Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunal’s heartbeat revive

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli prayed for Kunal’s life in front of temple corner in the hospital.
There, the medical staff tried to regain Kunal’s lost heart beat by continuous pumping. The breathe retrieves, the nurse was happy that he is reviving.
Mauli turns her face to see the patient through the room’s window, and was happy for her prayer being answered. The doctors had left way.
A patient comes to ask Mauli if the medicine has to be continues or not, Mauli replies to the patient. She turns her face again towards the OT window and finds the patient she prayed for to be Kunal. She rushes into the room, and was emotional as he was alive. The doctor tells Mauli that he is still serious and in trauma; he fall off a huge height and was bullet shot. Mauli requests the doctor to save him. The doctor asks how she knows him. Mauli replies he is family, and goes to inform the family.
Sweety asks Sandhya to send Ishaan bring Mishti back home. She convinces Sandhya that if Pari tells Mishti she came here, it will cause trouble for them. Sandhya says she herself wish to tell them, but Sweety says what if Ishaan holds her responsible for Kunal’s death. She tells Sandhya to let it remain a secret, and ask Ishaan to bring Mishti back.
Ishaan gets a call from a client and apologizes for the delay. Sandhya asks Ishaan that she has started to miss Mishti, he must bring her now. Ishaan says Mishti is with Pari, and Pari needs Mishti; they must let her stay there. After all both are Kunal’s daughters. He gets a call from Mauli. Mauli was unable to speak well. He asks her to relax. Mauli tells Ishaan that Kunal is alive, and in the hospital she came for emergency. Ishaan was excited. Mauli asks Ishaan to bring everyone here. Ishaan was ready to bring Radhika, Dida and girls to hospital. Sandhya also feels happy with the news. Ishaan leaves.
There at home, Pari cries and doesn’t eat anything. She continuously demands them to bring her Buddy back. Radhika convinces Pari. Pari wonders how can her Buddy leave her and go to her Mama. Radhika also breaks into a cry. Mishti comes to Pari and takes the plate of food. Radhika leaves helpless. Mishti gives a bite into Pari’s mouth which she eats without resistance.
Mauli sat with Kunal and speaks to him that Pari is in trauma, she had seen him fell off the cliff. And Mamma and Dida would die without him. He likes teasing her, and she hates him but not to an extent that he leaves them all forever. She says he will have to make it through and she is sure he will soon be fine. She tries to leave but Kunal held her dress in a tight grip. She asks if he can hear her. Kunal’s fingers move. Mauli calls the doctor that he is responding, he gripped her dress. The doctor was relieved.
Sweety tells Sandhya it’s good that Kunal is alive, else there could have been a problem in Mauli and Ishaan’s problem. Sandhya agrees. Sweety tells Sandhya what if Pari tells Kunal that she came over to them; Sandhya was disturbed that even Ishaan will hate her. She decides to go to hospital with them, they must be there to handle the matter.
Pari and Mishti run to the hospital. Ishaan follows Radhika. Pari comes to Mauli. Mauli assures Pari that her Buddy will be fine, he is here. She hugs Pari while crying herself. Pari says her Buddy promised to never leave her, he always fulfils promises. Dida was also thankful to God that Kunal is still alive.
The doctor observes Kunal. He comes outside where the family inquired about Kunal. The doctor says Kunal is stable, they are monitoring him closely and he might soon be fine. Pari requests to meet Kunal. The doctor allows them to go inside.
In the hospital room, the girls were upset watching Kunal lay there unconscious. Pari says Kunal always wished them to become best friends; so are they. Mishti promises to never fight Pari or hurt her. Both wish he recovers soon. Sandhya and Sweety also reach the hospital. Sandhya congratulates Radhika for Kunal being alive. Radhika cries and shares that pain of losing a son is killing, she wish no mother has to feel such a pain. She is elated that her son was returned. Pari and Mishti run outside. Pari hugs Mauli and says her Buddy will soon be fine. Sandhya stays with the girls while she sends everyone else into Kunal’s room. Sweety takes Mishti for ice cream. She stops Pari to tie her shoes. Pari was saddened by Sandhya’s words. Sandhya asks Pari if she told anyone that she came over on the Lori day. Pari says she didn’t. She warns Pari if she tells her Buddy, he might get unwell again due to stress. She says her Buddy reached such a condition because of Pari, and he will never speak to Pari if he finds out about it. She tells Pari not to tell anyone about it. Pari was confused as she never hides anything from the Buddy.

PRECAP: Sandhya tells Radhika to gain courage as Kunal is still alive. Radhika must now prepare to take Kunal back home and marry Mauli as well. May be Kunal was returned only so that Mauli and Ishaan could be happily married. The words seem bitter

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I knew it…k kunal ka partial memory lost ho jyega… Uska jp 7 saal pehle accident hua ta waha tak yad rahega agge kuch bhi nahi..m and same happned in todays episode…abhi mouli aur kunal close ayge…. Fr dhire dhire usko bataya jayega k dono betia uski aur moli ki hai…fr sab sahi ho jageya…aur fr kunal ki memory bhi wapis a jayegi…bullshit….

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