Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd November 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal follows Pramilla to reach Mauli’s engagement

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

As soon as the lift was free, Mauli leaves the building with her family. Kunal had decided to climb the stairs and rushes upstairs. He enters the house calling Mauli. Pramilla was packing the luggage and turned to leave. Kunal wonders if everyone has left for engagement. Pramila was shocked to see Kunal there, she tells Kunal that no one is here right now, and he may come sometime later. Kunal requests Pramilla to tell her about Mauli, he has something important to speak to her. Pramilla had locked the doors of the house, she clarifies to Kunal that Mauli no more needs him. It’s after long that her life is moving towards happy times. Kunal wonders whom to talk to at this time.
In the hall, Mamma finds Ishaan carefully looking after the arrangements. Mamma comes to Ishaan and

says Ishaan would be a better husband than her Kunal, he would also be a very good son in law. Kunal called on her number but her cell phone was on another corner of the hall. Ishaan promises to never hurt Mauli. Kunal thinks if its Mauli’s engagement, he is wasting time and must follow Pramilla. He walks down and finds Pramilla leave in a taxi cab. He follows the taxi cab.
Mauli comes to the hall as bride. She was about to slip from the stairs step. Mishti now comes to help her and takes her towards the stage. Dida was on the way, kiss the back of Mauli’s hands and blesses her. Mauli was seated on stage and thinks about Nandini’s death. Ishaan performs on “Shaam Shandaar’. Kunal was hurriedly driving to the hall. Ishaan comes towards the stage and asks for Mauli’s hand while kneeling in front of her. Mauli holds his hand. He takes her down the stage where they perform a couple dance on song ‘Tu Ishq Ishq Saa Mere’. Ishaan took the lead, while Mauli stood mostly emotionless. After the dance, everyone clapped in appraisal.
There, Kunal drove towards the hall thinking it’s only Mauli who can reply his answers.
At the venue, Ishaan and Mauli stood for exchange of ring ceremony. Ishaan holds the box of ring then shuts it. He says he can’t give this engagement ring to her until an issue is resolved. There is a person who holds greater right over Mauli than him. He wants that person’s consent for this engagement. Everyone looked tensed.
Kunal was stuck in the traffic.

PRECAP: Kunal brings Mamma to a godown. Mamma tells Kunal to leave. Kunal asks Mamma whose daughter Mishti is.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Lol, i saw segment in utube, where Kunal again goes to his house (after engagement) and again questions Mouli like he did years ago. Again he blames Mouli that how could keep such a big truth away from me etc etc… they have a big fight…. and i am like, seriously Kunal? And why is he running like this to Mouli’s engagement? He got married to Nandini, had a kid everything… Let Mouli marry someone else too. If he wants to find out about Mishti, he can do that next day also. Back when he found out about Mouli’s pregnancy, he said to Nandini ‘my child can stay with Mouli and sometimes come and stay with us also. That way he will get both his mother’s, father’s and your love.’ Even then, he didnt want to stay with Mouli, child or not. So calm the heck down right now, Kunal. Running around everywhere as if he suddenly wants to know all about mishti. Back then, when Nandini told him about the pregnancy, he made a face as if somebody has died. But now he is going to behave like the victim, to whom everybody lied and knowingly kept him away from his kid. Hypocrite man who only knows to scream at others but cant see the faults in his own actions.
    I hope Mishti herself comes to him and says, ‘dont make a scene. You are pari’s father and my father is my popsy. Now leave.’
    Coming to Mouli, dont know why she said yest to Ishaan if she is not happy with him. She should have told him ages ago instead of letting him stay just so that Mishti can have a popsy. Mouli doesn’t look happy at all. If she has some issues, she doesnt even discuss them with Ishaan. Dont know what she wants

  2. you have summarized all that many think. . on one side kunal who feels betrayed because he did not understand mauli and his belief in pregnancy. . then come Mauli who just wants a father for mishi. pathetic. she does not seem happy about the union. . Short. . the series shows a thing that is happening in our society that remains taboo .. but does not necessarily proceed the truth of the truth what happens after. . he shows us adultery but does not necessarily show what happens in real life. . for me .. Mauli should not even give an explanation to kunal. . and even less another chance. . this is not happening in our current society .. the man is cheating. the man leaves and prefers the mistress. .se married and once tragedy in progress. . he learns the truth and wants explanation and try luck. . as you say. . Mauli why should not claim the same thought had to kunal when he learned the truth about the pregnancy of Mauli and give idea to stay with nandini and have his daughter too .. why the Mauli could not do the same. . In short, I love your message

  3. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Ishaan is sooo🔥 … and his dance 😍 WoW !!! If Mauli doesn’t want to marry him then I will … he is so sweet to wait and make sure that she wants to marry him … awww

    As for Kunal, he shud stay away from Mauli the day he finds out about Mishti 😡 visiting rights to see Mishti OnLy !!!

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