Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal saves Nandini from fire

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajdeep throws the matchstick. Nandini screams but Rajdeep steps over it. He tells Nandini he won’t kill her so easily, else people would claim that Kunal’s lover died. After sometime, people would begin calling her as Rajdeep’s wife. He goes away.
Mamma comes to Mauli who sat on the floor, her head in her hands while broken mirror lying nearby. Dida apologizes Mauli for being mean, but she wish to watch them together. She and Mamma request Mauli to tell Kunal about their child. There was a door bell, they hear Pramilla welcome Kunal.
Rajdeep returns to Nandini with a pack of red bridal attire and ornamentation. He asks Nandini to wear this.
Kunal runs to his room and looks in the wardrobe hurriedly. He finds Mauli standing in his room but doesn’t speak and

leaves instead. Dida sends Mauli behind Kunal to tell him about the child. Mamma also makes Mauli go behind him.
Nandini shouts for help. Rajdeep laughs that there’s a lot, snakes, rats and other reptiles. It’s a deserted place, none is around. He looks towards her and says she looks most beautiful when she is Nandini Rajdeep Thakur. He reminds how she wore red dress when she came to his house for the first time. Nandini continue to resist while Rajdeep forces the bangles around her wrist and drapes her with red dress. He place a ‘bindi’, lipstick and sindoor in her hairline. He then sits intently looking at her with a smile and complements that she looks like his wife now.
Mauli follows Kunal’s car. She wonders where is he rushed towards.
Rajdeep says Nandini must live like this. She came to his house in this dress, now she will depart in the same dress. She is lucky to die a married woman’s death, then clicks a selfie with Nandini.
Nandini walks into the go down’s hall dressed up in the bridal dress. Rajdeep wonders how someone can look so beautiful before dying. He says now she will die as Mrs. Rajdeep Thakur. She will always be his, as they are connected at heart. Nandini clarifies that making her wear red dress or sindoor doesn’t make them husband-wife. Kunal won her heart through love and respect, she will die remembering Kunal only. Rajdeep holds a rope to tie Nandini with a wall. Nandini stood calmly. Rajdeep spills kerosene in a circle around the wall and Nandini.
Mauli reaches behind Kunal.
Rajdeep boasts that Nandini’s death certificate will have the name, Mrs. Nandini Rajdeep Thakur. He lights a matchstick. The fire encircles Nandini.
Rajdeep plays music on his cell phone and begins swirling over the tone. Nandini closed her eyes thinking about Kunal and herself.
Kunal spot Rajdeep’s car and thinks he knew already that Rajdeep must be aware of this shut down medicine factory. Mauli’s car stops right behind Kunal’s. Kunal hurries into the factory and was shocked to see Nandini. Rajdeep and Kunal come for a confrontation. Nandini shout for Kunal’s help. Kunal holds an iron rod lying nearby and tries to save Nandini. The fire had fiercely spread around. Kunal finds a shawl nearby and tries to put the fire off. Rajdeep loaded his revolver and took Kunal’s aim.

PRECAP: Kunal reaches Nandini. Mauli watch him save her. Mauli returns home and was upset that Kunal can’t see anything but Nandini.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I wish Mauli hadnt even gone behind Kunal. But until i watch the episode i cant comment if she went behind to tell him about baby or she was just worried as to why Kunal is in such hurry and if somethings the matter… But i still wish she would have told clearly to Dida and mamma that Kunal can go to hell. She wants nothing to do with him. It is hard to see someone you have loved with all your heart to move on, without caring for you even a little while you still love him. to just one day see him with another woman and not understand at all how could this happen, what happened to all those years of love and joy. But until how long can you keep hope that the person still loves you somewhere? Mauli should now harden her heart and realize that cheater Kunal has forgotten her completely.
    I just hope Rajdeep dies in the fire of his own making. This man has no fear of any law. and his obsession with Nandini is just too much. Why does every man get obsessed with Nandini? If Rajdeep dies, the writers wont be able to use him to generate sympathy for Nandini anymore. If in this fight Kunal gets hurt, then again there will be scenes of Kunal’s pure love for Nandini and how he can do anything for her. We get it. True love. Oxygen. Yada yada. Move on the story please, show Mauli moving on and start a new track of her journey

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I can’t decide who is more obessesed for Nandini Kunal or Rajdeep???

    2. I hope Rajdeep die in his own pit…

    3. I can’t decide whom make me angry more Dida/Mumma, Rajdeep, Mouli stupidity or Kunal Nandini affair…

    4. Dida and Mumma are typical old fashioned saas as one side they appologise for hurting Mouli feelings and on other they are asking to forgive cheater kunal just for their personal sake…

  3. Writer is trying to convey how excusable and justifiable it is to have an extra marital affair.
    Sing this song to another crowd I am not enjoying or buying how Kunal the cheater can sleep with his wife’s best friend whilst looking his wife in the eye and feel no shame or remorse.
    And we the viewers must accept his degradable conduct as pure love.
    And we must accept how Nandini is sacrificing her extra marital affair so Kunal the Cheater can go back to his rightful wife.
    And the rightfully decent wife has to feel guilty for not handing over her husband to Nandini the Cheater.

    1. dont forget rightfully decent wife and world’s best friend! The fact that Mauli was so good to both Kunal and Nandini makes this even more disgusting -_- The writers can dedicate thousand scenes to their true pure love. Doesn’t change the fact that they were selfish cheaters who still dont want to be held accountable for the pain and hurt they have caused Mauli.

  4. This is real story of this serial writer… he had an affair & married that women (married women)…
    that’s why he is supporting EMA….He should justify his actions right?? blo*dy f**** writer.

    1. Writer is a woman
      And this story is about Mona Boneykapoor and sridevi

      1. Ya I think so

  5. What an waste of episode : rajdeep mental behaviour, bechari nandini being tortured for sympathy nd waiting for her white knight who’s heart is darker than any starless night. kunal so called heroic act to save his “pure love” was just 🤮
    If writers can’t give justice to one character then just end it no need to torture her and us. Let mauli take an exit from this family and the shamless lover life then they can show as much “pure love” , rescue mission as they want. No one would ever care of this crappy show neither of its puke worthy, delusional so called lovers

  6. when I see kunal looks for mouli and he misbehave with her I feel he became to hate her. So how come any normal human turns from extreme love which made him dig her name on his finger and after less than month fell in this pure love and bla bla with another woman . And the innocent pure lovely friend which came from old century that made her stayed with very bad husband encourage and i insist that she made him slept with her and next day she look at mouli eyes with no shame .Is the writer tries to scare us and make us accept that there no trust in any relationship and there is no future guarantee with any person in our life . I think it nearly succeed at least with me and no body tell me that is just a serial since the shows must reflect our fact. Pls writer make us feel some hope our real life full with horrible things already which more than enough

  7. I think the writer is confused himself, he doesn’t know where to take the story next. Here’s a suggestion. Mauli should leave everything and everyone and goes away to make a life for herself. She should become a very successful doctor with her own clinic and a good humanitarian for women – girl power. On the other hand, let Kunal and Nandini marry but show that forever they are unhappy living with guilt and eventually break up and find themselves alone having lost everyone.

    1. If the story is in this way,it will be awesome…

  8. Preethika

    In d starting episode’s kunal was d most decent guy nd so called supporting husband but now he is a male suxxxx blo*dy bastard…… Hope diz series ends soon

  9. Can we give some respect to mauli please . She was shown as such a mature and sensitive person. Respect the woman in her . Do not bring her down begging. At east let her dignity be intact

  10. What if mauli had affair with some other guy and after knowing that i would like to know if Dida will ask kunal and mauli to unite. If that time mauli gets pregnant(kunal consummated with nandhini right),will Dida ask kunal to be with mauli or doubt her child’s birth.

    Why only women sud accept these blo*dy cheating rascals back.wish mauli put some sense to old lady

  11. I don’t watch this serial …coz I don’t want to see those stupid faces…I’ll go one by one
    1. Kunal – doctor who has lot of dreams to serve needy and loves his family to the core but now sadist husband leave abt his degree…such a stupid role and portraying as a lover after 7years of wedding…
    Ok he loved other women then if really he is at good he should go to his wife and he should say abt that but no…he just slept with that other women in the name of love…And after he got caught he is behaving like he is correct and remaining all are wrong

    2. Nandini – beautiful looking lady who attracts men…unfortunately she attracted a man whom she has to treat like her brother as he is her friends husband( in general we treat our friends husbands as brothers )…ok she is like another sadist of this series..her only aim in her life is she wants love from a man means she will love any one who gives her love…thank god her father didn’t loved her…who knows what she would hv done…her mother got lucky…protraying as innocent and I hv to mention her sacrifice here that is fab…leaving friends husband to her…when she is dying on roads her friend helped her to the core gave her new life and now she is on roads coz of this lady and her stupid husband

    3. Mauli – good doctor good dil good friend good wife….everything but not intelligent…I know she loved him not like that stupid leaving him is hard but what is the point begging him and asking to stay with her…no self respect…I mean she has to fight for good not for that rouges…

    4. Kunal family – they are the worst part as of now still blackmailing Mauli to accept that stupid as he is there son…I think they want her money as their son won’t earn anything….so how they will survive

    5. Rajdeep – at least he is shown as what he is…bad husband still he is but I guess not too bad as Kunal…backstabbing

    6 director – I read some where we are showing what is happening in society …ok may be that is happening I don’t think showing helping someone needy and standing by friend is wrong…working to help family is wrong…and now they are showing Nandini is sacrificing I don’t get what she is sacrificing…and Kunal shouting on Mauli still she is going back to him instead of acting brave and standing for self…and I wish they hv to show if u do wrong what consequences they will face …how women are strong

    Overall my verdict is stupid series

  12. Mauli has to fight for her rights

  13. vijayalakshmi

    plz show some other main lead actor to mauli plzz who is more handsome ,good by heart in real also more handsome than Shakti and more popular actor for mauli
    mauli should leave kunal and lead new life and entry of new hero

    and plz don’t show nandini mahaan sacrifice and all plzzz yaaa for drashti only people supporting her even though she is wrong bt plz guys don’t support by their popular and beautiful it is gud for nothing

  14. Crime serial ❌

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