Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Nandini locked in a room

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 22nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal and Nandini were trying with the door. Kunal says now someone must push the door from outside to open it. Kunal decides to call someone but realizes his phone was left outside. Nandini’s phone was also outside. They begin to slam the door of the room, calling someone to help.
Rajdeep was passing by the corridor and hears the sounds. He gets into the apartment.
Singhania stops Rajdeep from going inside the apartment, the outer way is on another side. Rajdeep points towards the sounds coming from apartment. Singhania says some new tenants are shifting here, there is always something going on here.
In the room, Nandini tries to call the watchman from the window. No one responds. Nandini was tensed about how long they can stay here. Kunal was sure Mauli would come straight here from hospital. Nandini makes another attempt to call the watchman. She turns to find Kunal smiling and complains how he can even smile at such a tensed time. Kunal apologizes recalling a past event, and insists on Nandini to hear the incident as well. He narrates that he was in the hostel and went to balcony, the door was shut and automatically locked. There was no one in the hostel, even the watchmen left. He kept on standing over a single foot the whole day as the sun was high. He regretted bunking his class. And as soon as the class was over, a group of girls came right under the balcony. The worst part was, he only wore an underwear then. Nandini looks on for a while then breaks into laughter. Kunal says he turned into a piece of joke by everyone. Nandini continue to laugh but Kunal gets serious at once.
Mauli comes after changing the dress. Mamma reach the hospital saying no matter the surgery is minor or major she should be here. Mauli confirms if she is doing the right thing by hiding the matter from Kunal? It must be a decision of them both. Mamma assures Mauli that there is nothing wrong if she wants to give two good news to Kunal together.
Nandini asks Kunal what happened. Kunal looks behind and points towards a lizard that crawled towards them. She notices Kunal’s voice shivered and he moved backward climbing the bed post to save himself. Nandini enjoys the site, then throws the lizard outside the window. Kunal thanks Nandini. Nandini says she must thank Kunal, she got a chance now. Her life had been torn but they strengthened her. Kunal says Nandini is going to start a new life, he only wish her to remain happy and independent. They look into each other’s eyes for some time.
Mauli was ready for surgery in the OT.
Kunal and Nandini sat in the room still locked. They sat on the floor away from each other, waiting for someone to arrive. Nandini was tensed that Mauli still didn’t come till it was so late. Kunal understands she was claustrophobic. Both look into the drawers to find some light. Kunal finds candles and a lighter in a drawer. Nandini smiles as he lights it.
Mauli return home. Mamma was happy and excited to hear some good news from them. Mauli asks about Kunal. Dida says no one is home today, even Pramilla didn’t come. Mamma says Kunal and Nandini aren’t irresponsible, where they are left.
Kunal walks towards Nandini while they look into each other’s eyes under the lit candle’s flame.
Mauli recalls sending Kunal to Nandini’s house. She thinks about calling Kunal but no one replies. Kunal and Nandini hear the phone bell ring outside the room. Nandini turns her face away from Kunal.
Mauli decides to go and check why they aren’t picking up the call. Mamma offers to come with her but Mauli insists upon going alone.
Kunal asks Nandini why she began to panic. Nandini insists upon going out of the room. Kunal slams the door again, calling watchman or anyone for help. The candle on the table fell over Nandini’s dress which catches huge fire. Nandini was terrified and shouts Kunal for help. Kunal

PRECAP: Kunal hugs Nandini tightly. Mauli reaches Nandini’s apartment and unlocks the door. She enters the room and was taken aback watching them in an intent hug.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. i suppose this sequence is inspired from the movie Rajkumar Rao’s movie trapped.
    i just dont understand how can a woman fall so low. your friend saved you from your abusive husband, gave you strength to stand up for yourself and begin a new life, gave you shelter when you had no place else to go, and you began falling for HER HUSBAND?? how can such thoughts even enter your mind? that guy is some one else’s life partner. i dont understand this nonsense of pure, innocent love. you can admire a person, you can respect a person. but that doesnt mean you will automatically want to start going close to that person emotionally, start thinking about him all the time, get attracted to him even knowing that he is married!
    and coming to Kunal, what exactly caused him to fall for Nandini? maybe, Nandini doesnt have any wickedness in her, but just because a woman is soft-hearted, beautiful and staying in your house and getting wet in rain, you will start having feelings for her? what kind of character do you have? you have a wife dammit, a wife who is giving everything to your family, to your dreams, a wife who is strong and can look after herself, a wife who has spine and who definitely wont take abuse from anyone. she is a woman who commands respect and admiration. she doesnt even nag you or try to change you or doubt you… do you, Mr. Kunal have any thoughts for your wife? about how she will feel?? or have you just taken her for granted?
    i hate both Kunal and Nandini whenever they come on screen. i cant even watch Nandini’s weak, scared act at all. always crying. get a grip on yourself and grow a spine! and is Mauli the only doctor or what? Kunal doesnt need to work? he has all the free time in the world it seems to obsess over Nandini and help her to move house and what not!
    but most of all i hate the writers of the show. if you wanted to make Nandini and Kunal as the main lead, then you could have made them husband and wife no? you will play romantic songs for them, justify them, then why did you make Kunal married to Mauli? these two actors have such huge fan following that the show would have gotten trp even with a simple love story between Kunal and Nandini. then why o why did you have to bring this extra marital affair angle?? Colors was known for always taking up shows with social issues. justifying EMA is the new social issue now, is it?

    1. DannyComments

      People cheat..Married people cheat. It happens. What I don’t get is why you are about to burn these people to ashes when they actually havnt done anything.

      Do you know why I’m one of the few people who love this show? Because I’m not a hiprocrite. This show isnt encouraging extra marital affairs, it is showing you what some people struggle they struggle with feelings. Just imagine this for a minute, imagine believing you knew what love felt like and then finally meeting someone who totally shows you that love is beautiful and selfless, but you know you can’t do anything because he is taken, what do you Do? That’s exactly what is going on here. Besides, If this was lust then Kunal would have slept with nandini already. If dil se dil tak can allow a man to be inlove with his surrogate and his wife then i think this show has a pass too.. Besides, friends have done alot Shit in serials. Be it stealing husbands (piya in Kasamse or stealing children (varsha in pavitra rishta) wait…these are actually sisters!!! My point is, shit happens !!!

    2. If shit happens…so dat shit as shit and not some dessert! Emas are ugly…mindf**king…its not romantic or divine like how it is potrayed in this show!!!
      And whats this crap abt finding perfect love in someonr else? Wat was the man doing for 5 years before he fell in perfect live seeing a wet drenched woman dancing? It simply shows dat he is bored of his wife now and now seeks variety!..and did u say show isnt promoting ema? Then wats this ridiculous symbolisms they are showing tat god is conspiring in making the illicit couple one and ignoring the wife? When did god become a pimp for emas? Stop justifyinh this show telling its realistic..u give me 10 reasons telling its reality and i can tell u a 100 reasons why it is not…if people dnt like the show they have all rights To critiise it….

  2. Don’t show this disgusting thing as true love and spoil it’s purity

  3. Y u compare this serialwith Dil see Dil take .dsdk is far better than this .there Parth did not think of reminder as lteni till shorvari alive.he only cares for a friend.only after shorvari demise he married teni on family’s insistence later he fell in love with teni.wtwhats wrong in that.but here Kunal Nandini are doing too that hug their lust for eachother is clearly shown.shameless people.

  4. disgusting precap, mauli u better remove ur mangalsutra throw it on Kunal face n slap those two idiots and walk out yaar, u don’t deserve such a filthy man as ur husband who doesn’t care abt ur feeling

  5. Honestly I watch this show because of the actors, they are amazing. I don’t support extramarital affairs, or the fact that everyone is cheating Mauli when she is an INCREDIBLE WOMAN. The intensity/chemistry between Kunal aur Nandini palpable hai, lekhin they could have done it with an alak storyline. For instance, maybe Nandini and Kunal were in love prior but missed their shot and meet again when he’s engaged to be married to Mauli. By no means is this angle unique, but it gives room to explore relationships and chemistry between the actors without deeply betraying trust.

    I have seen betrayal on a larger scale, shout out to the Kasamh se and Pavitra Rishta throwback, we really have seen a lot! At least it isn’t Mamta where the surrogate took both the child and husband.

  6. Guys will u support mauli even if she becomes negative, pls point out ur views, my views is I will support and love her like as of now

  7. I think you all are over thinking it….none of these serial have good morals so why be so pressed about this one…its just FICTIONAL you take these shows too serious yes im against ema as any woman should be but after years of watching indian serial I’ve learnt if you don’t like it stop watching it and more people who are against a storyline stop watch the trp goes down and it ends….but you all just frustrating your selves by watching/reading
    Knowing this is what the story base on as i said before bashing the show won’t change the mind of the producers writers or actor….they are getting paid to portray these characters at the end of the day i bet they dont think twice about the show when they’re with their love ones…who knows maybe there is a point to it all after maybe it will make mauli and kunal relationship stronger,maybe it’s just a phase he’s going through and he loves even more than before the show new still give it a chance or don’t watch….but hating a fictional characters is not healthy

  8. I have already stopped watching this show.just reading spoilers if there is any improvement. Hope mauli comes to know the fact of kunal nandini and leave them forever and just concentrate about her ownself and her career. She must not turn negative but she should stay strong confident and positive character like always. And yes dil se dil tak show has different story we can’t compare this show with dsdt. Party teni relations were acceptable as his wife died.and teni party friendship was also innocent .teni loved party but she never tried to snatch him from shorvari. She just wanted to see him happy. But here very different story .mauli must know everything any kunal and nandini. They must show that both are wrong .otherwise no meaning. We can watch if mauli comes to kn and leaves kunal and breaks relation with nandini also but if it doesn’t happen than why to watch this show. Want to watch power of mauli who lived kunal but once she lost trust still she can manage her life without kunal and succeed. It’s necessary for her self respect.

  9. Oh God. ….. simply chng the channel but plz stop dis faaltu discussion… u guys are just hypocrites. …. watch ekta kapoor serials (saree clad bechari women and actors doing multiple marriages).. I am a married man nd will never ever cheat my wife…me n my wife both lover 2 watch dis serial…. ( bcoz we watch it as serial) no one from the serial is promoting ema…. n lastly I want 2 ask those so called intelligent people …. people must have started loving n marrying Kinners after watching shakti serial in ur society right (isn’t it)…..
    So plz dnt spread negative comments….n rather than suggesting other ones to watch or nt….stop watching serial n giving ur valuable
    (?)comments here….. nd lastly help our brothers n sisters of kerala…. Dey need our help…

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