hate your character here as much as i hate aneri’s (i love her acting as well)

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