Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Dida, Misty and Pari enjoy with each other

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunal stop Mouli and say Gift? Whats the occassion? Mouli hide note and kunal see it. Mouli says its for you. Kunal taunt wow again blue shirt with flowers.. He further say if you had beard, saying would be right : Chor ki Dhaadi me Tinka (sorry I don’t know english of it).. Mouli is shocked. He ask lets go in your car, after all today is Valentine’s day..

Ishaan come to cafe and realise its valentine’s day and get happy. He think to start fresh with Mouli.

Radhika think about Dida words and call her, dida diconnect and reach to meet misty and pari. She meet them, both girls get happy after meeting Dida.. Dida ask about their studies, stay, enjoyment etc. Misty dedicate Kunal as pari’s father, then dida say he is your father as well.. Dida ask them her wish about staying together?? Pari say it will be fun, Radhika will make prathas, you shall give chocolates, Mouli will help in homework and Kunal will take us out… But is it possible? Dida say everything is possible for my little angels.. Dida, misty and pari enjoy each other company and spent time together…

In car Kunal indirectly taunt Mouli and take her to same cafe in which Ishaan is waiting for Mouli..

Inshaan get happy seeing Mouli, but he same as get sad seeing Kunal.. Kunal taunt Ishaan stating you are find at every place where my Wife mouli is? Ishaan say I was waiting for someone, and they both join Ishaan table as well.. Kunal offer champaign to Ishaan..
Kunal ask about ishaan meeting gf and ask him to forget her and find new one… Ishaan says she might be busy and take leave.. Mouli say to Kunal that he hurted Ishaan feelings.. And goes, Kunal get angry..

Precap: Mouli say sorry to Ishaan.. Kunal find Note and get angry on Mouli.

  1. After all this I hope Mauli has the guts to choose Ishaan…Anything else will be BS..No sane modern woman wants to go back to a cheating ex.husband..unless its the usual drama of these Indian soaps..Adultery is so common..everyone seems crazy about another persons spouse..

    1. I agree i will be really disapointed if she choose kunal then i hope he will cheat her again. ishaan os really too good

    2. That’s what I’m saying to myself .. If the show wants to express a message .. I hope it instills in society that Mauli should forget the past and redo his life with a man like ishaan .. Anyway. To make this understood to CV .. Because all that it shows n or s make think that Mauli goes back to kunal. And that is not correct .. Already Dida and Radhika are false .. They play with the feeling and goodness of ishaan .. Really when I see that Dida suggests that kunal and Mauli can form a big and good family .. C ‘is just intolerable .. The recomposed family exists .. Kunal can be part of the family .. But let Mauli and ishaan be together .. In short ..

  2. I am hating Dida these days. Hate her selfish thinking on pretext of Rab ki marji. And what is the that true lovers never depart shit? Kunal chose tortoise faced Nandini and betrayed his family. And does Dida feel Rab is marji is that Ishaan takes care of the kids for his life and cheater Kunal keeps chirping around Mouli?? Disgusting yaar.

  3. OMG

    Kunal such a overacting guy
    he forgot that once he leave her wife for another women now he talking about morals
    And Dida & Radhika such a cheapo encouraging kunal
    they forgot that he left all of them for mauli
    If she was not there . I don;t know what happened to them

    At first they support Ishaan and instint mauli to move on and marry him
    while kunal is back with memory loss they are entertaining him
    How they can forgot all those years

    And Mauli you also behaving like typical women
    you want to maintain distance for Kunal
    I know to forgot first love was difficult but he cheated you and don;t ever care about your unborn baby for sleeping with another women
    You are behaving normal with him and hurting Ishaan

    PLease somebody slap on kunal face and say what he done to mauli………

    If i was in mauli place i will give him tight slap leave him and marry ishaan

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    I think now history is repeating itself. …..
    Phele Kunal and Nandini ne Mouli ko cheat kiya and ab Mouli Ishaan ke liye Kunal ko cheat kr rehi hai…
    I hope last me Ishaan scarifice na kr de apne pyar ko…

  5. Wht i think k if kunal scold mauli tht u cheated on me.. Bla blaa.. Mauli should be blast tht wht u have done to me.. U left me whn i was pregnant.. I think its right tym to expel all her anger lika a bomb blast…

  6. Some one poison this dida.. stupid old woman

  7. Kunal’s memory loss is a high voltage drama. Everyone trying to act normal so that he does not get stress . Everyone trying to hide the last six years of his life by hiding the newspaper, changing the date in his Mobile, etc etc. But is this so simple n easy? Kunal goes out, moves around normally and he doesn’t even see the date anywhere ??? He interact with so many people outside his house n no one seems to mention him about the present date??
    Ishan is taking care of the two kids and the rest are having a great time at home. If this continues n Kunal doesn’t get back his memory soon, does this mean the girls will be with ishaan forever.
    It’s difficult to understand what the makers are trying to show. Even mouli is behaving like a poor helpless woman who can never forget her ex husband who ditched her with her BF.

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