Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rohan handles Ansh

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohan kissing Mishti. He wakes up in his room and wonders what the hell is wrong with him, he can’t even think about this as it might ruin a number of lives, besides he can’t betray Veer. He decides to leave, packs his bags and comes to the hall. Mishti was asleep over the couch. Rohan drops his bags. Mishti’s hair strand had flown to her face, he moves ahead; then backwards and goes back into his room with the luggage. Mishti wakes up at the bang of the door but lay down again. Rohan was confused about what he should do, he can’t leave and can also not stay back here. He takes his camera and watches Mishti’s photos.
The next morning, Pari was preparing coffee. Rohan comes to the kitchen and wish her good morning. She nods. He requests a cup for himself as well. Pari nods and prepares the coffee for him, then leaves without saying a word. Rohan asks to speak to her. Pari was reluctant. Rohan offers to go to jogging together. Pari apologizes, he is PG and must stay one; that’s better. Rohan was skeptical.
Pari and Mishti come to breakfast together. Pari asks Mishti what she was talking about the other day. Mishti says it’s nothing. Pari confirms if it is some economic matter. Radhika was waiting for Ansh. Mishti notices it was extremely late. Pari goes to answer the door bell. It was Ansh all injured and badly beaten up. Ansh doesn’t reply and goes inside. Rohan stops Ansh there and takes him along. The ladies stop outside Rohan’s room, Rohan asks Ansh what this all is. Ansh was angry and says he wants to stay alone. Rohan stops Ansh from leaving and tells him to stay seated. He goes to the kitchen to warm some water. The ladies stood there. Rohan assures Pari with the signal of his eyes. Pari brought the first aid box for Rohan, he requests Dadi and girls to lend him a few minutes. Ansh was furious and didn’t want the bruise to be cleaned up. Rohan asks if it’s a girl’s matter. Ansh looks towards Rohan. Rohan says he has also been beaten up a number of times. Ansh speaks up that Vivek likes the same girl he does, the whole college knows his crush. Rohan finally cleans some blood, then says what’s his will always be his. No one can snatch her. There might be difficulties, but he shouldn’t accept defeat. Rohan bandages over his injuries. Mishti smiles weakly. Rohan claims, not bad my angry young man. Ansh gives Rohan a high five and hugs him. Rohan takes a vow from Ansh that whenever there is a problem, he can count on me. Mishti was annoyed and turns to leave. Radhika says he is a boy, maybe it was the right way to explain to him. Ansh requests to sleep here. Rohan allows him to lay down. Ansh notices the packed bags. Rohan makes up that a bit of unpacking was left. He may lay down now. Radhika comes in and says she never knew Ansh can be so angry as well. She thanks Rohan that he explained what she could never have. He seems like an elder brother to Ansh, and thanks Rohan. Outside the room, Radhika breaks into tears remembering Mauli, Ishaan and Kunal.
Later, Sukhmani brings chamomile tea for Radhika. Radhika was worried that she never differentiated between Pari and Mishti but she seems to have ignored Ansh. Sukhmani says it’s a part of getting older for boys. Radhika was worried that Ansh fought for a girl and was all beaten up. He was bleeding all over. Sukhmani says they couldn’t know when Arnav got old, because he was always around Mishti and Pari. She often advices Arnav to remove this space from ‘girl’ and ‘friend’ and make ‘girlfriends’. Radhika wasn’t interested in this lecture. Sukhmani asks why Radhika came over then. Radhika replies she wanted to lighten her heart out. The friends hug.
There at home, Mishti says they might be late. Pari was restlessly changing positions. Mishti says she must apologize Rohan, in fact they both must thanks Rohan, Mishti takes Pari’s hand and knocks Rohan’s door. He calls them inside. Pari thanks Rohan for taking care of Ansh. Rohan says it’s alright but was shocked to hear a thankyou from Mishti as well. She takes Pari’s hand and leaves. Rohan smiles behind. In the hall, Pari tells Mishti that she already said Rohan is nice, and she thanked him because it was Mishti’s idea. Mishti allows Pari to keep Rohan in her friend’s zone, he doesn’t seem that bad. He handled her that night well, and today Ansh as well.

PRECAP: Mishti wasn’t aggressive and asks everyone to take the seriousness of situation. There were minor misunderstandings between her parents as well, was her mother even able to compel Dad to stay with them. She can’t go through what her mom did. And from her mother’s point of view, as well as hers, Dad was wrong. She realizes Pari’s emotions at once.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Finally showed marriage sequence of ishaan and mouli and birth of ansh… Might be soon show their death reason as well…

    2. Nice episode since season 2.. Atleast ansh ko bhi thodi is importance mili..

    3. Precap is not good, as Misty has pain related to past, though she don’t want to hurt pari, but indirectly she hurt her most of time either related to work or due to family issue..

    4. Misty will be following Kunal path, she is falling in love with Ruhaan and reacting in same way, but personally I don’t like Ruhaan and Misty pair at all…

    1. ShraddhaSharma392


    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Its completely fine dhara, everyone has their own view points, and I don’t mind that, because they express their views and I do mine…
      Everyone is welcomed to comment, after all this is not to be personal thing, everyone just express what is in their mind and heart, unless and untill it shows respect and don’t use abusive lang..

    3. Hey Shraddha, happy holi 🙂 love how you continue to comment despite some rude people here. Hope to continue to see your comments…
      as for Mishti and Ruhaan, truth be told, i am not sold on the pair either. They are just two good looking people who first meet because Mishti kissed him on a dare. (Lets ignore that if the genders were reversed people would be totally screaming harassment. You dont go kissing random people by the pool.) Ruhaan likes Mishti why? Because she is beautiful and he clicked her pictures without asking her (another red flag). There was literally zero thing he knew about her… What they have is strong physical attraction, getting uncomfortable in each others’ presence, thinking about the time they were close… In opposed to that, there is Veer who knows Mishti in and out and genuinely loves her. Now, i am not saying Mishti has to love Veer in return because he loves her. And it seems like she committed a mistake by saying yes to engagement just for a secure, stable life… But right now, i dont like how Mishti and Ruhaan are developed. Precap shows some of Mishti’s view points will be shown. And maybe if Ruhaan is developed further, like what he thinks about life, or what his background is, then the pair might start making sense… But until then, i dont like them personally. Pari has better understanding with Ruhaan in comparison. Ruhaan helped her make better decisions in life, Pari appreciates him for his help and today, Ruhaan assured Pari by eye motion. But i am sure, the show will go by its touted tagline ‘when “emotions” come to play, then the heart wants what it wants”.

    4. Hii are u the same dhara di from immj?

    5. Hwy Nabs, yes i am the same person 🙂

    6. Sharaadha..u don’t like the show means better stop to watch simply don’t put negative comments here… U r the fan of kunal nandini know dat… Stop watching season 2 n start watching ur bleedy cheaters story again scrolling down n watch in voot once again…. Here all like ruahan n mishty they are good pair…. Not like dokebaaz kunal n nandini house breaker. Still they didn’t married yet n no affair like kunal nandini… who knows before marriage what’s is fixed who will love n married at end. Not house breaker like nandini who broke happy family for her selfishness n betrayed her childhood friend so badly b hurts her by snatching her beloved husband…Don’t put ur negative comments once again… U don’t like misty just stay away from dis show it’s better.

    7. It’s her opinion, she is entitled to say whatever she wants. It’s not your show that you will decide who says what. There are so many bullies on this forum, this needs to stop.

    8. ShraddhaSharma392

      Unknown its ur view points, not mine.. And you would have aware with my old comments in season 1, I always supported Moulee… Just mentioning about season 1, you can’t decide what should I write or not… You just want to read and write what you have in your heart and mind, and its completely fine as this page is for this only and same goes with me as well.. anyone can express their view points, but you can’t decide about what should I follow or not

    9. ShraddhaSharma392

      …Heart and mind “and this goes with me as well”…and it completely……
      Forgot this line

    10. I agree with u Unknown……mishti is not married yet unlike kunal who was happily married to mauli…..before starting to fall in love with nandini …..and we can see mishti doesn’t love veer…..who knows what will happen ….we can’t be even sure mishti and veer will get married in future eposodes…..but i personally love the pair ruhaan and mishti….

    11. don’t compare mishti with kunal or nandhini because they both are cheaters we don’t know how the future story going to unfold so wait for some more time before judging mishti’s character

    12. Yupppp shraddha i also don’t like mishti and ruhaan pair

  2. MisHaan are love ❤️❤️
    Precap looks awesome ?, finally mishti’e POV

  3. I am glad that the friction between Pari and Mishti did not continue. Instead, Mishti said sisters dont need to say sorry even if they dont talk for months. And Pari later maintained distance from Ruhaan… I wonder if the makers will develop Ansh further. He is Mauli and Ishaan’s son. I want to know what these three siblings think about each other. I mean each of them either have the same father or the same mother… but they are living together. Pari and Ansh dont have any direct connection. Why is Ansh living with Radhika? Why didn’t Sandhya come and ask Ansh to live with her and Ishaan’s rest of the family? Am sure, after Ishaan and Mauli’s marriage, Sandhya would have accepted them along with Mishti. After all, all Sandhya wanted was that Mauli should chose Ishaan above everyone else… I wish the writers had developed these characters a little before immediately bringing ‘love story musical chairs’

  4. What kunal’s path he is a happily married man who leaves with her family happily… Attracted by these bleedy b*t*h nandini house breaker snatcher don’t compare her to kunal. Misty just engaged still but not all married got it destiny can change what who knows.. misty loves ruahan it’s not wrong bcoz still she is not married to veer n still she confused in her relationship with veer n not comfortable. If she done after marriage means it’s totally wrong not acceptable got it.. so stop blaming them.

  5. I love mishthi Ruhan chemistry…want to see more and more scenes between them

  6. Their chemistry is like fire…their eyelocks…ruhans way of looking at mishthi is just killing…awesome pair

  7. I agree with unknow and cp comment, i prefer mishti and rohan relationshinp, nobody will be in mishti postion will like what her dad done with her mum, too me i dont see anything wrong in mishti behavior, and then no any chemistry between pari and rohan, they are just looked like brother and sister

  8. Hey I just wanted to say the name is ruhaan not Rohan as u have written in all your written updates till now

  9. You guys just stop it already??I don’t know why you are going on a rampage…Someone told that Mishti would become like Kunal.I think none of us here are fortune teller..Quit grumbling about past yaar…Just chill…It’s only a show.None of the characters in the show are perfect.They do make mistakes..What I wanna say is some realize their mistakes and learn a lesson from that some don’t even regret..It’s left to them.If
    You guys don’t like some of the characters in the show then don’t complain about that.I do don’t like someone in the show.But If I tell that It only breeds more hatred..Ugh..I don’t know you accept this or not..That is left to you guys..Everyone were telling their point of views..So as I did..
    If you guys didn’t like my comment..then it’s okay..I won’t mind…

  10. Who is radhika.. Is she the one who acted as Kunal love interest before mouli..? I think kunals mom name is pramilla..?

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      No geetu, radhika is kunal’s mom, and pramilla was their househelp

    2. Oh Gosh! Geetu,Radhika is Kunal’s Mom and Pramilla was their maid, remember the lady roaming in their house who was married after 7 year leap and still working there.

  11. Love mishti ruhaan ‘s chemistry…????…..can literally see the sparks between them…..i read some comments about pari and ruhaan well suited for each other rather than mishti and ruhaan ….but we can see they are more suited to be friends rather than to be a romantic couple ,unlike mihaan are more of a defination of romance….

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